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  1. Zavvi had Nova and Quasar to preorder but for marked up prices. I think they are still available to preorder from Robotkingdom for higher prices and expensive shipping. Nova’s release date says 6/30 and Quasar’s release date says 9/30. Maybe Walgreens will list them soon. There’s a chance that Silver Surfer will show up online again too.
  2. Tanaka MPF-12 1/18 scale MP Sideswipe. NECA Good Guys Chucky. Jurassic Park Amber Collection John Raymond Arnold. Hot Wheels. GI Joe Retro Cobra Commander.
  3. Here is the figure that Hiya Toys used for reference.
  4. https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/marvel-legends-series-silver-surfer-with-mjolnir/ID=300411449-product Already have one but thanks to free Walgreens rewards I'll take a spare for $2.04. Looking forward to Nova and Quasar.
  5. https://www.gamestop.com/toys-collectibles/collectibles/figures/products/alien-power-loader-action-figure-only-at-gamestop/11112265.html For anyone who missed the BBTS sale.
  6. Pretty cool. The VF-1S Max is the one I got autographed by Kawamori. Figure King # 279 featuring the DX VF-1. 1/12 arcade cabinet and table and chairs. GI Joe Retro Duke x2. Hot Wheels and Matchbox.
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