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  1. It has been a frustrating process with slow ticket updates after almost daily chat follow ups. It almost seems like the chats are bots with their canned responses! Hopeful that the super strike parts will arrive intact this Thursday OK after upgrading to the UPS express saver option NY offered me after initially saying changing the shipping wouldn't help. It was still a shock when I got the shipped update so quickly after payment...and a chat proding...
  2. Cool. Domo Arigatou!
  3. Does anyone remember what the original preorder price of the Roy Focker 1/48 DX at Nippon Yasan was? Thanks!
  4. Hi Everyone, My first Gen YF-29 left shoulder has died. Anyone have the pauldron replacement with or without the printing error (SMS or SWS) they can part with? Thanks! Grant
  5. Hi folks, wanted to share my Kairos shipping status. Patience paid off this time. I did politely inquire a few times hoping to be noticed. Not sure if it did anything. Hang in there those who are still waiting.
  6. I was there last Thursday. They had a renewal VF-25F with cracks in the crotch piece that holds the legs. Too much to risk even for the $120 price tag. I was lookin over a VF-171EX Plus Alto which was a little brown. I ended up buying that one since strangely Northern Cross started playing in the store. I took it as a sign haha. Sadly I found a new one at Akihabara Jungle a few days later for less. Oh well, sho ga nai. Nakano is my favorite go to when in Tokyo.
  7. Hi Everyone, Anyone have these to part with? Any release would be great. Thanks!
  8. Ohh you got the Alto haha! But Yesss erikos0311 is solid! RVF came through nicely packed. He is very responsive and a pleasure to work with.
  9. Mahalo for the link IXTL! OMG SV-262 useless search on HLJ website....
  10. Is the display stand City 7? B)
  11. I like the idea of Mylene joining Delta. A custom pink accented VF-31 would be great with a Gubaba marking on the back.haha. Seriously though, I'm getting a bad feeling about the ruins on Ragna going down into the planet core. They may have to reactivate that Macross city ship soon for an evacuation. Massive planetary destruction hasn't happened yet. Too bad I really like Ragna.
  12. Have the drones been referred to as Maelstrom here? I thought I heard Makina call them that when she called for a recharge. A thought of projecting a hologram over the VF-31s in space for a combat performance would be a weird idea but hey, almost worked for Battle Galaxy...
  13. I've always found nice stuff at the stored in Nakano Broadway. Good Hunting!
  14. Thanks for an excellent transaction! The Ozma YF-29 is awesome!
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