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  1. Nice BtS look at upcoming products from 52Toys's Beastbox line. I'm so down for that chameleon, butterfly/moth, and the more robotic looking Doberman (w/ visor instead of anatomical dog's head). I may spring for the meerkats, too- they're executed far better than the penguins, which had virtually no articulation. I love it when developers give some insight to their process, and this was pretty interesting.
  2. This guy looks amazing. The elbows sit a little too low in bot mode (more like a combo wrist/elbow), but otherwise he looks pretty darned faithful to his toon incarnation. This is one of the best beast modes of any of the Legacy/Kingdom figs thus far. I hope they do a real-world inspired striped-knee paint job. As far as anatomical accuracy goes, the cephalothorax is bit too humped at the front end, with the primary eyes a little too wide-set, and the chelicerae are woefully too small. The pedipalps are ok; it would have been nice if the small claw part could swivel to blend with the large part to present a more unified and realistic palp. Tarantulas have two large movable spinnerets at the tail end of their abdomens, and the bot mode's knee pads seem to fill that role, although they're mostly obscured by the storage of his gun's anchor-like projectile hanging out back there. Overall, though, it's well executed (love how the leg mount area blends nigh seamlessly with the carapace- beautiful sculpt work) and I daresay, a bit creepy in its uncanny realism, purple coloration notwithstanding. I've always had a fascination, and a wee bit of reluctant fear, of spiders, most arthropods really. I love to observe them, from a relatively safe distance. I can never bring myself to handle them, though, despite my rational brain whispering that I'm neither prey nor predator to them, and pose little threat warranting aggression. So, figs like this and other arthropod toys provide me that 'safe' option to handle these wonderful and amazing leggy, flying, crawling, biting, stinging critters that comprise the majority of our world's inhabitants. I thought this fig would be a voyager based on the size of that tarantula mode, but he's deluxe. Too, it would have been the path of least resistance and maximum savings for Has/Tak to recycle Blackarachnia's mold and retool it to try and emulate a tarantula, the reverse of the original toys, but they didn't and I'm glad. Kingdom BA's spider mode is ok, but it definitely has its concessions, especially her very noticeable bot shoulders under the cephalothorax. Moreover, the two spider species have very different shapes to their bodies, and subsequently, not even a major retool of BA's mold would have really produced a believable tarantula. I'm really glad they didn't chintz out. Pics shamelessly borrowed from TFW2005 of Prime vs Prime's review
  3. My legends collection is very scant and piecemeal, only buying a fig here or there based on aesthetic preference and whim. Scale's not as important to me as much as how each individual fig appeals, so I have a mix of MS, NA, and IF figs now. Generally, the ultra-toon look is not my preference, although I'm not averse to getting a more toonish fig if it appeals. NA is obviously going total-toon with their Dinobots, and the result is very smooth and rounded, and while I think they did an excellent job in what they set out to do, I'm willing to wait for Magic Square to show their take, because you know it's coming. I hope they went in a more toy-based direction with lots of detail and more angular surfaces. I really don't need a legends set of Dinobots, but they've long been some of my favorite characters from the original series, but a small team faithful to the look of the G1 toys would sure look nice on my desk.
  4. Wow, man! looks great! I'll echo your sentiments concerning Studio's collision detection. The hinge tool sucks, too, but I digress. Good job with said angles- not easy to do. 👍
  5. Vangelis was incredibly talented; I really enjoy his style of compositions, heavy with electronic instrumentation and atmosphere. He enriched the world with his music. RIP
  6. I appreciate the review, Kuma. This fig passed under my radar on first outing, and I only just recently really took notice of her, likely due to a Twitter post. Anyway, it was enough prompting to go look at some additional pics and eventually get her new version POed. As to the face, like you, I'd prefer stoic, and I think every fig should come with that as the default, with any additional faces as extras, but it is what it is, and as smirking faces go, it's subtle enough that it honestly doesn't bother me. The fig itself is pretty damned impressive for its very dedicated-action-figure-esque design- to look at her on first glance, you'd be hard pressed to expect she transformed. This, like their Azalea, is a fembot done right, minimizing alt-mode kibble in bot mode while maintaining a lithe feminine shape as well as delivering a satisfying and effective alt mode. It's excellent. I'm generally not a fan of Cybertronian alt modes, but there has definitely been a great deal of improvement in that area, from official to non, in creating more complex and believable alt modes. Eris' tank mode is a pure thumbs up. It looks great, it's functional (LOVE those moving treads- such a rarity, so I tend to favor those toys that have them), and the transformation is unexpected, effective, and cool. Definitely looking forward to getting her in-hand. Too, that IF Seaspray 😍. I never was much of a fan of the character, but I like his design, and this interpretation, with IF's signature style, looks fantastic to me. Got him POed, too.
