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  1. WHEW…finally….AmiAmi came thru. Wasn’t as lucky with either VF-1S or the VF-1D.
  2. Transfered me to another bot...they actually sound sorry here. "I cannot express more how much regret I feel for this matter. Your feedback will be valued and will be used to improve our support team's customer service. We appreciate your patience and understanding If there's anything else I can help you with, let me know, ok?"
  3. LOL...and they exited the chat before I was done. Arsewipes. "Sorry I wish it's within our control, but as mentioned we have limited access and information here in live chat, we can only follow up on our end." "That's all we can do here in live chat"
  4. What's the use of bringing back their live chat if they're just gonna give me the same copy and paste? I asked about my single set of DX Super/Strike Parts from December of 2019 and... "I just reached out to our team and informed them about your tickets" "Someone will answer your ticket as soon as possible." "Is there anything else I can help you with?"
  5. Partial cast list? Yuki also promoted to captain?
  6. 2199 thread: 2202 thread: Begins October?
  7. When did they remove their live chat option? It's crazy that some people are still prerodering Macross stuff from them.
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