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  1. This might be a better place for that question https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/45610-the-official-moscato-hobby-models-thread/page/7/
  2. Hey Ted, Excellent work on the kits, by the way! FWIW, there were a lot of design elements with the design that had me scratching my head, like that wider gap/partition on either side of the front of the sled. I figured it may have been an animation error (one of many) so I just made them all consistent. The yoke guards I can alter without too much trouble, that's my bad. Sled blasters: once again, I think this is just due to horrible animation (and design) inconsistency. You'll notice that the animation also shows the control column in a very reclined position, but for that, the whole sled would have to be *pauses* significantly larger than it already is, to say nothing of the size of the control column itself. If I take one of the screen caps you posted above, and compare it to one I took during the build, you can see a huge discrepancy in the size of the sled, as well as how the sled parts/details are deformed from one view to the next. As such, the rendering of some details I just chalk-up to personal preference.
  3. I think we're a go on this baby. Will start taking payments next week; will have already done most of the technical drawings by then.
  4. If it helps, I imagine the sleds to be mass-produced units with little regard for surface perfection. Think of them as large foundry castings with a rough texture, much the same as you'd see on a WWII tank.
  5. I think I can manage that, at least for the mating surfaces that connect the cargo containers to the main craft. I had experimented with trying to incorporate magnets into the castings themselves, but more often than not, it was a failure because the magnet would impede resin flow, or shift/flip around inside the part and then be useless. Offering pre-machined recesses in some parts with a vanity cover seems like a good alternative.
  6. Just working on the kit features. I'll update the first post officially before the week is out, but here's what you can expect from the kit, if I get enough backers: -included (Legioss) fighter & Tread, which can be built attached to the main ship, or displayed separately. -Cargo containers can be built/displayed separate from the main ship, and will feature optional landing pads and open hatch with inner detail, or at least the frontal section of the pod (the cargo containers seem to have divided sections for equipment & personnel.) -waterslide decals -roughly 19cm long Price: $144 CAD + shipping
  7. After causing massive trauma to all your wallets with my last few projects, I figured I'd offer something a little bit lighter, and still lots of fun. Enter the MOSPEADA Horizont drop carrier. Since I already offered a STARFISH (Garfish) in 1/350, it seemed only natural to follow along with the Horzont in the same scale. Official stats would put it at @14.37cm in length, which is a bit on the small side, even if I use the Sentinel Legioss figure proportions as a size reference, so I reckon it'll be closer to 18.5 cm when I've "Moscatofied" it. I haven't worked out all the stats & features for the kit yet, so I'll be updating that later in the week. Price will be $144 CAD + shipping. Note that the shipping charge is the same for one as for two kits. For those who pre-order, you will also have the option to get extra Legioss/Tread escort units. Those will come in packs of three. Once the pre-order window is closed, those extras will no longer be available. Here's to me hoping I can get at least 30 orders.
  8. It's been a while since I've seen one of these babies. Keep up the great work!
  9. Hi guys, I haven't been in MOSPEADA mode for a while, but I've been seriously thinking about a 1/350 Horizont to go with the previously released Garfish. Just casually passing that info along.
  10. Fantastic work, Ted! I really appreciate the effort and detail you've put into your builds! For what it's worth, I actually did fabricate a basic cockpit ball for the kit, but because of the complexity of the necessary scribing and support details, I left it out. The base kit was already a massive workload, and I needed to not add to that workload for the preservation of my own sanity. I don't rule-out adding the ball in a future re-issue, but that brings-up aother matter: it should be noted that the cockpit balls for the three regular roids are different than the ones for the Biopsycher. Not just in the recessed partitions, but also the addition of shapes and blisters attached to the ball itself.
  11. Loving the progress so far, Ted! I think it's entirely possible that the main image I was using for the construction of the pistol was flipped, or I was tired when I added the raised marking and just put it on the wrong side; alas, my bad. I'll have to go and correct the masters, just in case there's a re-issue several years down the line. Funny thing: the L&S kit had the main body of the SOL pistol as an oval, not round. I spent a lot of time trying to determine which version was correct, and of course, there was no proper side view to be had, so I went with a perfect circle. I think that was the better looking choice... Considering how odd and non-functional Bioroid weapons are.
  12. Hey everyone! Several people have asked about getting a kit of the 1/12 Helper Crabb (Mospeada Inbit Malar) which was issued only once in 2019, well now’s your chance! If I can get at least 10 orders for the kit, I’ll re-issue it. Please let me know below if you’re on-board, the price with shipping to Canada/US is $336 Canadian dollars. I’ll keep the order window open until the end of the day on Friday, July 23rd. Thanks in advance!
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