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Found 21 results

  1. Who liked Crusher Joe? Some mecha designs were by Shoji Kawamori who did beautiful work on Macross, as we all know. Some elements of his design evolution can clearly be seen in in Pinnace Fighter. Although a couple of models of this bird have been available in 144 & 100 scale, I didn't like them... they seemed to squat or not detailed enough for me. So I decided to build my own. Model is under construction, WIP below: http://s177.photobucket.com/albums/w239/PetarB/Pinnace/ Where I'm at:
  2. I figure since there's an anime thread and a manga thread and a TV thread, there may as well be a literature thread, too. Unless no one here reads... which would be literally impossible, now I think on it, but ANYWAY I'll start off. I just finished "The Obelisk Gate," Book 2 of the Broken Earth Trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. The trilogy is set on an Earth-like world with a single super continent populated by people with specific abilities that put them into this or that "use-caste" (ie character classes). The story follows an "orogene" (think earth-elemental magician) named Syenite who works fo
  3. There's enough interest from some in this site on the ongoing Monogatari series for it to have it's own thread and thereby keep it from monopolizing other threads. Let's keep it all here, TV series, films, novels and those fine looking 1/8 Senjougahara PVC figures too.
  4. This thread is for people to discuss Game of Thrones OPENLY and actually enjoy themselves. This is to celebrate the works of GRRM and the creation of the Game of Thrones TV show that came from those works. The show is 98.9% caught up to the books, and the latest book might not be out for another 6 months or so. Season 5 is also over so if you haven't seen it - don't post here if you wish to stay spoiler free. As many fans are TV show only and will never read the massive book series, it's always helpful for them to get background information when they request it, and this is a place to do i
  5. SOLD For offer is a Macross: Perfect Memory book, including large SDF-1 poster. This book is an OUT-8 reprint from 1986 (2nd printing) and is a vintage, non-bootleg copy. Book, dust sleeve, and poster are all in very good condition. The book's spine is stiff, un-creased, unbroken and pages are unmarked and undamaged. The poster does not have any holes from tacks and does not display any evidence of having been mounted or displayed. The bound-in Books Nippon return-mail postcard [for a translation project that never happened] is present and still attached to the binding. This example
  6. Okay fellas. It turns out a bunch of us MW'ers are comic book readers. Some of us are even comic artists in the industry. For what its worth I can say a good majority of us are comic fans. From Justice League, to Batman, V for Vendetta, to Akira. So I thought it was a good time to make a comic thread, so post all your comic book stuff here! What are you all into right now? Any particular artists tickle your fancy? Writers? I LOVE Garth Ennis' writing on the Punisher comic. Very vulgar and violent, but in some way I find it kind of funny at the same time. "Born", "Welcome back frank", and "
  7. I don't think that this thread already exists, so here we go. (if it does exist, let me know) One simple rule. ROBOTECH is off limits. Just trying to save Azrael some time. You can slag off at a whole franchise, one branch of it or even just one season. So lets slaughter the sacred cows. A few dishonourable mentions first. GALACTICA 1980 - Words can't describe how bad this was. At least we knew that they weren't wasting any money on it. (Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) For a good read about how shabby the effort was, check out this wiki. EARTH 2 - One of the worst examples of poor SF from th
  8. Time to start a new topic (the old one has been moved here: old thread). MF blog has some previews from #46 (VF11 M7, Nene and Raramia, Pheios Valkyrie and the Milky dolls lineart!) and #47. Go check it here. http://www.macrossf.com/blog/
  9. So, I have A Feast for Crows on order from SFBC and was just curious if anyone else has gotten into this series and what their thoughts on it are. For those who don't know, A Song of Ice and Fire is an exciting fantasy series by George R.R. Martin which has some crazy politics, some crazy sex and some incredibly brutal violence. The four books thus far in the series are: A Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings A Storm of Swords and the newly released A Feast for Crows There are several things I enjoy about this series: 1) The books seem to tell so much story for their size. Martin is a
  10. Well now, this is unexpected. The newest Variable Fighter book is actually two illustrated stories. The first, set in 2039, is a prequel to Macross Plus that details the development of the YF-19 and includes familiar characters such as Guld, Lucy and Yang. The second story is set in 2068 and follows up with some of newer characters from the first story as well as an older Yang. Still have yet to really go over the text but at first glance there appears to be a lot more to this book than anyone was expecting.
  11. Time to re read his books. Colour of Magic to start. http://www.mtv.com/news/2103671/terry-pratchett-author-dies/
  12. I am planning to rent a table for MWCon this year and sell signed copies of my book Spiral War: On Daggers Wings. I will be selling them at the list price of $18. Since Exo will be there and he did the cover artwork, people may also be able to convince him to sign the cover as well. What I am trying to gauge now is how many copies to bring to the convention. Any interested parties, who will be in attendance, please post that interest here. See you all at MWCon.
  13. Gotta sell off some stuff to make money for my vacation in Japan! Prices don't include shipping. PM me with what you want and your zip code and I'll get you a shipping price Macross 7 This is Animation Special - $20 Macross Ace 1-3 and 5-8 (may be missing some inserts) $8 each Wave 1/72 Fire Valkyrie battroid kit - $30 Soft vinyl and injection kit with metal hands. I started building this one years back, but didn't get very far. Some parts were painted red, and the paint has become a bit tacky and will need to be stripped. Platz 1/72 Mave Yukikaze - Brand new, still sealed - $1
  14. Has any one read the millennium series by Stieg Larsson that where made in to Three movies in Sweden and one English language remake?
  15. Yesterday morning at about 4:00 AM, I finished episoded 110 of the Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Wow... It took me about three weeks to finish it all from start to end and it was more than worth it. I have to say, without any hesitation, that this is one of the greatest series of all time. More often than not, I can predict fairly well where a show is going and how it will end, but not with this one. It took so many twists and turns along the way that the only thing I could do was just hang on and see what happens next. Plus, how can I not like a setting where the boarding weapon of choice is
  16. I was going to send a link but the feature doesn't seem to work... See attached pix: (edit: not even the picture shows) Anyway the ISBN numbers are: ISBN-10: 4584205086 ISBN-13: 978-4584205082
  17. From the album: My Macross Collection

    My original THIS IS ANIMATION, autographed over two decades later by Mari at a convention in Pittsburgh. Never, EVER thought I'd meet her, and get it autographed.

    © Ray "AcroRay" Miller

  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-24372224 That's a darkness day... Rest in Peace Tom.
  19. Farewell to Richard Matheson. A fantastic Sci-Fi author. His stories have been the inspiration for some great (and yes, some not so great) interpretations on the big and small screen. I love his work and style and he will be missed.... Dark Horizons article on his death.
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