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  1. I'm having trouble with my VF-31J kai. In battroid mode the backpack with the gun and pod won't stay up. it keeps falling back. The problem seems to be where I marked on the pic. There doesn't seem to be anywhere I can tighten up. Anyone know a way it stop if from flopping back?
  2. Got Gate and pretty happy with the toy. My only gripe is that they could've included a swappable head and a sidearm weapon.
  3. Though not good for preorders, I miss figinstock,com. Loved getting up every morning and checking my emails for that figinstock email listing all the item from my search criteria.
  4. Ugh i never noticed those tabs until now. Now i can't keep myself from looking at them.
  5. If you follow Jenius' transformation video you should be fine.
  6. This brings back memories. I remember ordering the first set from Animeigo on their proto-crowdfunder. Ended up costing me 450 CAD. Worth it at the time since SDF Macross didn't have a previous release other than the incomplete robotech perfect collection.
  7. Seems weird to call these premium.
  8. I wouldn't mind reissues if it wasn't the same reissues all the time. Mix it up and reissue some other releases like vf-11, vf-17, vf-1d and other vf1 paint schemes.
  9. Didn't the same designer work on both the VF-17 and Vf-171?
  10. Do you get stickers for the red markings on the cannon booms for the standard release?
  11. I pretty sure the two figures wasn't the original intention behind this release. They probably couldn't make the removable armour work decently. Possible why we've waited this long for the release.
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