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  1. I hope this is the proper thread in which to pose this question and I apologize if it is not. Does anyone know which episode features the animated VF-22S Gamlin?
  2. Please please reissue the weathered green Defender. Or even not weathered for that matter. But green.
  3. Is Arcadia gonna reissue everything 1/60 EXCEPT the YF-21/VF-22S and VF-11…? 😹😹😹
  4. Really? LOL. Those sound like awful decals. Good to know. Might just save my money and do a complete custom job. I do plan on panel lining the whole thing. I’m new to painting and decaying so it’s definitely gonna be a major undertaking regardless. But I can just see the beautiful end result in my minds eye. Making it reality will be worth the learning and undertaking. Now to just put my money where my mouth is.
  5. Meh. I’m gambling that the 1/72 decals won’t look that out of place on 1/60. I mean, it’s kind of subjective what size everything needs to be anyways, right? Not a big deal. I’m not looking for everything to look exactly the same as the Bandai tampo’d product. Just needs to look good. But I agree that the angles and sizes of things won’t necessarily line up. But I also think that sometimes (often) Bandai overdoes it a little with tampo. So maybe I’ll just leave some stuff off. I might even use some Yamato decals. In my case I’m not trying to reproduce a Delta squadron Valk. So maybe I’m talking out of line.
  6. Yup. Good idea. I bought a Messer 31 specifically to repaint the whole thing an RL low visibility scheme. Gonna be using those decals. If I can’t buy it, I’m gonna make it, darn it! I just can’t get into the in ‘in your face’ color scheme of the delta valks. I like the planes but not the colors and stripes and images. It’s like one of those big RVs you seedriving down the road with huge squiggly lightning striping. Just…why...? Lol. To each their own, of course. Just not for me.
  7. Yeah. I wish for 31A super parts but not likely to happen at this point. At least with the 31S you can just paint some other 31 super parts. But they don’t even fit the 31A correctly.
  8. Yeah. This. And I’m sorry because this belongs in ‘what’s next for Arcadia’ but at this point I’d love for Arcadia to just take Yamato’s old mold and do some tweaks to it’s engineering like they’re so good at. There’s no way to make fighter mode look so sleek and awesome like Yamato did with big thick legs. But it’s not like the engines are in the legs anyways. The legs of the 21 & 22 are just there for more standing and walking support and not actual vectoring devices like all the other VFs. That’s what makes the YF-21 and VF-22 stand out. Let it be what it is and like it or don’t.
  9. Thanks for the info no3Ljm and twich!
  10. Sorry to ask this here but wasn’t really sure where was the best place. Does the Yamato separate fold booster set for the YF-19 and YF-21 work with the Yamato VF-22? I know anymoon.com says the booster works with the VF-22 but does the YF-21 fast pack work with the VF-22? Thanks!
  11. rematron

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    6yr old’s translation: Booger Fart
  12. rematron

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    The line art is sort of an optical illusion. The booster is up off of the plane by a fair amount. The white pieces circled in green are support struts for the booster. The red line I drew goes straight up from the center of the plane to the underneath center line of the booster.
  13. rematron

    Arcadia VF-5000G

    By the looks of the front landing gear, I’m guessing they’re still in the design phase? Or maybe that’s a new set up style they’re working on. But it looks different from anything else they’ve produced. Then again, I’m not really that familiar with the VF-5000. I’m really excited about it though. It’s a beautiful bird.
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