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  1. Saw these a while ago and since we now have a centralised ST thread, this is the perfect opportunity. Some great fun and massive respect on the effort that was put into it. They also chose one of the greatest VOY episodes ever. 😄
  2. Transformation feels a bit too simplistic, not quite what I like to see on a MP.
  3. The combiner might be too small, but I think TT tried to stress that the individual Trainbot has size compatibility with other MPs. Also these two video adverts have been posted.
  4. One more thing to consider is that Takara's individual robot mode sizes match/scale better and accordingly with other MPs.
  5. Heads up! If you missed Spider-Man or Venom the first time around, then now is your chance to get them Anime-Export for reasonable prices. Decide quick, because pre-order already closes on 10 June. https://www.anime-export.com/index.php?product=58373 https://www.anime-export.com/index.php?product=58372
  6. Teaser for MPG Yukikaze, should have better images in the next couple of days. https://news.tfw2005.com/2022/06/05/takara-tomy-transformers-mpg-collection-masterpiece-yukikaze-images-457928
  7. A bit torn on this show after three episodes. I sort of like it, but on the other hand I am not fond of how they have gone with the cliché broken hero storyline. At the end of Episode 3 I got the impression that despite of what just transpired across the galaxy, Obi Wan was still very focused and ready to continue the Jedi cause, even if it meant the campaign to fight back would be of a very different nature going forward. Always thought that in the intervening years he would not just hang out on Tattoine, but would go to places and if necessary from the shadows give a helping hand to make sure things fall into place for the rebels without exposing himself to anybody.
  8. 55k to be exact. But that does not mean it was actually sold or bought for that price, none of the reputable online stores from Takara's home market sold MP-44 for more than 33k - 36k. And this has basically been the approach to every single MP ever being sold excluding TT Mall stuff. Check out the current prices of Trailbreaker vs. his MSRP for example. It is a bit irritating when people continuously complain about MP-44's pricing, because essentially it was/is in the same price bracket with all the SOCs, Metal Builds, Arcadia Valks, Sentinel Riobots etc. that would be purchased by that same group of people. And when you consider the engineering effort, features and accessories put in that toy (aesthetics debate aside of course), then it really isn't that much more expensive compared to the other stuff that is being bought. So I don't really understand why Takara gets singled out for their supposedly "expensive" prices and the other companies tend to get a pass. I'm Takara's (or any toy company's) biggest fan as long as they don't skimp on engineering or articulation and make sure the robot proportions are correct and don't break the sculpt/silhouette within context of the design style employed for the toy – that can be hybrid, toon-inspired, futuristic or whatever. 🙂 I get that some concession have to made on a toy but if one or more of those points I mentioned are neglected too much, then that robot toy won't be a "winner" for me. Phoenix isn't a totally bad looking robot, I could live the more wider/prominent fuselage or folding wings, but the lacklustre articulation in a robot that big just kills any enthusiasm especially when you are asking me to pay 250+ EUR for it. And for the sake of it, Takara MPs don't get a free pass either Shockwave - poor tolerances, poor articulation - looks nice, but boring to handle Ironhide/Ratchet - Terrible proportions and articulation Skids - too simplistic engineering and transformation, proportional issues and sculpt easily broken in upper body area Hybrid/Hasui stuff - too simplistic engineering and transformation, visible hollow areas, poor articulation, proportions and/or silhouette compromised due to alt-mode stuff Ultra Magnus - WTF Takara!? Skyfire's purpose of existence was already known to me and the GERWALK mode is of course one of those references, but I was thinking more of the... ahem... Battroid mode Skyfire has.
  9. Takara magic at work again. Articulation is great, a waist-swivel and/or ab-crunch would have been icing on the cake, but certainly miles ahead of FT Phoenix. Thinner canopy and fuselage that is more integrated with the main body and doesn't jut out compared to Phoenix. Also no ugly wing fold in the back, instead opting for a more elegant retracting mechanism. Good that all the red parts are consistent, none of that gaudy metallic stuff or distracting chrome shining through. Takara didn't need to, but it is pretty cool how they incorporated a nod towards the Macross/Takatoku/Bandai/Jetfire history and heritage into the toy. MP-44 was only 33k Yen, so Skyfire is now going to be the most expensive MP I have bought but well worth it, Anyway got my pre-order in at Show.Z Store now.
  10. Just caught up on the news, didn't expect this but very much welcomed. Bummer about it being TT mall exclusive, hopefully I can find some place to source it. Only a darkened image, but it looks like it provides the options to be a fun MP to mess around with. You can already see pivoting shoulders, hips that allow the legs to go higher than 90 degrees, separate jointed knees that seem like they can do a deep bend and from the small image proper foot articulation shouldn't be a problem. So in this regard I am perfectly fine with Takara being late, if it means I don't have to pay 250+ Euro for a big brick toy.
  11. SOC GX-102 Mazinkaiser SKL 20 cm tall Release Oct 2022, pre-orders are open now 22,000 Yen https://www.taghobby.com/archives/622667
  12. The scale should be 1/30, Knightmare Frames are around five to six meters. And almost 30k yen and Bandai can't be bothered to throw in a Kallen pilot figure!?
  13. Well they have apparently also retconned the new Constitution class from 288 m to 442 m (although helps explain the greater interior space the ship seems to have). So them making the Enterprise a flagship is just another drop in the bucket at this point.
  14. I would love for Ramen Toy to tackle StarCom, would be great to have an updated Starmax Bomber in the collection.
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