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  1. I totally missed out on this preorder. Was the combo pack released or just the amour? And if the combo was, is it still available? Can't find any listings.
  2. I tried pre-ordering at anime-export but the pay later option doesn't co me up, only the pay now. Edit: Did some playing around and it seems the web exclusive stuff doesn't allow the pay later. It also seems you pay extra for the pay later option.
  3. The HLJ link is showing as 404 missing. edit: did a search and it showed up.
  4. I never had a friend that would gift me a valk. Can you be my friend?
  5. Maybe Nippon-Yassen will carry the pf? JK! Couldn't hold in my laughter typing that.
  6. Finally! Been waiting for a pf yf-19 to get the intake warnings tampooed. Though it should've been on the regular release to begin with.
  7. Can someone explain to me what's the difference between GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA RX-78F00 GUNDAM vs the regular Metal Build rx-78?
  8. Is the 1D still being offered through the tamashi site?
  9. Considering how all of valkyrie factory's offerings have sold out. I'm surprised they haven't pumped up the releases. They should be at least doing VF-1 reissues and new paint schemes.
  10. N-Y needs to stop taking orders and refocus on fixing their problems. It's despicable to continue taking orders when they know they can't fulfill.
  11. I'm looking for the metal pin you put in the shoulder hinge of the VF-1. I have the shapeways replacement, but unfortunately lost the old pin when snipping the knurled part off. It shot of to the heavens never to be seen again. Any ideas where to get a replacement?
  12. Hmm not sure how this happened. Can a mod move this to the for sale forum?
  13. Hi selling my Yamato garland. The shoulders broke. Replaced them with shapeways and the right side one broke again. Done with it now. Should also note that it was sold to me missing a vent like part on the left shoulder tire. See the pic below. I have all the boxes instructions and accessories. selling for $80 us shipped ( shipping comprises most of the cost). Will only ship to US and Canada.
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