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  1. I was actually looking at the YF-21 main gear struts as being ideal. I'm officially putting out a call for anyone who has these pieces they'd be willing to part with, please PM me.
  2. In a sense, it's precisely with these types of subjects that I can do some of my best work. With the Buster (Legioss) and the Kaa-T'Sai (Cat's eye) I pretty much threw everything out except the general shape, and made a whole new vehicle that's much more consistent with how aircraft actually work. I also tweaked the shape of the Dragunn a bit today: wingspan has been increased a tad, and the nose was altered to look more like that of the VF-1.
  3. Captain’s preliminary renderings: May 19, 2022. I’ve begun laying down some Dragunn diagrams, trying to make sense of what I see in the line-art. For one, while it’s an interesting overall shape, the details weren’t terribly well thought-out: the 3 missiles on each wing are mounted where the wing chord itself is drastically reduced, and no apparent pylons are used, which would interfere with the motion of the flaps. Also, 6 missiles seems a bit inadequate for a modern fighter, so I’ll look into adding at least an additional hard point inboard of the sto-wing mechanism. Also, it looks like they « kinda copied » the look of the F/A-18’s main gear, but decided to hinge them into the wing root… F%$#&*(@#(&?!!!! Seriously, do these « designers » even know how to think critically?? It’s fine. It’s fine. We’re all fine here, thank you. How are you? On the up side, I may be able to give this thing some unusually good airbreaking capability, and that (mostly) flat upper fuselage is an ideal surface for fine panel lines and access hatches. If the drafting goes well, I may be able to start construction next week, so stay tuned!
  4. Looks like this project will be going ahead--woo-hoo!! More information to come next week, so stay tuned.
  5. Keep it up, guys! I think this has the potential to be a really great project, and I have some interesting ideas on how to flesh-out some of that 4th Gen+ tech.
  6. Hey everyone. I was contemplating my next build project, and I’d like to propose for your consideration, the production of a 1/72 F203 Dragon II kit. That I’m aware of, the only other time this kit was offered was by Tanmen, many, many years ago, and if you look at his Cat’s Eye rendition next to mine, I think it’s safe to say that mine was an improvement. As such, I’d like to create a modernized version, with the following details: -arresting hook (for carrier operations) -starboard side mid air refuelling probe -separate wing flaps -optional open or closed air brake -clear canopy, either vac-formed, or clear cast -clean configuration or optional landing gear deployed Projected price for the first 30: $195 Canadian dollars + shipping I’d need at least 30 orders to make this happen, so who wants in?
  7. Theoretically. I have to see that there is sufficient demand for a subject to justify the tooling: show me that there are enough paying customers and I'm on it.
  8. Aaaand that's a wrap. Maybe someday I'll try again.
  9. Spartas is projected for 2023. I'm loathe to initiate more than one SC project per year, just because the market is so small and easy to overtax. If I can get the necessary minimum orders, I'll make it.
  10. Hi Anthony. You may want to look into some thinner gauge of lexan for the canopies, as what you're using right now seems a bit too thick. The texture you see in the clear parts could have a few causes, but off the top of my head: -make sure your buck is not shiny and smooth: contrary to popular opinion, a lightly sanded surface is better when thermoforming. -ensure that both the plastic sheet and the buck are clean and free of any contaminants -avoid overheating the lexan sheet; that will cause microbubbles to form and ruin the clarity of the part -store the plastic sheet in a warm, dry place until it's ready to use. Moisture on the plastic from a humid environment (garage, etc.) can also lead to that lightly gritty look in vac-formed parts.
  11. Miriya was only for the original pre-order in 2019, and will never be re-issued. In the same way, the travel pod will only be available with this issue.
  12. I actually think a lot of the Southern Cross mecha designs are nice. Most of them are an engineering nightmare, mostly due to the under-developed line-art, but still aesthetically pleasing. Except for the Logan, which I have unceremoniously dubbed the chode fighter. For obvious reasons.
  13. If and when I can confidently secure the ten required orders. I'll leave the opportunity window open until the 25th.
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