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  1. Sandman

    Hi-Metal R

    Is the set the last of SDFM destroids?
  2. Yeah my gun handle broke for my vf-31J.
  3. So i recently moved. So i had to pack up all my toys. I was packing my sentinel eta legioss. I forgot to lower that tail fins so when i put the plastic cover over top, the tail fin snapped off. I figured it would just snap back in but nope it's an actual break. Anyone know how i can repair this or if it is possible to repair?
  4. That Optimus Prime they releases last august was a pretty awesome toy. I have high hopes for this.
  5. I decided to order another to test out this shop. I ended up getting charged tax bring up the price to 319. Sucks but still cheaper than the duty and shipping costs from Japan.
  6. Holy cow. If these guys get releases consistently, this is going to save me so much money. No shipping and duty fees. Thats aprox $150-200 savings per dx valk.
  7. I think i heard that Arad gets taken out of action early on in the film and is not in the final fight. Don't take my word for it though. I could have heard wrong.
  8. I think we should all be cautious about these "easy preorders". Bandai can still pull that "we're cutting allotments" bs they have been known to do, even after preorders are placed. In fact BBTS got screwed with their last macross frontier dx preorder they had. They weren't able to fulfill the renewal Vf-25s dx 10 years ago because of Bandai cutting the allotments. I know this is a little different situation but i wouldn't put it past them.
  9. Oh by fluke got one at amiami. Unfortunately went too fast and clicked through my old address. Hopefully i can change it later.
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