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Found 2 results

  1. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1368910/Super_Mecha_Champions/ While I think a lot of us were wondering if Kawamori would do a new entry in the Macross series, it appears he's working on a completely new show, complete, of course, with a variable mech that's more along the lines of Aquarion or Escaflowne than Macross. Hopefully it proves more enjoyable than Juushinki Pandora (Last Hope), which, IMHO, was mired in too much metaphysical mumbo-jumbo and made further cringeworthy when the pilots of the various mecha have to achieve a sort of one-ness with the quantum engine powering their mecha to assume full humanoid form. Normally they just go from vehicle to a sort of GERWALK mode via what I assume is the flip of a switch. The whole quantum angle had me rolling my eyes, especially when they achieved the three-way transformation with a single lever in the valks. Anyway, the new mech looks cool- different, but cool, and I'm assuming there'll be a reason for that ring that's formed in flight mode.
  2. Details from Comic Con's Mass Effect Panel This is coming from Game Informer, with more details to come this evening. Pics of the new Mako and the male and female armored character models shown. One report I read had the new game taking place during Shepard's lifetime, and that some old characters might appear. I suspect they meant era, as the designs shown seem more advanced then what we saw in the trilogy. More info should be out this evening as the gaming media's reports start coming in.
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