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  1. The Hi-Spec toy looks softer and more rounded compared to the HMR with its stronger edges and angles. What was the size of the Orguroid from MegaHouse? I remember wanting to have one, but back then it felt too pricey for me.
  2. On the topic of backpacks, it might be worth pointing out that the one on MS-02 is a bit too wide which breaks the upper body silhouette to some degree. MS unfortunately did not engineer the truck roof top collapse inwards, so your left with this somewhat unsightly bracket around the body. The hands throw me off, I like that their fully articulated, but at the same time it looks ugly because all the fingers are the same length.
  3. I can only hope that Sentinel never entertain any engagement with HG or Toynami. Riobot Legioss is such a great toy, that it should not be tarnished by those two companies. Maybe it is a good thing that the Riobot Legioss is a pricier toy, I doubt HG/Toynami could convince Robotech heads to actually invest that money in a proper toy.
  4. For a prototype that Battroid is already looking promising, hopefully the articulation is going to allow for some fun posing. That compact and dynamic verve in Battroid is something that is completely lost in all the modern transforming toys or model kits.
  5. They actually did copy the poses of that cover (minus DC embargo toy machine gun) for their promo.
  6. Nemesis Superm... The Dark Knight Falls Superman and Armored Batman, release in December.
  7. Magazine scans and what I assume is some background info on how the YF-19 was designed.
  8. And don't forget to reissue the Mk. I !!! Interested to see how the HMR compares against R3 version.
  9. Good to know, thanks guys. Hopefully we get a Nikick to go along with the Orguss, but seeing that the Dragonar stuff didn't yield a Falguen, I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Not big on the VF-19 Kai, but crossing my fingers this leads to a VF-19F/S release.
  11. Classic visor, faceplate and four head lasers - that's what makes this the variant that matters!
  12. I can live with a bundle, I just hope the clear packs also come with optional opaque pieces. Investing 100+ Euro on Strike Packs a couple of pieces of add-on plastic has been too absurd for me and so my VF-1S Hikaru has been naked all this time.
  13. Looks fine to me, I'm (still) in. Unlike with the Yamato one there is actually a proper Battroid mode to be had.
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