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  1. I’ve been rewatching the original Transformers series and noticed that in one episode only, Starscream gets a GBP/Spartan-style missile upgrade.
  2. That VF-0S artwork looks sweet. On the topic of the Tomahawk, count me among those who don't really care what color it is, as long as gets made. The blue one that @sh9000 posted reminded me of this:
  3. It's really cool to see Macross shows finally make their way over here! I'll take physical media over streaming any day. Assuming English subs are a given? And I wonder how much money I will need to set aside to buy them all? 😁
  4. This might have been mentioned already, but for VF-0, I wonder if Bandai is going for true 1/100 scale, while the VF-1 is known to be 1/90-ish? Nice to see the mention of the VF-1S with its improvements, as well as the Tomahawk. It would be even nicer if they would give us a preorder.
  5. Amazing work, with an incredible attention to the finest details. I wonder if Kawamori-san ever realized that his creations would draw this much dedication from the fans.
  6. I'm likewise glad to see that Macross HM-R is still alive. I'll probably grab a VF-0, though I'm really wanting those remaining SDFM destroids.
  7. Roy’s Strike VF-1S was shown at an event last year along with a Scout Regult, and I think people suspected it might be getting a re-release at some point. At this point, I’d rather get the TV version, even though I already put together customs from the original Hi Metal.
  8. My thoughts exactly. I wonder what Tenjin would do differently from the below?
  9. Original language with subs is totally cool with me. Part of the character of the show is the sound of the original actor's voices. With other shows, I prefer to listen to the Japanese and have gotten used to reading subs. I don't think I've ever heard a dub that sounds as good and convincing as the original in terms of acting. And that's dialog only. While Mari Ijima and some of the Walkure girls pulled it off, voice actors are often not singers, so that's additional talent you have to hire. I wouldn't want the release of these shows to become held back by obstacles of cost or time.
  10. The guys above pretty much covered it. My son’s a tween, for the record, so not a little kid any more but not sure he’s ready for one of the darker, heavier chapters of Macross, especially when he hasn’t even seen the original yet. He’s also not real fond of reading subs.
  11. Gaiares is one of those games that’s simply above my skill level, especially now that my reaction times are probably not as good as they were 30 years ago. @mikeszekely Interesting thoughts on the Metroid series. I don’t fully agree (Super still ranks top tier for me; and Fusion is a very well executed game despite the linearity) but always interesting to read other perspectives. I still need to play Dread (now that my son is done with it) but was trying to finish Samus Returns first. You may want to give the original two a play through and see what you think. Have you ever played Prime?
  12. Worldwide or not, I’ll be getting the VF-0. It’s a great looking design and one of my favorite VFs.
  13. I don't remember any HMR POs being that bad, certainly nowhere near the level of the Roy 1S DX. At any rate, the fact that we may actually - finally - get some more of these makes me not really care how crazy PO might be.
  14. Really tempted to go see this. Wish it were a little more kid-friendly so I could take my son like I did with the Transformers re-release a couple months ago.
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