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  1. It's nowhere near being a Masterpiece in mini let alone MP-44.
  2. White Zeta is a given and I would expect it to probably be P-Bandai. However I'm wondering if Bandai will derive the Zeta Plus variants from this or will they insist on keeping with the GFFMC ones. And what about Re-GZ?
  3. This VR movie is nothing more than Bandai probing new avenues of viability for their IP. It's just as much an experiment for Bandai as it is for the consumer. VR and required hardware isn't really mainstream household tech yet like a game console or mobile phone. So from that perspective it's understandable to me that Bandai would not go all the way in designing new Mobile Suits for this. If this VR movie takes off, then expect them to double down on effort for new stuff and if not successful, then the movie will get a re-edit and distribution will happen via the usual channels and media for the masses to consume.
  4. The 30k JPY is just Takara's MSRP, most pre-orders a going for under 25k at the moment. I think AMT Rodimus is supposed to be 24 cm in height. Even though the design language does not match, that's a preferable size/scale for me with regards to the many MPs I have.
  5. A bit of Metal Build behind the scenes... (subtitled) You can understand the pricing for these things, but it still doesn't explain why they make it so difficult to get. You would think with all the effort and investment poured into a MB, Bandai would be interested in getting large returns back as quickly as possible. Also the constant showcasing of Strike Freedom is got to be Bandai's way of trolling everyone... 😄
  6. https://www.gundamkitscollection.com/2024/07/gundam-silver-phantom-vr-anime-drops.html https://gundamnews.org/mobile-suit-gundam-silver-phantom-reveals-new-trailer-and-characters Synopsis "U.C. 0096–– The unofficial mercenary organization Argent Keil, which is neither part of the Federation nor Zeon, had taken on the mission to assassinate Federation official Azami Meginne. Although it was a request from the Federation, who couldn’t publicly disclose Azami’s collusion with Zeon, it was none other than the Federation’s Jegan team that attacked their fleet just before their sortie. Amidst this increasingly chaotic situation, the silver Gundam secretly owned by Argent Keil is unleashed into space." Line art for the "new" Mobile Suits. Delta Zayin Jagd Weise Re-GZ (Argent Keil spec)
  7. King Exkizer promo vid. Has a very "toyetic" approach and feel about, can't say my expectations have been met. https://www.taghobby.com/archives/790999
  8. New promo for AMT-01 Rodimus, going to be an interesting experience having more diecast metal in a high-end Transformer line from Takara. If this is to compete directly with Bandai's Metal Build line, then Takara has already beaten them by sheer fact that pre-orders are in abundance and prices are low! https://www.taghobby.com/archives/789277?doing_wp_cron=1720447131.4147160053253173828125
  9. MPG-13 Shattered Glass Jetfire (Takara mall exclusive) https://tf.takaratomy.co.jp/products-lineup/tf_mpg/mpg-13 Would have been nice to have new face sculpts for this and the missing base/stand accessory is not great.
  10. Mazin Emperor G Release in November, 37000 JPY (w/o tax) https://sen-ti-nel.co.jp/other_information/11627/ https://sen-ti-nel.co.jp/items/riobot-mazin-emperor-g-excl/
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