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  1. Considering all the things that MS-02 gets right, I'm willing to overlook those shortcomings. Heck, I'm not even a fan of the hyper-toon look.. in fact that change in aesthetic direction is what made me quit collecting Masterpiece Transformers altogether (well, that's part of it but the rest isn't relevant here). What Magic Square has achieved with this latest iteration of Optimus Prime is just so impressive that I had to pick him up. He's amazing! Looks like a non-transformable figure like Hasbro's R.E.D. line or Super7's Ultimates and yet not only does he transform but they managed to streamline the process and make it fun instead of frustrating. One of the gripes I have about the push toward near-total cartoon accuracy is all of the compromises that need to be made to achieve that seamless, kibble-free look in both modes. Often times the result is the figures being heavily over-engineered which makes them more shelf queens than toys. I understand that we all have our preferences but I do like to play with my toys from time to time. Having a shelf full of expensive transforming "toys" that you're afraid to touch and require you to take a day off to transform isn't my idea of fun. It's just sad. Magic Square showed me that these are toys to be played with and that they can look incredible in the process. MS-02 Light of Peace is Sunbow Optimus Prime from my childhood. Looking at it takes me back to simpler times, devouring bowls of sugary breakfast cereal with my little brother while watching cartoons on our small (though we thought it was huge back then) TV. I'm grateful.
  2. True but then they couldn't sell us the same toy twice.
  3. Hopefully we'll see a TV Roy VF-1S at some point. I'd be down for that.
  4. Definitely getting Drift as well as Magic Square's upscaled Prime 2.0! Excited for both of them. I have the Legends scale MS Prime 2.0 and really enjoy it. Such amazing engineering for that scale. I hope the larger version turns out just as well if not better.
  5. These ThreeZero VF-1's look alright so far. Does anyone else suffer from VF-1-specific OCD and is triggered by the panel lining being different from what we've seen in the past? I know they're doing their own thing, but I can't un-see it. Those textured chest intakes throw me as well. Still hope they turn out well. More the merrier.
  6. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    There's no TV Max, Kakizaki or Roy in there. C'mon, Bandai.. do it.
  7. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    Only way is if you managed to land a pre-order from a Japanese vendor. Otherwise there's domestic vendors but they do need to make some money to make them worth importing. $160-$170 seems to be about the going rate. I hope you're able to get one for a good price. Good luck!
  8. These enemy units made me realize just how massive they'd be if they were in proper Bandai DX scale. Holy crap. Are these KC baddies somewhat close to being in-scale with the Veritechs or are they kinda fudging it?
  9. Drad

    Hi-Metal R

    Still waiting for TV versions of Focker, Max and Kakizaki. I ended up buying some DX Valks while waiting for Hi-Metal R to resuscitate it's Macross stuff. Now that I have the DX's I'm wondering if I even want to continue with Hi-Metal R. I was all-in with the line because they were the only ones giving us enemy units to go against the hero characters. Still want that Tomahawk too.
  10. It seems as though the VF-1 is notoriously hard to get right, capturing all the nuances of the sculpt here and there. Every company who tries tackling the VF-1 has to go through several iterations before getting it just right and even then it's often up for debate. I'm happy to see someone else giving it a shot. It's going to be interesting to see how it turns out. Bandai and YamCadia have set a pretty high bar at this point.
  11. Grimlock has that molded detail underneath the gold-painted neck piece. So they could be planning toy deco versions of the Dinobots.
  12. Oof! Harsh but true, I suppose. Yeah, I'd rather just bite the bullet and get the stuff before it skyrockets on the secondary market. Now that I think about it, fans of the VF-1 are getting pretty long in the tooth huh? Heh.
  13. They're only catering to the domestic market, right? Or are there a buncha Japanese collectors missing out as well?
  14. I just pay the markup but try to find the best deal within that range. I give up trying to get them at retail price.
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