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  1. Hard disagreement with your assessment, if anything the alternate robot parts and compression of alt-mode helps with proportions and the overall robot silhouette as well as fills in void spots in different areas, which in turn grants space to implement a better range of articulation. This is a higher degree of engineering to get it all right, it is not just sticking it in the backpack as you put it. The alternative approach of quickly extending, unfolding and realigning chunks of alt-mode just leads to unsightly robots – wide chest, protruding belly, limbs being too long or short and lar
  2. Make no mistake, MP Skids is Takara bringing their A-game at making an absolute bargain bin Masterpiece Transformer, bereft of so many things on so many levels. The gap between regular retail Transformers and this MP is not very big, it could probably pass as a leader or commander class Skids toy in Hasbro's line. It's ironic many in the fandom complained about supposedly unwarranted high MP prices and yet 70 - 80 dollars for this MP Skids is suddenly great deal. I would have preferred to pay more for a better engineered robot toy that provides a richer engagement and experience. Your
  3. Recently picked up the Code Geass Resurrection movie and need some insight (no spoilers please). Is it necessary to watch the three prior movies because they change things up or can I jump in from the TV series ending?
  4. Woah! Skywarp looking good, nice semi-gloss paint/plastic black with a fitting tone of purple/lavender. Shame it's TT Mall exclusive again. Can't wait to get this new seeker mould in hand.
  5. New coloured images of Skids and new character Reboost (?) More importantly though - it seems Takara has tweeted that MP Skyfire is on the way! Really hope it is the actual him and not Jetfire or some other derivative of him.
  6. Anyone have experience shopping Transformers at Mandarake? What does the specific condition "Opened, package damaged" imply, is the plastic tray still sealed and only the tape on the outer box been opened? Only purchased unopened or tape resealed from them so far and have obviously fared well with that type of condition.
  7. Initially I wanted to preorder Mk. V, but decided to play the waiting game to see if we get a Silver Bullet Suppressor.
  8. I keep seeing and reading this everywhere anytime someone wants to bang on the modern MPs. Where or what in your opinion is this supposedly general lower quality that has manifested itself with Takara's latest MP releases? Yes, I acknowledge the plastics on Hound were breaking and the quality is not good, but he has to be considered an outlier in the bigger scope of things. Since then we have had Tigertron, reissue MP-39, Spinout, Arcee, Leo Convoy and Black Convoy and there have been no reports of greater quality issues with them. There will unfortunately always be that one toy that was
  9. For what it's worth, I recently received two Mafex figures I had pre-ordered from them. Yes, I am also a victim of still not having my Bandai Strike Packs from them. But still, maybe there is a bit of hope to actually get non-Macross things at least.
  10. Metal Structure or Metal Composite? I would rather have better articulation instead of bigger size. But I agree that Metal Builds tends to be a bit more stylized with the robots, so I share the concern that aesthetically it might not be convincing.
  11. This would be my first MPM if it turns out to be BB Prime. I just hope it scales nicely with MP-44.
  12. The Expanse is truly quality Sci-Fi, just a bit unfortunate that the first half of season one has sluggish pacing. Actually I am bit surprised that this show is so under the radar on MW, I don't think there is even a dedicated thread for it!?
  13. What a waste of money. If you want a proper Star Convoy, then get MMC's Stellarus Prominon. And I say this as someone who has yet to buy into any 3P offering.
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