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  1. Got my parcel from Luna Park. Instead of packing it was in a yellow submarine store bag. Looks like they just bought it from that store and put it a box to ship.
  2. Gurran Lagann must be one crazy series to have mechas that size.
  3. I missed preoder night. I thought i was screwed. Was able to snag 2 preorders easily. I love it! Only thing is it looks like i'll be waiting a while. HoneyBee preorder lists Q1 2023 for release and Ages3andup lists Q4 2022.
  4. I got the set in Dec. Haven't had time to check it out yet. I'll see if i can tonight and let you know.
  5. All of them. Hit me during a poor time. Was able to get all the macross stuff that came out at the time but didn't leave me with enough for other series like orguss.
  6. Is megahouse done with Orguss? I was hoping for reissue as i missed them originally.
  7. Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  8. I need to swap out the head laser on my vf-31j. What is a good way to remove it? I'm afraid of breaking it.
  9. Thanks i'll give that a try.
  10. So i picked up an Arcadia Sv-51 Ivanov for a good price. When i got it i realized why. It stinks from being in a smoker's house. Is there anyway to get rid of that smell. I've left it in a draft room for a month. No change.
  11. Been getting hit with a lot of unplanned expenses so i was like relieved by the delay. Then i remembered i already paid for this preorder. NUTS!
  12. So this is going up on Thurs night Feb 24th?
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