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  1. Yeah, and got locked hehe. Seriously there are people who like those, I see comments here and there (usually reddit). This is just an FYI for like-minded. I just read the reviews for the Sherlock comic and they seem good. That seems enough reason, just not enough to buy it right now.
  2. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/tv-movies-titan-comics-books I wish there was some DS9 and Voyager Trek. I'm still undecided on this though, I'm going to have to look up the reviews. But I'm sure some here would be interested in the 'RT' stuff.
  3. Yeah a lot of that repeating over and over and no need to be 'woke' to be sick of it. It all goes into generic territory real quick, so I get picky. Though sometimes I can really just need a dumb show where you don't have to think.
  4. Ok thanks. Maybe I will just finish season 1 for now. I'm trying to take my mind off this pandemic and unfortunately the standards for de-stressing have gone up haha. I get bored easily now or lose attention. Also got into Hetalia World Stars but they're too short, the episodes are easily finished. May have to go back to some old series to rewatch something...
  5. I've been looking for light shows and actually started watching this for the comedy. So does it get tragic/overly serious at the end? I've read some gripes about the LN ending but haven't spoiled myself about it. Is the ending that bad or just below expectations? I also recently finished Kaguya-sama Love is War S2, and I can say my standards for light and fun have gone up a bit. Did not see the downside to that haha
  6. Didn't expect this level of detail, but now I know! They should also probably do a softball anime, because I just read they actually won gold! And skating! (lol we got SK8, I haven't finished that one too)
  7. So I searched for some videos to reminisce and then I found out the other female lead committed suicide last year T_T RIP Yuuko Takeuchi And she left behind 2 kids, the last one not even a year old at the time of her death. ---- Anyway, on topic. The summer anime are not so 'strong' as spring's. I'm mostly watching sequels such as Slime, Hamefura, and Maid Dragon. The only new show I'm sure to follow is Kageki Shojou. On the fence with Vanitas Carte and Sonny Boy.
  8. hachi

    Macross Books

    I though there was an update to the Mikimoto book, but nah! zzzzzzzzzzzz Seriously they need to release more Macross books.
  9. Does Japan even have a girls' hockey team? Or is this just another cute girls' doing sports anime? But I love that the anime title references (most probably) an old KimuTaku jdorama about hockey, simply titled Pride. Edit: It would also complete that if they play a Queen song. I'd settle for 'We Will Rock You'
  10. Haha Filipinos love sweet stuff. When I was in Australia I got to taste their KFC and I totally do not remember the taste. On the other hand KFC taste also depends on the branch based on my experience. There was one where the rice meal felt like it overdosed on MSG (or salt?) and I swore never to order a meal like that again. Looks like I will have to power through Zeta, ZZ, and CCA. I have problems finishing Zeta, I seem to be able to watch only a few new episodes each year. @_@ When I started watching, the pandemic was quite far away haha
  11. Oh dear, so they're trying to save costs on hiring another actor for an important character while introducing new ones? @_@ It doesn't I looked it up in wikipedia and it seems the first ep director is Rupert Sanders. My expectations are just going into negative territory right now haha. Ghost in the Shell had the right callbacks, but ultimately doesn't capture the essence of the source. But it would be funny if Edit: Reading the description again, they mention only Salvor as the gender-swapped character, and not the other one I was complaining about. Hmm, interesting wording. Or I'm just reading too much into it.
  12. This video is private. If the owner of this video has granted you access, please sign in. <insert enraged Hulk gif here>
  13. Here's the chronological reading I stole off one of the article comments. The Robot Novels can be ignored, but I'm starting to have 2nd thoughts of a whole re-read. Just looking at the show's character lists, it doesn't inspire confidence at faithfulness to the story. I've read all Foundation and Robot Novels, so maybe I'll start on the Empire ones I haven't read.
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