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  1. Seeing as how Wave covered the VF-4, I don't see the point in offering a resin kit of it. They dropped the ball on the clumsy surface details, but I don't think that warrants paying 50% more to solve. Frankly, I'd rather offer an F-203E ground attack, 2 seater variant with bomb payload.
  2. Great build! That kit brings back a lot of memories, and I enjoy seeing people bring my kits to life. We need 1/48 Destroids!
  3. Tick-tock. I'll leave the pre-order window open until the end of the day on September 12th. Hopefully I'll get the needed tally of 12 kits by then, and if not, I'll go to another project.
  4. I think I've given-up on Anime accuracy with anything to do with the Bioroids. It's all just biomechanical gummy bears, jellybeans and jello as far as I'm concerned. The style-guide artists bear the guilt, and the animators commit yet greater atrocities, still! Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing the build progress. Judging from the Biopsycher knee pics, you're further along on that one than the Bug Face unit.
  5. Hey, Ted. I so enjoy seeing your building progress, especially that these Lloyds are some of my best work and very challenging models to build. I would have liked to offer visor pieces molded in traslucent resin, but the workload was already very high, and the lenses are just pure black in all the shots I remember, so I determined the extra complexity was unwarranted. That being said, I'm curious to see what greeblies you plan to stuff behind the vac-formed parts. Also, in case anyone is wondering...
  6. Extremely mean and dangerous! Sometimes the best projects are the throw-away designs the original art team didn't mangle. So this is me throwing my hat into the ring with an offer for a second run, this time with decals and commensurate price bump. Please forgive the rickety build, it's barely holding together with hot glue.
  7. All the kits went out in two batches: one on Friday, the other earlier today. Once it's in the hands of UPS, there's a myriad of factors that influence transit time.
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