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  1. I keep hoping that Bandai will eventually release a DX VF-1S combo set with TV Super Parts and Hikaru pilot, now that they produced one in HMR. Like the GBP set, it would also give those who didn't get the original VF a chance to grab one.
  2. Cool pics of Max. It's great to see someone just now discovering this line. Takes me back to 2016. One thing - it looks like you have the wings attached to the wrong sides.
  3. I've started rewatching the first 2 seasons in preparation for number 3. Such a solid show. I prefer it over Andor (which I think tends to take itself a little too seriously).
  4. Ah, right. I skipped on that one, so had forgotten about it.
  5. Random knowledge: There are now several colors of single seat canopy for the Hi Metal R (and non-R) VF-1. From left to right: HMR VF-1J Hikaru TV HMR VF-1S Super Hikaru TV HM VF-1J Hikaru TV (not entirely sure; might be the HM VF-1A) HM VF-1S Strike HMR VF-1 (most common, many variants) Note that HMR canopies have matte finish black paint while HM canopies have glossier black paint.
  6. Have to agree that the price is high on the HMR. I had thought about getting one, but now not sure. I wonder if the development and mold costs on a brand new design are a factor, especially given that they can't spread out the cost over multiple repaints (though they could do an Olson version). Different from a Macross VF, where we see Bandai doing multiple liveries, even non-canon ones.
  7. Thanks for the color comparison. That was my big question - whether the green of the new parts matched the green of the old ones. My copy from AmiAmi is supposed to arrive today, so I'll be able to check in out in person soon.
  8. AmiAmi had me send payment over the weekend. Mine is en route and should arrive Friday. Missed the HLJ stock, so I picked up a second one from a random Ebay seller for a reasonable price.
  9. Thankfully both PS4 and Switch are not region locked, so Japanese physical should work fine. Back in the day that would have been a barrier, like with the PS2 Macross game.
  10. So would this be released for North America with the new WWD plan? Also wondering if there will be physical releases or just digital download...
  11. Then we can swap parts with the original release and make a true movie version. The sketch that @sh9000 posted above leads me to think that the box won’t have a clear window on the front this time.
  12. I think it's showing Closed when logged in because you've already ordered your limit. My guess is that it shows For Sale Soon (before coming back up) because they may be trickling the quantities in a few at a time, to avoid having servers overloaded all at once.
  13. Is that the box art? Looks cool. Edit: Just now saw in the HMR thread that it is. Very nice!
  14. Thanks for the kind words @sh9000 Merry Macross-mas to all!
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