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  1. You'll also want to get some polyester putty. It works a bit like styrene putty but uses a catalyst, so it doesn't shrink, hardens faster, and you can repair larger defects more easily. It stinks like a mofo, but its worth it. Also, I'll echo Ted's sentiments and suggest you start with a simpler/cheaper kit and do some research on Youtube before diving head-long into a 300 dollar uber-rare kit.
  2. You don't need my permission to post pics of YOUR kit. Or post reviews, likes, dislikes, rants, etc.
  3. Not sure if I dig the right-handed clamp thing. Truthfully, I think I could have rendered a more aesthetically-pleasing modernized Dougram but I commend MaxFactory for releasing such an extensive line of kits that does justice to this otherwise neglected anime masterpiece.
  4. Just a polite bump and reminder that the order window for the 1/48 BIO LLOYD resin kit (SATAN CLAWS version) is and will remain open until June 1st. If you know of anyone that would be interested in this kit, please direct them to this post, or my account on Failbook. 7 slots are currently filled.
  5. Yes indeed. I built/painted/finished 4 of my own kits in this last year: 2 in camo, and 2 high-viz. Haven't shared them here on MW because there doesn't seem to be much interest.
  6. I think this version of "Cap" is more appropriate. The printer is usually pretty good at getting my jobs done in 1-2 days. It's been 9 and the labels still aren't ready...
  7. Hey y'all, quick update. Kits haven't shipped yet. Everything is packed, but I'm waiting on the printer to finalize the box art; my sincere apologies for the delay. In the meantime, please enjoy this pic of the assembled kit.
  8. Hey everyone! I’m officially accepting payments for the 1/48 BIO LLOYD re-issue starting today Here’s how things will work, so please read carefully. For customers in Canada/US, I will leave the payment window open until June 1st, so you have a little over a month to get your funds ready and send payment in. If by the end of the day on June 1st I don’t get the 12 minimum orders necessary to cover the re-molding costs, I will simply re-issue everyone that paid a refund. Easy-peasy! Note that you have two different kit options: one that is the BIO LLOYD mecha only, and the other
  9. Whoops, fixed that little goof-up. Lots of set-up, photography, re-shoots and improvised scripting will inevitably yield a few mistakes. All I can say is that this kit has tremendous shelf presence.
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