  7. I don't actually believe aliens wiped out the Roanoke Colony; more than likely, they probably were absorbed into one of the local tribes. It makes the most sense, given their rather dire situation. And if they rejected any help from natives, then it likely spelled their doom and they were wiped out either by starvation, disease, or hostile relations with the natives. However, the Roanoke mystery lends itself marvelously to a Predator story.
  8. I've seen any number of shows focusing on Roanoke (I think it's ok to name it at this point) and her lost colony, and the directions that different teams of archaeologists, or amateur archaeologists, are taking to discover the truth of what happened is interesting. I wish them every success. mysteries are fun to ponder, but it's cool when great detective work wins the day with definitive proof, and y'know, this has been an enduring mystery long enough. With the tech and knowledge, we have today, it's time for a qualified answer. True crime is better b/c it's real. The supernatural isn't, and watching people reacting overdramatically to nothing drives me insane.
  9. I wonder why they didn't paint the recessed areas of the feet gold to match the OG toy. That's the thing that really grabbed your attention, and it seems a pretty big omission on this toy. Even more curious when this has a voyager budget.
  10. I've said before that I'm not a big fan of Armada, but I really dug OG Override's car mode. Her bot mode suffered the worst of the concessions. I feel like this toy reverses that, with a far improved bot mode, but an iffy car mode. I wish they'd somehow managed to keep the wider rear fenders in car mode, while using some clever engineering to pull them in to make her bot torso narrower. They didn't, and so the car tapers to a narrower profile at the rear instead of flaring wider than the front as the original car mode did. Alas, of all the Armada figs, Override was the one I was hoping would receive an update, and here she is. As updates go and my reservations aside, the one thing that I'm glad they adhered to is her bulbous angled front fenders formed by her legs and feet. For me, that's an essential part of the car's look, and I'm quite pleased to see it carried over from the OG. Override may be the only Armada update I end up getting; I'm glad she turned out as well as she did. Edit: I was corrected on Twitter that Override was actually a Cybertron character, not Armada as I had assumed. Alas my ignorance concerning the UT is manifest.
  11. I thought it was another girl, but on second look, eh, it might be a dude. Regardless, I'm more interested in taking it back to the Predator hunting native people, going old school, if you will. They certainly wouldn't have posed nearly as much challenge as a team of highly trained military operatives armed to the teeth with automatic weapons, explosives, and 'Old Painless', especially if the Predator uses its full arsenal. He already had a leg-up on Dutch's team; how much more so against half naked natives armed with spears, slings, and bows and arrows. I'm curious, then, if this is supposed to be set during the early Mezo-American/ South American indigenous period? I can picture an ending where the Predator finally takes down the toughest or most cunning warrior in the tribe and looking up from his, or possibly her, new trophy, sees sails on the horizon. They could do another story about a Predator doing his thing on the North American east coast taking out a number of Europeans settling on a certain island in what will become N. Carolina. Mystery solved! 😜
  12. Yeah, now this gets back to the heart of what made the Predator so intriguing in the original film as well as following Anna's description to Dutch's team concerning her people's history with it. Kinda wonder if this is going to be a female Predator hunting these female warriors. Seems the PC thing to do.
  13. Another great character actor lost to us. RIP, Fred.
  14. I saw this over on Twitter- brilliant reuse of that mold. I also saw someone's custom Terradive (can't find the pic now), as well as this custom Bayformer Vector Sigma. If Hasbro is smart, they're taking notes. Man, I'm trying not to get sucked into the legends rabbit hole too far, but dagnabbit!, they just keep pumping out awesomeness that often rivals or betters the main line and MP stuff. My soul cries out for it, but my left brain whispers, "you have no more room for this s##t!". If they do Dinobots and they're on par. it's gonna be a mighty internal wresting match between logic and lizard to resist getting them.
  15. I have it POed, but I'm still waiting for it. I don't think any of the US sellers have it in stock yet. Love the Harrier, and there are so few decent transforming versions of it. This one is pretty well done, so I'm getting it and the F-16, another jet that seldom gets a decent transformable toy. This one's bot mode looks pretty sweet, as well. Dream Star did good with all the limb bots' jet modes. They're not perfect, there are concessions, but compared historically to other TF jets, these are among the best I've seen. That gave me hope that finally we'd get a Silverbolt with a clean and fairly accurate Concorde alt, but no- it's the same old block-o-bot dangling obtrusively under a Concorde treatment that nobody seems to be able to improve upon. They can do crazy origami for any other vehicle, but not a huge streamlined jet. It makes no sense to me. There's a lot of fuselage and engine on this bird, so why not make use of that real-estate to integrate the robot into the alt instead of just folding it up into a giant cube that hangs off the bottom of the plane? Gah, frustrating!
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