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  1. Yep. I was gonna say that MOC's over a decade old now, but it still looks pretty good. He also built a pretty nice VF-1 back in the day. I'm pretty sure this is fully transformable, which is notable b/c the legs are better proportioned than the Yammie. I started building my own YF-21 around 2003 or so, but abandoned it for lack of skill and parts necessary to do it justice. This model was posted on Brickshelf around that same period, IIRC. It's quite well done, especially in light of the palette back then. It's nice to bring some of these old Macross MOCs to light again,
  2. Sad state of affairs when a 67 second toy commercial has Peter Cullen voicing Prime, but not their Netflix animated series. And while the bot mode looks good, the truck mode suffers.
  3. Here's a pic of the real truck from the film. His pipes are straight with hinged lids at the top, yet the SS version had a subtle, but not unsightly, curve at the top. Not sure what they were thinking when they did the MP version's pipes- such a pronounced curve looks terrible as well as being inaccurate to the source. Since it's a real truck, thus likely requiring a license to produce, one might be inclined to think that the subtle details of the real truck would be captured in the toys, but apparently not. Guess Freightliner has more to worry about than whether or not toy details are on the
  4. I concede your points, but I dunno, there's always been something about Skyfire's design in both modes that I liked. He is boxy- no argument there, but I've always dug it. Truth be told, I prefer the Skyfire design over the Jetfire VF-1, as it was unique to Transformers, with design nods from the original VF-1 toy. Of course, he too benefitted from a great deal of mass shifting going from his bot mode to space transport- pretty commonplace in G1 toon.
  5. I think it's still too early to judge, as this is just a prototype. Funny that they posed him with MP-10 instead of MP-44. Anyway, not feeling any pressing need to retire my FT Phoenix just yet.
  6. Concur about Mirage: it should have been an all new mold. I have the Siege, which is ok, but the Classics fig is still one of my all-time favorite TF toys. As for the Grimlock repaint of Dinobot, I'm only just lukewarm on that mold as the original character, so a repaint holds no interest.
  7. Nice box and presentation, but I doubt it would ever happen, what with LEGO's anti-violence policy. They'll allow for 'fantasy' violence, but Airwolf by virtue of its adult content and too-close-to-real world weaponry is a bit beyond what LEGO would consider appropriate, IMHO. I'm still surprised that the A-Team was represented in Dimensions, as it was chock full of violence, albeit in an 80s cartoonish fashion where thousands of rounds are fired but the heroes seldom get hit, and the baddies suffer near bloodless deaths when hit. Such a great time to grow up! Airwolf was a bit darker than
  8. Looks good. Very much enjoyed the first season. Love the platform- easy to binge a few eps at a time, or just one (if you're attention deprived like me), and it allows for a nice variety of stories and visual styles. Also, I assume it's a good way for new or unknown artists to get their work out to a broader audience.
  9. Noticed that, too, which made the idea of his being a stowaway, which implies a knowing act to board a craft illegally, moot, and his placement within the alcove behind the panel couldn't have gone un-noticed by a technician securing that panel. I've done my share of securing aircraft panels, and checking for FOD, loose tools, clothing, rags, etc (unconscious coworker's body), is an ingrained part of the process before screwing the panel down. Occasionally rags or a tool get missed, but an adult body would be kinda difficult to overlook. Just sayin'. The old too many peeps, not enough O2
  10. Meh, no interest in The Nightmare Before Christmas, but then my interests are pretty much limited to sci-fi, mecha, space, and City. IDEAS doesn't even have a mecha, or a generic sci-fi theme. Sad. If the NBC sets become a real thing, that's great for fans. I'm hoping and praying for a Macross project to make it to production, although my concern is that they won't be able to find a 'safe' way to realize the transformation, or that it, too, will end up like Voltron with a paucity of articulation in order to 'preserve stability'. So many cop-outs to avoid facing the need for better joints
  11. For the depth of her dishonesty, the harm she has caused to countless people, for giving people cause to distrust science and those who practice in good faith, I hope the courts have no mercy on her. Too often attractive but despicable people get off easy despite the profundity of their crimes, and I hope they make her an example of proper justice fit to the extent of her crimes. I hope she sees the world through bars for the entirety of her life going forward. Likewise her partner and any others in the company who knew the truth but kept the charade going while getting richer. My heart g
  12. If so, that's a transformation beyond even Unique Toys' Challenger- lots and lots of folding to end up with such a clean and minimal looking bot. Judging by the size of the visible tires, it looks to be about 1/3 of the fire truck mode's mass. Interdimensional pocket? Are XTB really a bunch of physicists from CERN? or Los Alamos?
  13. Slag (nice to have the proper name again) is looking pretty good. He's a little squarish, but it's not so egregious as to ruin the Triceratops mode. I appreciate the transformation engineering, especially the chest narrowing bit, and the way the robot head still goes into the Tri-C head, but with a more accurate lower jaw than we usually get if the chest plate is used. I don't mind the gun storage in the tail per-se, but the barrel is a little too long and white, which robs it a little of looking proper. As weapon storage, though, it's far better than we usually get with official TFs. It's bet
  14. I was pretty happy when Beast Wars ventured into the Transmetal stuff, as robo-animal forms just made more sense to me, and I even liked that they had third 'transportation' modes, for lack of a better term. That said, Primal's Optimal Optimus version never did a thing for me- it just looked clunky, cheap, and unappealing, especially compared to the majority of the rest of the line. Even now, almost thirty years later, it looks like something lifted from a completely different (cheaper) toyline and shoehorned in to give him a 'big' toy to match Megatron's Dragon mode. Honestly, I wasn't take
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