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  1. Happy to help. Like I said, if you have questions we have answers... the subject of fold waves is just a complex one since its importance expanded past the last major effort to put together a One Book to Rule Them All type reference.
  2. "Fold waves" is a very broad topic that covers a LOT of territory. They're broadly analogous to electromagnetic waves, but in higher-dimensional spacetime where they propagate at faster-than-light speeds. Mechanically-generated fold waves are used in a variety of technologies. They're the basis for FTL communications (fold communications) and FTL radar systems (fold wave radar). The interaction between fold waves and a specific type of exotic matter called Heavy Quantum forms the basis for a bunch of other technologies including thermonuclear reactors, thermonuclear weapons, gravity control, fold navigation, and heavy quantum beam weaponry. Heavy Quantum's an exotic particle that straddles the border between normal space and fold space, with most of its mass being on the fold space side. Fold waves are used to manipulate how much of that mass is on the fold space side, allowing for precisely-controllable gravity modification using the super-high mass of the heavy quantum. Biological life forms can also create fold waves on their own, in much the same way that the brain creates weak electromagnetic field activity (brainwaves). It borders on the idea that the conscious mind has an intrinsic connection to higher dimensions. Some individuals have the ability to create specific types of biological fold waves that are strong enough to be detectable by others or even influence others. Song energy in Macross 7 was humanity's first real understanding of biological fold waves, with the anima spiritia being able to tune theirs in ways inimical to the higher-dimensional life forms called the Protodeviln. The Vajra hive mind is essentially a form of distributed computer network created using biological fold waves. Var syndrome in Macross Delta is an illness caused by exposure to specifically-tuned biological fold waves meant to interrupt their conscious thought process in much the same way that you could interfere with a person's thoughts using focused electromagnetic interference. (Fold Quartz, a purer form of the dimensional oscillator fold carbon, can be used to create stronger fold waves that can bypass dimensional faults and other disruptions.) There is a fan translation of Macross Delta: White Knight of the Black Wing floating around... I'd recommend checking your preferred manga agregator. The new movie isn't going to offer much help to characterizing the Windermereans. As far as I've heard, the Aerial Knights show up just long enough to get Worf'd and are promptly forgotten about except for Bogue.
  3. Not as such. As you know, most Macross publications are not available in English. Macross Chronicle, the official encyclopedia, did have some articles on the Protoculture's history but those were only current up thru the end of the Macross Frontier movies, and they're in Japanese. If you have specific questions, this is the place for 'em and the fan community here is always happy to help. ... nah, Macross Delta just wasn't very well-written compared to Macross's usual level of quality. IMO, the series did a poor job of laying out its additions to the setting... especially when it came to the Windermereans, who had most of their backstory presented in a gaiden manga rather than in the series proper. (They're much more in line with Macross's sympathetic antagonists if you've read it, but if you haven't they're just kind of arbitrarily bastards.)
  4. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure VI: Stone Ocean is supposed to start airing soon, I believe. That should be wild.
  5. Unlikely, IMO... I have never seen any mention of the F-111 in connection with the VF-1's design. He's referring to the angle of the underside of the nosecone... which is similar to the VF-1's, but using that as the basis to claim the VF-1 is based on the F-111 is pretty silly when the aircraft is literally a scaled-down F-14. It's not inconceivable that the F-111 might find itself pressed back into service during the Unification Wars, though after the first couple years there wouldn't have been much in the way of utility for older planes as newer models upgraded with or built around OTM like the F-14++, MiM-31, or F203 were being introduced.
  6. Nothing's been said about Super Dimension Fortress Macross or Do You Remember Love? yet, AFAIK. I'd assume any news about Super Dimension Fortress Macross would have to come at HG's discretion since they still hold the distribution rights in their partnership with Big West. The rights to DYRL? are a bit muddled, as I understand it, though through no real fault of Harmony Gold's as it's supposedly confusion originating with whoever they originally gave the international rights to.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, no. It's always been well-understood that Kawamori's design for the VF-1 Valkyrie was based on the Grumman F-14 Tomcat. Publications that discuss the development of the series rarely fail to mention that Kawamori's inspiration for the VF-1 was the US Navy's Grumman F-14 as on page 22 of Kawamori Shoji Design Works, page 28 of Shoji Kawamori Macross Design Works, the 30th anniversary "special appendix" Document of Macross, Kawamori's interview in the 2018 Autumn issue of Great Mechanics G magazine (pg31), and so on. The only other aircraft typically mentioned in connection with it are its namesake, the North American XB-70, and the McDonnell Douglas F-15C's FAST Pack capability inspiring the VF-1's FAST Packs. The connection is drawn in-universe as well, with even very early versions of the technical setting (e.g. Sky Angels) indicating the VF-1 was literally based on the F-14 in-universe and that F-14s were used to evaluate some systems being developed for the Valkyrie. This relationship only got closer post-Macross Zero. Variable Fighter Master File: VF-0 Phoenix has some remarks about how the first VF prototypes that preceded the VF-0 were quite literally modified F-14s. EDIT: It's also fairly well-known that Roy's VF-1S color scheme and the SVF-1 Skulls are modeled on the colors of the US Navy's VF-84 Jolly Rogers, who gained fame on film two years before Macross came out flying their F-14s in the 1980 movie The Final Countdown.
