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  1. Since the 30th anniversary of Alien is this year, new video games are being developed and Dark Horse is coming out with new comics, I thought a thread like this would be appropriate. Did anybody check out the Free Comic Book Day Aliens/Predator preview issue? New Aliens and Predator comics; it's like I'm six all over again.
  2. Figured I'd relaunch our videogame discussion topic with the news that I've finally platinum'd Gundam Extreme Vs. Is anyone else still playing? There's some epic hilarity to be had playing through ranked online. Also, I'm not sure how much longer it'll be up (may expire at midnight), but Motorstorm RC for the Vita is/was a free full game download today.
  3. Tochiro

    Macross 30

    New game project coming in 2013. Macross 30. Name is tentative. No details on game type or platform. Apparently Minmay is in it and the other characters 'meet' her somehow. All dialogue has already been recorded. UPDATE: ANN has the games tentative logo graphic: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-09-21/namco-bandai-games-to-release-macross-30-in-2013
  4. https://batman-news.com/2022/08/04/warner-bros-discovery-says-10-year-dceu-plan-in-the-works/ https://www.ign.com/articles/dc-films-ten-year-plan-similar-to-disney-marvel-warner-bros-discovery
  5. It's nice to have an "All things video games" thread, but recently it seems to be about "video game news" than anything else, so I propose starting a discussion on the stuff we all grew up with and get nostalgic pangs for every so often now. I'll start by explaining that I had hardly played any video games for probably over a decade until I bought a PSP when Macross Ace Frontier came out. MAF was fun and everything, but it was the old school emulators that got me hooked again. Back in the day I had a Super NES and Gameboy, and I believed they were the greatest things on the planet. Going to school in the UK I bought CVG (Computer & Video Games) magazine every month (with awesome airbrushed artwork on the cover every issue), and later switched to the new NMS (Nintendo Magazine System -- yeah, what a name). The free gifts were incredible at the time. A "Time Boy" clock/keyring in the shape of a gameboy, the entire Street Fighter 2 arcade soundtrack on CD (with all the speech and everything)... Anyway, needless to say most of my favourite games were on Nintendo machines. Here are some which I enjoy even to this day. Axelay: There was a wholesale store called Makro which always had an excellent selection of hardcore shooters like this. I distinctly remember Cybernator and Super Aleste being on the same shelf, but I went and got this one. It was the European mainland edition because it came with two instruction booklets, one in English and one in Portuguese. Holy crap were these graphics gobsmackingly-insane. It moved like 3D, but it was all cool sprite-scaling and Mode 7 wizardry. And the music was amazing. It was around this time that I realized that the Konami logo was really just a seal of quality, and a guarantee of fun. Starfox/Starwing All the UK mags made a big deal about this one not least for the fact that it was the first real, full speed 3D shooter on a console (unless you count Faceball 2000?) but also for the involvement of British developer Argonaut Software. That meant lots of interviews with the staff. Ironically due to copyright reasons the name had to be changed since there already was some Starfox game on the Spectrum or C64 or some Amstrad thing, who knows. The game itself was incredibly fun, and I remember playing it with my friends on my 12th birthday party. "BOGEY ON MY SIX!" Yoshi's Island: As this one was released really late in the life of the console, I don't really have as "nostalgic" feelings for it as the others, yet have plenty of memories trying to solve all the puzzles and whatnot. The control system was like no other game before it and extremely daunting at first, as the whole structure of the game was based on the concept of getting Yoshi to aim and throw his eggs at enemies, obstacles, power-ups; and the whole thing gets even more complex when you incorporate the calculations you have to make to get the eggs to rebound at the perfect angle to hit the switch that activates the thing to transform Yoshi into a car (with comedy vertically-extending axles) or helicopter and whatnot. Yeah, weird but really fun. And I never managed to unlock all the levels, as there are still some flowers and coins and stuff that I never found. Street Fighter 2: The big one. My cousin and I played the hell out of this game. "SHORYUUKEN!!" Mario Paint: OK, so, not really a game. But it was certainly something I spent a lot of time on, since I loved drawing and making animations. The sound composer was great too, and the fly-squatting game was the most fun I've ever had with a mouse-click type of game. Simple but sweet. Super Game Boy: Again, not a game. BUT.... since I had LOADS of Gameboy games, I thought it was a godsend. To be able to play GB games on TV, in colour?? Also, being able to mess with the screen borders and stuff as player 2 when your mate is trying to concentrate on staying alive is really fun. You can even graffiti over the screen, blocking his view if you're feeling douchey-like. Donkey Kong GB: I bought this at the same time as the Super GB, I think on the day of release. I remember they both came out at the same time. This is not the Gameboy version of Donkey Kong Country, which came out later, this is the "extended" version of the classic DK game. 100 levels of puzzle-solving, barrel-jumping, switch-flicking, deep-sea diving, monkey-tail-climbing, key-finding, trash-can-throwing, back-flipping, power-line-swinging action! Looking back now it seems really easy, but back in the day I remember being stuck on figuring out some of the more complex levels. The perfect portable game. Zelda: Link's Awakening: A great adventure. I don't know what else to say. I also got the other GB Zelda games that Capcom developed, and they were good, too, but they seemed much more systematic than the organic, natural feel of the flow of the original's story. I don't know why I never got the SNES one. Those were some of the ones which I remember the most. I often play retro games now, too, in particular shooting games. It's just a simple form of grammar that I can pick up and enjoy for a few minutes when I have free time, and that's what gaming is to me -- I'm not into hardcore RPGs for that reason. I'll write about those games too at a later date: Gunhed, Soldier Blade, Aleste, Zanac, etc. Oh, and I forgot SCRAMBLED VALKYRIE, hehe.
