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  1. wow, awesome work guys! wondering if anyone is up for also printing the 1/55 1J and 1A heads as well....
  2. Hi guys, Anyone happen to be selling a Matchbox Robotech Veritech? Loose is preferred, no need for a pilot. As long as the thrusters, head, and Gunpod are there.... Thanks in advance!
  3. Still looking... Skull One hasn’t replied ever since
  4. Hi guys. Looking for an 80s Robotech hovertank. Prefer the first gen, not the later exo squad version. Let me know and price please, thank you!
  5. got mine this morning, i've waited so long for this toy! the price killed me but its all good, got my 90s nostalgia back!
  6. i really don't see an issue with the "tabs".... it is a toy first and foremost?
  7. ahhh... the VF-2SS. I've waited so long for this to be released, i shall come out of valkyrie retirement for this piece. I have no complaints whatsoever on the design, price, articulation, etc etc... I have fond memories from when i was younger, watching Macross II and day dreaming of a transformable toy. Just the fact that it's here fills my heart with joy lol!
  8. i want to thank vt102, and gundamOO! thats why i love Macross World, you guys are the best!
  9. i have a loose joke machine vf-1s that needs head lasers. anyone selling repro parts? i would love some armor too, repro parts even better! lmk gang, thanks!
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