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  1. Looks like Dress Up Dana will have white cloth for the uniform and black cloth for the armor.
  2. New TV spot for Across the Spider-Verse. I will probably watch the movie on Friday instead of Thursday. I shall see. And speaking of Air Jordans, this 3D billboard is excellent cross promotion.
  3. Walmart sucks. If the order is stuck on a processing or preparing to ship screen for days then most likely the order will be cancelled. SHF Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
  4. I have a huge backlog of figures to open but this morning I opened up Classified Chuck Norris Outback. I'm not sure when the Classified line went with all pinless joints but it was a welcome surprise.
  5. NECA Gargoyles Broadway stop motion video. These are always cool. I still need to order Brooklyn and Broadway.
  6. Yep I've read that somewhere a while back. Even though they will be brief, I'm hoping to see some of the others I've read about.
  7. The tightening of the stand might be needed often if not at all for the DX VF-1 as it is heavier. I once put a 1/60 VF-1 in a separate box and it felt like I was holding an empty box.
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