  8. For a number of reasons, I doubt that's the intended connection... There's no real connection between the SV Works and the Anti-Unification Alliance ideologically. Also, thus far Kawamori has used German references for most of the enemy VFs in the franchise so far. The name of the Sv-303 is another Hindu mythological reference... though there is some confusion as to which mythological character the name is actually referencing. It's either a reference to a premodern Hindi rigvedic deity by that name, to Surya once the many different solar deities all got conflated into a single being in modern Hinduism, or to Vivasvata, a descendant of either of them who in Hindu cosmology is the progenitor of humankind in the current iteration of the world. It could also potentially just be the adjective for "brilliant" or "shining brightly". (At least it's not as bad as the ones in Macross the Ride, where two obscure references were misspelled.) Whether the SV-52 ever actually existed is an unresolved topic... depending on which publication you ask, it was either a planned successor to the SV-51 that never materialized due to the Anti-Unification Alliance falling apart in the wake of its self-destructively moronic bombing of St. Petersburg and the Mayan incident or that the airframes were at least partly built but never completed as intended due to the engine being unavailable. It's worth remembering that, much like the VF-0 and VF-1, the SV-51's development was an international effort involving companies from many different regions including Russia, Germany, and Israel. It's also worth remembering that the Alliance was not a governmental organization but a loose confederation of various anti-government groups, militias, and other violent partisans receiving the clandestine support of various regional governments even while the national governments of those regions supported unification. The one known surviving developer - Alexi Kurakin - was Eastern European. He was also apparently not particularly invested in the Alliance's political goals and defected to the UN Government shortly after the Mayan incident. By the time the First Space War started, he was working for Stonewell and Bellcom on the VF-X-4. He cofounded the General Galaxy corporation in the wake of the war. (He, like most of the Sukhoi-IAI-Dornier team who worked on the SV-51, was busy being dead at the time the Sv-154 and Sv-262 were drafted.) Not "Anti-UN affiliates"... just "people who once worked for companies that sold arms to the Anti-Unification Alliance under the table". Magdalena makes a few dubious claims... like that the heavily modified SV-51 she calls a SV-52 (but, under the hood, is mostly a VF-17) was her grandfather's aircraft that he flew during the First Space War, which doesn't quite tally with it being recovered from an underground bunker. Assuming, of course, that the pre-war and post-war Mikoyan are the same corporate entity... Mikoyan collabored with General Galaxy on the design of the VAB-2 and VA-14, the UN Forces aircraft that were captured and reworked into the FBz-99 and Az-130 when the Varauta colony defense forces fell under the control of the Protodeviln. For the Sv-262 project specifically... the General Galaxy SV Works were established by Alexi Kurakin after the formation of General Galaxy and were supposedly active the whole time between then and now (2067). The Sv-154 Svard is one of theirs, and was Windermere's main fighter in the 2050s apparently including Grammier's tenure as a pilot during the 2050-2051 Second Unification War, meaning it was developed in the 2040s. Exactly how many models they've developed over the fifty or so years since their inception. The Mayan incident itself was heavily classified, the VF-0 and SV-51 were simply obscure because most of their data and most of the aircraft produced were lost. The SV Works Valkyrie designs are not direct successors to the Sukhoi-IAI-Dornier SV-51 in a direct sense. They're more like successors to its design philosophy of "a variable fighter to fight variable fighters". General Galaxy and SV Works founder Alexi Kurakin felt that there would eventually be a new era of VFs fighting VFs and created the SV Works inside the newly established General Galaxy to prepare for that eventuality. Also, remember that many (2/3) of the developers of the SV-51 were not Russian and were from countries ideologically aligned AGAINST Russia during the Cold War: Germany and Israel. (There's also not really an ideological link between the Anti-Unification Alliance forces of the early 2000s and the anti-government forces of the 2050s and beyond. The groups who are causing trouble in the late 2050s and 2060s we've seen so far are mainly the remnants of the Earth Supremacist fascists who were ousted from power in 2051.) The Epsilon Foundation subsidiary Dian Cecht has been buying the rights to build and sell designs developed by General Galaxy's SV Works.
  9. ... hey now, get the guys who did Potter Puppet Pals and/or If The Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device on it and that could actually be pretty good.
  10. ... wasn't Shadow Chronicles produced in 720p, though? Did they downscale it somehow?
  11. That's likely to be Discovery's next port of call if the viewers who were previously following the series on Netflix prove as unwilling to pay for yet another streaming service just so they can watch Star Trek as their American counterparts were/are. Possibly all of new Trek, given that they were dependent on more cashflow-positive financial backers to provide funding for production of the new Trek shows. Based on the incomplete picture we have of their situation, this feels like a very strange move for ViacomCBS to make. If Amazon Prime and Netflix are withdrawing their support of the Star Trek shows they were previously sponsoring, it would certainly explain the stock price-cratering decision to try to raise $3 Billion for streaming development by selling shares back in Q1 2021. They've also seen a steady decline in pre-tax profits over the last few years and the company's debt is over $21 Billion. For them to suddenly decide they're gonna go all-in on the global launch of the proprietary streaming service that's been operating in the red since its creation has a sort of do-or-die "Hail Mary" vibe to it. Either that or there was something major missing from the Q3 Earnings Call earlier this month that's making them much more confident than they would ordinarily be. (It's enough to make you wonder if we'll be seeing Star Trek next to Simon & Schuster and CBS's old headquarters building on the auction block in the near future. I gather they were really hoping to make bank selling Simon & Schuster to the parent company of Penguin Random House, but the UDOJ stepped in and stopped it with an antitrust filing earlier this month.)
  12. I guess the show's viewership on Netflix in the global market slipped to the point that Netflix isn't willing to fund it in exchange for the rest of world rights anymore. That would definitely explain the huge stock selloff a year or so ago... with their cashflow problems, they didn't have the available cash to fund it on hand without Netflix. (Alternatively, you could think of it as ViacomCBS doing everything it can to protect people from being exposed to this series...)
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