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  1. Speaking as a fan with a multitude of sets on display all around his house, the short answer is I don't. It's a nigh impossible chore, and living in dusty eastern Washington state, a task made all the more monumental. I do, however, store some sets and minifigs in tupperware-like storage cases that are roughly about 2' x 1' give or take as a way of achieving more vertical storage as well as preventing dust buildup. But that method is certainly not optimal for display. As to what you're describing, I've yet to encounter any proper display solution that is clear but closed. Walmart has recently been selling some clear drawers and boxes (I forget the brand name and my hotel's internet is abysmally slow) which I've been buying to display my Transformers, but I'm not sure that any one the ones I've seen are large enough for the Galaxy Explorer 2.0. However, have a look at Argos' site- they may have something. Wish I could be of more help, as I could also use some better solutions for displaying my LEGO.
  2. Most likely midnight. It's a lovely set- saw one in person here at BrickCon. Good luck getting a copy, Dobber!
  3. @mikeszekely you're so not wrong about my opinion of Needlenose. It's a travesty, but not an atypical example of Hasbro/Takara's nonchalance with just tacking a robot on the bottom of a plane and calling it good. I want to get excited about the two Prime jet characters (Dreadwing, I think and the other guy--I'm terrible w/ names), but if they, too, follow a similar pattern, I'll be passing on them as I did with the original Prime toys. There's just no excuse for that level of laziness in a world where Macross valkyries exist. Overall, not much among the new reveals that excites me, which means a more merciful year on the wallet. I'm currently at a LEGO convention, and while I caught the TF panel yesterday morning, I was otherwise engaged in the afternoon and didn't get any POs in on Pulse, as is my custom. TBH, the only one I really care about is Breakdown, and I honestly don't think I'll have a tough time finding him at retail once he starts gracing the pegs. As an aside, I agree with you, Mike, about their putting funds into a new weaponizer class that nobody asked for in lieu of fixing things on other figs (Sludge's toe udder & Breakdown's all-wrong alt mode, not to mention the weird separating hood sections on both Wildrider and Breakdown b/c why?). I think there were better budget and design decisions that could have been made to optimize the toys, but I'm just a 40-year TF fan w/ a propensity for designing and building transforming mecha with LEGO, so what do I know? However, while UT and much of the comics-based character figs don't interest me personally, updates to these toys have been a long time coming and for fans of those properties, I'm happy that Hasbro is finally producing them. What's more, it warms my heart personally to see guys like Mark Maher, whose enthusiasm is always palpable, working on these toys and giving us glimpses via social media of the BTS process. I appreciate that greatly, even when the toys aren't everything I want them to be. For me anyway, it makes some of the toys' shortcomings more digestible knowing both the constraints the designers are working under, but also the all the stuff they do try to cram into the toy. That said, Breakdown's alt is still a WTF? situation. 😒
  4. In lieu of what option? If you want to complete Menasor, there's not really an alternative unless 3P steps up and makes a proper Breakdown w/ his Countach mode. Given 3P's reluctance over the past near decade to dip their toes in Hasbro's sacrosanct Generations line, Hasbro knows they've got at least that market cornered, which kinda gives them license to do what they did w/ Breakdown despite their knowing it's not accurate to source. Sucks, but that's the reality of the situation. I'm still buying it too.
  5. Got a nice haul of Legacy yesterday from Pulse (Tarantulas, Knock Out, SS86 Arcee, and Wildrider). Considering a lot of folks have already got theirs at local retail, I'm little late to the party. I was stoked when they revealed Tarantulas, and compared to Blackarachnia and worse, Scorponok, the concessions aren't nearly as noticeable or affecting. I love him- his spider mode, purple shade aside, is quite realistic and suitably creepy. I have a love-hate relationship with spiders; I find them endlessly fascinating, but at a comfortable distance, for the most part. But I absolutely love toys, particularly robot toys, of them, and Tarantulas was well-executed in both modes, but especially that tarantula mode. As Mike mentioned in his review, Knock Out is a really nice retool of SS86 Jazz. As G1-ifications go, this one isn't too bad, although die-hard fans of Prime likely won't be impressed as there's a marked difference between the smooth-yet-spiky Prime aesthetic and the chunkier, somewhat blockier G1 aesthetic. I don't mind the G1-ification if it successfully carries over enough of the character to make them recognizable, and I think they've done that here, as well as with Bulkhead and Arcee. FWIW, compared to many of the other well-done figs in the Prime line, Knock Out got the short end of the stick engineering-wise. This toy, aesthetics notwithstanding, is better executed. Until now, T30 was not only the first, but the best G1 Arcee in the mainline. I think the decision to use a hybrid of T30 along with some extensive retooling to update the former toy's articulation shortcomings was a smart way to go. I wish they'd chosen a similar method to MMC's Azalea for minimizing her backpack, but overall, I think they did a pretty good job. Hasbro did well with joint tolerances; unlike ER Arcee, her leg joints are all nice and tight and can handle any pose. Last note: under-car weapon storage! Internal or under vehicle storage should be the standard at this point, not the occasional happy exception. 😒 Wildrider feels very G1 in-hand. His transformation is straightforward, his shoulders remain close to the body with his arms just going straight to form the sides of the car, the entire hood just flips back to become a backpack, and his legs just do the old 180 degree rotation, albeit on a separate transformation joint (that has some nice car detailing to boot). Shoutout to @sh9000 for sharing that the windshield can indeed push down lower than 90 degrees- lets the backpack sit lower, which looks better. The only beef I really have with him is nigh zero ground clearance due to his low hanging feet in car mode. I wish they'd done his feet like Sideswipe's- fold them into the car instead of on the bottom. He could have stood a second hinge at the top of the windshield, too, so that it could lay flat against his back, but ya can't have everything.
