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  1. Glad to hear they got their hosting issue sorted.
  2. That color scheme is from the Super Dimension Fortress Macross TV series. http://www.macross2.net/m3/sdfmacross/nousjadeul-ger.htm It was shown among the Boddole Zer main fleet's forces. Seriously tho, let's leave anything related to the R-word in the rubbish heap of history where it belongs.
  3. By in large, the movie Zentradi designs seem to have almost totally supplanted the TV series ones in subsequent works. The only times we've seen the TV versions of any of their designs or gear have been in human-produced docu-dramas like The Lynn Minmay Story produced during the events of the Macross 7 TV series (which had a DYRL Vrlitwhai and TV Quamzin) and the New UN Spacy Marines in Macross Frontier and Macross Delta having a mixture of the TV version armor and Movie version armor. In Frontier, it seemed to be that the Movie version was a pilot suit and the TV version was infantry bo
  4. Eh... that was already a bit of a tangled mess even before Harmony Gold poked its oar in and started twenty years of fighting.
  5. So, when it comes to "movie" designs in Macross, the creators tend to include those designs in the continuity regardless. Sometimes they come up with explanations to justify that decision and sometimes it's simply done without any kind of comment. When it comes to the UN Forces mechanical designs, they were pretty uniformly brought in as post-war improvements and modernizations. Like the Macross's movie appearance being its post-war repaired form and the design for the mass-production Macross-class ships used in some emigrant fleets. The VF-1's movie appearance was rationalized as the
  6. In most versions of the First Space War narrative, yes... the Macross had the Daedalus and the Prometheus as its arms and acquired the paired ARMD-class carriers when she was repaired and retrofitted between the events of the TV series and FB2012.
  7. Being less relevant than ever is also a form of change. Mind you, I'm not sure it's a form of change that merits being acknowledged in a video...
  8. Pretty much, yes... I'm not sure what I expected from Tatsunoko Production, especially after the mess that was The Price of Smiles, but it certainly wasn't this. Oh, the Robotech: Invasion video game? I guess the basic premises do sound a similar in a vague sense... and that game was where Robotech first introduced its equivalent of a Dark Ride Armor, albeit as a new model rather than a converted existing model like Shinobu's in the original MOSPEADA.
  9. Red Death's probably a bystander now, given that he accepted retirement as a villain in order to join the Guild Council. The Order of the Triad have a history of being the ones to go after Hank and Dean while Doc and Brock are sorting out Doc's issues... so I think they'll fit right in.
  10. It's coincidence. The only - and incredibly tenuous - connection between the SV-51 and VF-27 is that one of the lead developers of the SV-51 who defected to the UN Government as the Alliance was collapsing later became a co-founder of General Galaxy, a subsidiary of which developed the VF-27 decades after his death. Note that both Nora's SV-51 and Brera's VF-27 are "ace custom" units and not representative of typical fighters of their types.
  11. Well, at the very least, a movie-length feature should be enough time for them to wrap up the two most important outstanding plot threads left at the end of the last season... If it's to be the big finale of The Venture Bros, I reckon they could probably bring Jonas Venture Sr. back one last time to act as the story's villain. And if we're really lucky it'll be well-received enough for the series to get a final season to wrap up all the other loose ends too.
  12. ~2000. I don't recall if a specific date was given. As far as I am aware, the VF-1SOL has not been acknowledged as an inspiration for the VF-0. There are some vague stylistic similarities, but those are present in most of Kawamori's designs from the 90's and early 00's. Kawamori's acknowledged starting point for designing the VF-0 was the F-14, though the VF-0 was only one of several modern takes on the VF-1 design he did in that period. The others were for a piece in Character Model magazine: the SW-XAI Schneeblume and SW-XAII Schneegans, both of which were in response to a prompt to
  13. Guld Goa Bowman was the head of development (開発主任) for the YF-21 as well as its senior test pilot. After his death, the Macross Galaxy fleet named its VF development group after him. I've seen it said that the reason it bears a structural resemblance to the Queadluun-Rau was to facilitate adoption of the Queadluun-Rau's inertia vector control system, a less capable (but substantially cheaper) version of the inertia capacitor technology that became a standard feature on 5th Generation VFs. So it's a functional design choice, rather than a purely aesthetic one.
  14. Oh, that is completely intentional... the YF-21 (and VF-22) are in no small part based on the Queadluun-Rau and incorporate technologies General Galaxy obtained during its separate project to refurbish the captured Quimeliquola factory satellite that'd been relocated to Eden's orbit that began around the same time as the YF-21's development.
  15. Eh... everything is unfortunate for Harmony Gold. Especially - to pivot back to the topic at hand - that this is the best they could muster for an official art book in 2021. Doubly so now that the licensing deadlock is broken and comparisons will be drawn against Big West's official art books in terms of quality and presentation going forward. Udon Entertainment is normally at least a competent publisher. Between this Southern Cross book and the previous Macross book they did, the only conclusion I can reach is that the staff at Udon working on Robotech's art books phoned it in, pr
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