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  1. one could simply take on the task of collecting every gray vf-1j variant in 1/55 scale, and it would be an amazing collection by just that alone! there are many many variants for the gray 1J.
  2. im ready..... ill be on standby!
  3. so good! will Def pre order! saw it on Big West news just now too!
  4. It's 2024. Let's get to it. what is the hold up chile??
  5. I'm gonna need this, with "Dakedo Baby" playing in the background!
  6. well.... this is WoW.... I guess as a kid/ teen... there were just details that were over shadowed by a complicated Love Triangle and Amazing Mecha???!!! What an amazing insight on the tent! Seriously, why would there be a tent, in a trainer valk??? man o man lol
  7. alright! glad to see this awesomeness is progressing!
  8. It's the "when", is the part we all share. For now, here's a Wen we can enjoy in the meantime.
  9. sigh.... wish they could have mass produced this... or even a new Lunk figure in this scale... anything...
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