  6. With this Prime setting the bar, they need to upscale and add similar articulation improvements to Doomsday, arguably the best transformable G1 Megatron to date.
  7. Ah...a continuation then. That ep title sounded familiar- confirmed it was the one I was thinking of. Typical post-first season dreck that diminished my interest in the show even as a kid. That a purely throwaway character like Devcon would get a fig ahead of Gears or Windcharger is undeniably wrong.
  8. I figured Legacy was going to be the long-term branding since it essentially encapsulates all-things Transformers from all previous continuities. Guess I guessed wrong. I never heard of this character, but I do agree that an earth-mode Hound is overdue in the current line. For my money, though, Universe (Classics) Hound remains the toy to beat, and I just don't see that happening. Absolutely love that fig- one of my all-time top favorite TF toys. Same boat. Give the first season minibots their toys and then move on to lesser characters like Beachcomber. At least we're getting Brawn. Inevitable and most welcome. No recollection of this character. Since they're doing obscure characters, I wish they'd do the Omnibots. I've been wanting them for my CHUG collection since Classics kicked off in '07. If Shattered Glass is the big reveal at PulseCon, then I'm not missing anything if I happen to miss the panel while I'm attending another convention in-person. I just don't want to miss anything Legacy or '86 SS related, especially if first season characters, Powerglide, or the Autobot cassettes are being revealed.
  9. As a tradeoff for a better Battroid- I'm sold. I'd take that glorious thing as-is if they decided to just go ahead and market it. If fighter is your thing, Yamato already produced what is likely to remain for some time an unparalleled YF-21 with a focus on fighter mode. It's gorgeous. But the B-mode took the brunt of the concessions with its skinny disproportionate legs, and since I favor Battroid and display my valks as such, I want what Bandai is doing with their take. In the worst way possible. Since I boxed up my Yammie, my display isn't quite complete- need that YF-21 to make the world right again.
  10. It does look good, but you know if this version sells well, there'll be a later toy -based release with the silver stripe around the cab and the double headlights. I don't really need another MP Prime (I have MP-10 and MS-01 which are both good Primes, though I prefer Magic Square's), and honestly, I don't have room for another MP Prime, but if they do a toy-based version and I like it, I may just cave. given my ever-decreasing space and my ever-increasing collection, I wish I could have seen the future where the legends stuff was done so well, as I probably would have skipped a lot of what I bought over the years in lieu of just focusing on a more space-friendly but nigh-MP quality legends collection. Alas, I'm in deep with Hasbro's mainline, as I like the direction they've been taking w/ G1 figs in the last few lines. Cosmos, for example, turned out excellent (Thanks Mike S.!). And now Brawn has finally been announced, so slowly they're filling the roster from both the G1 toon and the '86 film, and I'm all but ready for them, smoking debit card in-hand. All is not high bliss in Hasbrolandia, though, so I'm glad these third parties exist to fix what Hasbro left unfinished, poorly designed, or otherwise unsatisfying with certain figs. For example, Pointblank, who as Prime vs Prime observed likely would have fared better w/ a voyager budget, leaves somewhat to be desired both in the lackluster design of his gun dude and more importantly, the poor articulation of his arms- no bicep swivels and less than 90 degrees of elbow bend w/ the forearms rotated per instructions. I hope third party makes a kit to fix it, if possible- not much room to work with. What I really wish and hope for, though, is a third party return to CHUG scale. So many of the legends figs have been done far better than Generations, and sometimes better than official MP, so to have those superior legends figs upscaled to match other collections, especially mainline, would be ever-welcome.
  11. I'm tempted. I have MS-01 Light of Freedom for my MP OP on display, but having recently picked up their legends Light of Justice 2.0, the upscaled version brings better articulation and a better looking truck mode. I don't really play with my MP toys all that much and rarely transform them, so honestly, I'm not sure it's worth the extra expense. Light of Freedom is still a really good looking Prime, and I like his chunky proportions. That said, Magic Square have once again made a great MP scaled Prime. Now if they'd only upscale Doomsday, their excellent legends Megatron. I'd buy that without hesitation.
  12. Gonna be juggling my time judiciously that weekend as I'm also going to be in Seattle at a LEGO convention. But, if they have anything new releasing from Legacy, especially G1 stuff, then I want to be checking in for POs, as well as general news. Wish they'd had this a week earlier or later, but that's how these things go.
  13. I doubt many monarchs throughout history in any part of the world have been witness to such vast changes in the arenas of technology, societal norms, and politics, all while weathering a number of family scandals which played out in the global media. Through it all, she maintained her poise and dignity, a true monarch to the end. A sad day indeed. My heartfelt condolences to our fellow UK members mourning the loss of their venerable Queen.
  14. So jazzed for Tarantulas. While he wasn't my favorite character, he had his cool mad-scientist moments in the show that were enjoyable. Moreover, I have a love-hate relationship with spiders; I think they're absolutely fascinating creatures, but I generally like to maintain a respectful distance from them. But in robot toy form, be it Zoids, 52Toys' Megabox series, or Transformers, I can't get enough arthropods. To that end, the I dig the realistic design direction Has/TT took w/ the Kingdom/Legacy Beast Wars figs. Compared to Blackarachnia, whose black widow is so-so, Tarantulas is a far better capture of a real tarantula, and I'm looking forward to getting my copy eventually. The hollow bits, which are by now par for the course, are still a bit dismaying, but whatever. These days, filler kits have become a cottage industry for third parties, so endemic has the practice become across retail TF lines. regardless, I think it's fairly minimal on this fig, and the amount of what was done right completely overshadows any niggles pointed out. Excited for this one.
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