  6. https://www.cbr.com/fallout-amazon-prime-series-westworld-creators/ (Details XD)
  7. Welcome to the MW thread for the under-appreciated SQUARE franchise of Front Mission. Personally, my first exposure to FM was FM 3 for the PS1. I was totally hooked on that game; the appeal of piloting a squad of fully customizable mechs in a world where such vehicles had actually succeeded in being an integral part of a modern battlefield added to an ungodly amount of hours to be spent on one videogame. After FM3, I went to play FM1, FM Gun Hazard, FM4 for the PS2, FM5, and just recently FM2. I would be remiss to not mention the small group of super-fans whose work allowed me to actually play these games in English. A thorough tour of their website will reveal exactly why FM did not get the attention it should have, not to mention the full reach of multimedia that the West did not get to enjoy. Regardless, I made this thread to gather fellow wanzer-heads, and to celebrate the acquisition of this bad boy, a hardly seen 1/35 scale resin kit of the venerable Zenith wanzer as depicted in FM2: This looks to be quite a build, so if anyone else has built this thing, I welcome your insight. In addition to FM2, I have also been enjoying the FM Dog Life & Dog Style manga. It seems to be a collection of vignettes that take place during the events of FM1. Its a great read, but it certainly deals with a lot more mature themes that none of the games have touched.
  8. Are there any Macross/Ace English translations, ongoing I really want to see these games in English.
  9. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1368910/Super_Mecha_Champions/ While I think a lot of us were wondering if Kawamori would do a new entry in the Macross series, it appears he's working on a completely new show, complete, of course, with a variable mech that's more along the lines of Aquarion or Escaflowne than Macross. Hopefully it proves more enjoyable than Juushinki Pandora (Last Hope), which, IMHO, was mired in too much metaphysical mumbo-jumbo and made further cringeworthy when the pilots of the various mecha have to achieve a sort of one-ness with the quantum engine powering their mecha to assume full humanoid form. Normally they just go from vehicle to a sort of GERWALK mode via what I assume is the flip of a switch. The whole quantum angle had me rolling my eyes, especially when they achieved the three-way transformation with a single lever in the valks. Anyway, the new mech looks cool- different, but cool, and I'm assuming there'll be a reason for that ring that's formed in flight mode.
  10. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/12/28/sport/nfl-legend-john-madden-dies-spt/index.html All I know about "American Football", I learned from the Genesis games I played in my youth.
  11. Just wanted to share my custom designed VR google and controller wraps. The images I used came from danbickell here in the MacrossWorld forums, he allowed me to use them from his 3D modeling DYRL VF-1 WIP project thread for the head and cockpit portion on the controllers. I did the custom graphic work for the controllers by adding a scene from DYRL to the monitor, space background and the mirrored images of Roy Focker (RIP) and split the design in half so that one hand is throttle and the other is the flight stick (where is my Macross VR game?!?). I provided my images to and worked with a great guy on Etsy named Lou who owns and runs Loucidco. He has, hands down, the best template for the quest 2 (if you want full coverage). Did some back and forth with him, and he was the one who really made it all work. Thanks for looking!
  12. I have been watching You tube Videos talking about the Game "Star Citizen" it looks interesting has any one on Macross world forum played the game?
