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  1. Is this the reason I can't see the latest posts from my followed topics anymore? EDIT: Looks like I have to re-follow then.
  2. Indeed Overlord's writing is way better, but it has way darker themes than Leadale that to me it looks like 2 different things. Most stories are formulaic anyway, it's just how it's executed that matters. Or maybe I just don't feel strongly about it? For example I get 'agitated' when I see something trying to copy the Macross formula (mecha + music). (That is why I don't like Macross II.)
  3. I don't get this high level of similarity. Sure they're both isekai, both MC are overpowered, they have NPCs they consider 'children' and then that's it. What the MCs actually do are worlds apart. I like both novels for what they are. 'Leadale' gets some undeserved criticism being compared to Overlord imo. Who cares if the structure of the story are the same, but they're different enough to be enjoyable. That said, Leadale anime does come off a bit generic. I think the LN is more enjoyable as it has more detail (lots of stuff cut in the anime), and as long as you don't expect high literature or the like.
  4. hachi

    Macross Books

    I missed it again lol
  5. At first I thought that's just a light topping lol. But I'd love to taste one.
  6. Maybe because it's not a humanoid type mecha. And that was a good decision on your part to wait. I was left hanging due to the delays and so I binge read the light novels. I am so spoiled with the future events. Also there are good battles (past this season) that would look awesome animated, praying for more seasons (should use the same crew making it of course). For this season it's a really big baddie mech they're fighting and that's why they're probably having issues animating it. Sakugan however has disappointed me after the first few episodes. The MCs annoying levels seem to go up not down, especially the dad character. The first ep was good though.
  7. Ranka looks more mature now, based on those drawings.
  8. So did you preorder it? How was PO day? I'm on the fence, Macross Delta isn't really my fave series after all.
  9. Not many people from here are watching the 86 anime? It's good, though plagued with production issues currently. I'm enjoying Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu, but official subs are awful. Faraway Paladin has a good source material, but animation isn't that great, just acceptable. At least it's not Kumo desu ga levels of bad 2D animation. Ousama Ranking has been the surprise of the season though, great story.
  10. I guess better busy than doing nothing. Other performers are probably not getting jobs due to COVID, especially in places that have lockdowns/restrictions. I think she's being smart by taking on new opportunities. But yeah, how does she sleep with all those stuff she's doing?
  11. hachi

    Hi-Metal R

    Can I repost this pic on Twitter?
  12. lol I forgot about this bundle because I was busy with moving out preparations. Hopefully the choices will be better in a future bundle. The Kindle is too small for me, so I read my comic purchases from Amazon on a 10" tablet. Guided view is great on there. I also bought a monitor that can be rotated 180 degrees, though it's pain to put it back to landscape when I want to watch videos.
  13. So I saw the 1st episode. The Empire side was well done, it was interesting. Politics are always interesting. The Foundation side was just ok. However I did not like So, the gender-swaps are a non-issue, it's the plots I'm worried about. And I have seen enough that I don't watch any more of it. I am just going to be disappointed as a book reader. Non-book readers, however, might find it more enjoyable. Although from comments on episode 2 it seems inconsistencies are already cropping up in the dialogue/plot. I think that means they're being careless... In short, I thought it started out good despite some plot changes, then that twist/surprise at the end I just didn't like. Too far off the canon.
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