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  1. That Hush Nightwing looks great, definite pre-order for me.
  2. Chogokin would be nice, but currently I am more annoyed and irritated that Bandai doubled up on 1/144 scale instead of giving us a MG option of this Nu Gundam FF.
  3. That second trailer is quite interesting, I spot Nova and Steamrunner class starships. Seems like they are going to employ two types of time travel, Borg style and sun slingshot? Of course nice to see Guinan rejoin, "10 Forward Avenue" - nice one. I watched season one and it was not really captivating, but I'm still looking forward to season two. I will pass judgement if good or bad afterwards and not on the basis of a two minute trailer. That is a bold statement, being objective and evidence driven you would have factual numbers to back that claim. How big is the fanbase per region? What is the demographic make up of the fanbase? Within each of the different age spans, how big is the percentage of fans that are pro/contra/neutral on the new shows? etc. etc. Without this your "objective evidence" is nothing but subjective speculation. Reading this for the first time, is there a link to a source or the official statement you can point to? Maybe that means more PlutoTV for me, like with Discovery.
  4. Congrats! Definitely a great set of Seekers to own. How did you get your Skywarp so quickly? I'm still waiting for my pre-order to be fulfilled.
  5. Official images of MPG Trainbot Getsuei https://www.taghobby.com/archives/593001
  6. Actually I think we are all getting the "last one". AE will mark it as sold out when you are still logged in with your account.
  7. Finished this last weekend, brilliantly done for something that is based on a game. Animation is smooth, story is engaging and characters have enough depth. Like everyone else, I have no prior knowledge to League of Legends. So anyone that does know this game can say if the show's story and characters are in alignment?
  8. I enjoyed the final season too, wrapped up neatly. I think prolonging with more seasons would have made the show a bit stale.
  9. Most likely that is the driving factor here, keep the car as cohesively clean looking as possible. Definitely would still need those inner leg walls, would be an absolute no-go to have a large visible hollow section on a MP. I don't normally have issues with dedicated parts for robot or alt-mode, but this one just seemed to stick out as being redundant. They could have maybe painted that rear part in the same glossy blue as the rest of the car to increase the illusion.
  10. So having had MP-53 Skids for a little over a week now and here are my observations and thoughts... The transformation is simple and boring - arms are very fiddly to pull out or tuck in when transforming, not an ideal implementation. Generally transformation has no intricacy, sense of engagement or achievement in the process, hardly anything to really to marvel about, maybe the split thighs as a novelty. Also don't forget to shift the thighs outward to have proper spacing between the legs. A bit ironic that hybrid approach and emphasis on a accurate looking car still has Skid's end up with an additional fake car hatch part for the robot calves. Not sure why they didn't just split the actual car hatch in half and use them for the legs instead of hiding the whole part in Skid's back. Those robot calves by the way don't lock or tab in at all, which is annoying because it comes apart when you try to move the lower leg as the hinge above the shin has a weaker resistance compared to actual knee joint. Accessories... a sad sight when you open the box, more could have been done here. Chrome fire weapons always looks tacky to me, Skids will not change that. Alt-mode looks nice, plenty of paint used. To spite TF fans, I think Honda/Takara should have insisted on using the European Jazz model name and plastering it everywhere Skids can also pull off his show room mode to avoid Decepticon detection. From the feet to the the waist/abdomen area the robot proportions and silhouette look very good, everything seems to have the right size and ratio. It is the upper part of the robot where it falls apart. The fore-arms are far too thin giving the overall arm the appearance of a twig and this is unfortunately emphasized by the fact that the shoulders are not sitting close enough to the body thanks to some in-between alt-mode part (looks like car suspension to me). So the shoulder line is very wide giving the arms a very clumsy "tacked on" afterthought look. Hollow backpack design, hollow bits around the knees and visible mushroom peg hands don't provide and sense of premium toy feel either. I also wish the head would sit a little more on top of the bonnet, it looks to floaty where it is now. Articulation is lacklustre, there is no ab-crunch, knees only bend 90 degrees and the feet only really pivot with minimal up movement. Outward leg movement can't go all the way as it is eventually blocked by the hip skirt and the legs can't go backwards either, both of these don't really impede on articulation, but it is a limitation nonetheless. On a positive, the hips work with nice clicky ratchets. Not sure why such a small and light robot needs that, but there you go. Once again the shoulders become a contention point, no forward pivoting and they are only single jointed at the wheel-pauldron meaning lateral arm upward movement is away from the body looking very weird as the shoulder stays static. Implementing a (second) shoulder joint at the main body would have done wonders. There is also the unfortunate placement of the shoulder rotation point to contend with as it is offset, if you raise his arms up-forward the whole part suddenly sits to low and the shoulder line suddenly looks disjointed. Overall toy engineering is too basic with some questionable implementation. Much talk was made about it being this new hybrid design approach, but honestly Takara should have done more to celebrate this. Higher engineering could have allowed for optional parts between animation and toy design - like head, thigh or even a front facia that could be swapped out to achieve a different aesthetic or some clever mechanism to change shoulder-wheel orientation. To me this is a missed opportunity. Likewise going backwards with articulation is not acceptable, not for something called Masterpiece in 2021. For some it might be great to have a sub-100 Euro MP, but personally I would have preferred paying more if it meant I get a higher premium feeling toy that provides more entertaining options. MP-53 is in essence an expensive oversized CHUG Transformer, not really a Masterpiece in a premium toy sense. I hope Shouki fares better and more importantly MP Skyfire doesn't turn out this way.
  11. That looks like they took the Mk-II from the R3 plamo line a couple of years back and made it a HMR. Also I wish Bandai would reissue the Mk-I, that went completely by me.
  12. Count me in the group of disappointed, I have been studying the images closer and those lower legs and feet just do not flow and look undersized compared with the rest of robot. Unfortunate, but money saved I guess.
  13. The MB is more angular compared against the MG Hi-Nu Ver.Ka. The lower legs or shin armour is throwing me off, I feel like those should be more prominently flaring out.
  14. Couple of days before the S4 starts Paramount decides to give Europe and other parts of the world the finger, very disappointing... 😒 Wonder how long Netflix gets to keep the old shows and before Picard disappears from Amazon Prime, probably no S2 to watch either.
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