  13. New game announce with cool trailer "Overwatch" Seriously, why doesn't Blizzard go into films? Wouldnt you think this is from Pixar? I would totally watch this movie too! The gameplay trailer is pretty good too oh yea, they also announce a new Starcraft title too
  14. Saw this on Kotaku and it's real! 150 to Catch. Gotta catch them all! Works on iOS and Android Google Maps app. Found some at CN Tower x1 100 Infinte Loop (apple hq) x1 Eiffel Tower x1 Madison Square Garden x1 Sydney Opera House x a bunch. A bunch near Google park.
  15. what is your most anticipated game and why is it Cyberpunk 2077? e3 reveal trailer 48min gameplay trailer
  16. There's enough interest from some in this site on the ongoing Monogatari series for it to have it's own thread and thereby keep it from monopolizing other threads. Let's keep it all here, TV series, films, novels and those fine looking 1/8 Senjougahara PVC figures too.
  17. I could have sworn there was a topic for this game, but it appears this will be the first thread for X-COM: Enemy Unknown. For me, this video game kinda came out of nowhere; in development for 4 years, I wasn't even aware it existed until 2012. Since the early part of this year I've been following this game and each new video looks better and better. Details are as follows: A reimagining of the original 1994 PC Game UFO- Enemy Unknown (aka, X-COM: UFO Defense in North America) Turn-based squad game Made by Firaxis (makers of Civilization) Release date is October 9, 2012 Available for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Premiere video game website Giant Bomb just released a "Quick Look" at the new game and it's everything an X-COM fan could hope for. I just finished watching this almost hour-long video and I wanted to share the love. http://www.giantbomb...nknown/17-6601/ Pre-orders are available now from most of the major game distributors, including digital via Steam. Check it out!
  18. OK, c'mon. Everybody has a guilty pleasure. Something that you enjoy but you know that if others knew about this pleasure you could very easily be mocked. It might be a TV show, film, a song, a musical artist, a certain type of toy, Emma Watson, whatever. Time fo 'fess up. MY guilty pleasure at the moment is La Roux (which I have previously admitted to, I know.) Strange music with backing instrumentation that sounds like it is coming out of a C64, but I think its great stuff anyway. So c'mon. What do you like that you shouldn't. ONE rule - No mocking or nastiness here. This is just a place to clear one's conscience. Taksraven
  19. While this announcement may be equal parts tech news and gaming news, the widely used Steam gaming distribution service by Valve Software is now going to have it's own operating system too. SteamOS was announced today and while it looks like it's aimed at consoles (and the Steam Box itself) it appears any PC can run the SteamOS. This is huge! http://www.giantbomb.com/articles/valve-has-its-own-operating-system-now-in-steamos/1100-4746/ Streaming games from your other devices...wow! My mind is officially blown!
  20. I'm highly surprised there's no STO thread on here (forgive me if there is, I did a search and didn't find anything). This game rocks! I'm in the open beta and I have to say I'm very pleased. http://www.startrekonline.com/ There's a lot of extremely nerdy fanbois (mostly fans of the flowery "let's make friends with everyone" TNG era) who are saying it's "not real Star Trek" because there's "very little diplomacy" which isn't really true but oh well. The game has a strong TOS/TMP/DS9/VOY feel to it which I enjoy quite a bit. The basics of the plot are that it's 2409, Romulus has been destroyed, the Federation is still picking up the pieces, and the Undine (Species 8472) have been using their shape-shifting powers to create havoc in the Federation, culminating in the dissolution of the peace treaties between the Klingon Empire (now including the Gorn bent on galactic takeover, the Orions and the Nausicaans) and the Federation resulting in a very TMP like state where the two superpowers are "almost at war" and generally very hostile to each other. The Romulans are building their military and trying to reconstruct their Empire so they can join in on the fun, and then you have the Cardassians just waiting for a chance on the other side of the wormhole, and finally the Borg always present to just cause trouble. The Federation and the Klingons are currently playable, with the Romulans definitely being added later and more options being explored. All in all it's pretty good. This is my current ship, the U.S.S. Crozier, NCC-91848, a Constitution II-class Cruiser obviously. I don't have any shots of my Miranda-class Light Cruiser (the starter ship) named the U.S.S. Arkhangelesk unfortunately, but I assume most people know what the Miranda-class looks like. The game has a really cool ship customization system. Vostok 7
  21. Coming to theaters on July 24 is Pixels, a sci-fi comedy remake of the 2010 French short film of the same name. Directed by Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Bicentennial Man), the film is about an alien invasion in the form of '80s video game icons such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Unfortunately, it also stars Adam Sandler, which means this film will be a likely entry on the Worst Science Fiction Film of All Time thread. Pixels @ IMDb
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