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  1. This is so crazy to me, I had to come back after a long absence. Really hard to believe they finally came to an agreement. Let's hope it opens the floodgates to getting Macross everywhere.
  2. Wrong forum, but yes, my understanding is they quietly went out of business for reasons unknown. Too bad, too. The bikes we got were fantastic.
  3. Same here, I knew about Robotech and I had bought one of those old Revell fully transformable VF-1 model kits at an antique store but it was missing parts so I came on here way way back when (2000-2001) in order to find out more about it and try to get parts. Around the same time I found the Toycom ads for the YF-19 and had to have it. Placed a pre-order with a member on here who had a shop and the rest was history. My dad and grandpa ended up getting me the whole Mac+ set in Singapore from a member on here who had a shop there, that was probably 2002 when the VF-11 came out.
  4. Got my Cavalier from HLJ. Color scheme is very nice. However, on their site it says "With Option Parts" and yet I didn't get anything. I've emailed HLJ to ask them but just wondering if anyone else had the same problem, or if I just didn't look close enough.
  5. I've been super happy with the RD line. They are amazing figures at a very agreeable price point, and they more than make up for all the sins of the MSIAs IMO. Tracked down a Guncannon DT which I had apparently missed. I'd kill for a RD Heavyarms Custom (EW Version) though!
  6. Ebay's price seems reasonable so I might just pick one up there. The DYRL CF -1A is the one I've been dying for since the V2s came out. Normally I'd get multiples but meh. Probably should pick up a Cavalier on HLJ while I still can.
  7. Anyone know what's up with the VF-1A "movie version" with option parts that's showing up on eBay but nowhere else? That's the exact one I've been waiting for.
  8. A new HGUC Zaku I Sniper? What was wrong with the other one? Edit: Oh, I see it's a custom. Mmmmm RG MkII... I know my next RG!
  9. I meant "Macek" in the sense that Harmony Gold still tries to shoot down any forward progress on Macross/Mospeada/Battletech in the US.
  10. If anyone wants to sell their VF-25S v2 for non-eBay prices, let me know!
  11. I guarantee Carl Macek has something to do with this. Why spend the extra dime to give proper subs when it's just another thing for him to bitch about?
  12. Also, there was nothing about childhoods being raped or the shade of red the UN Spacy logo should be in or the waves of people proclaiming that it sucks and will disintegrate shoulders as soon as you touch it, even though it doesn't even exist yet. And then Jenius will rate it 4x/50.
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