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  1. I suggest many of you to also leave a review for NY here. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/nippon-yasan.com
  2. Guess my 2011 version had a good run. Plastic durability strikes yet again.
  3. LOL no wonder I can’t get my single set. It’s greedy folks like y’all ordering five, six, and seven sets LOL. All jokes aside NY is in quite the clusterfunk. They also haven’t responded to neither of my August tickets.
  4. Tried their live chat and got through quickly. But they gave me the canned response of...we apologize but Japan Post isn’t allowing shipments...we don’t know when your item will be shipped...please read the PDF...then they closed the chat box. TWICE as useless.
  5. Still waiting on my DX Super/Strike parts that I paid for last December. I haven't heard from them in weeks. I'm contacting my bank to see if they can help out. Probably won't be doing business with Nippon Yasan ever again.
  6. Haven’t really followed a Transformers show since Prime. IN for this.
  7. Damn that was a solid series premiere. its just great to see TNG Picard back.
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