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  1. Thanks for showing us your technique for casting. It's really nice to see because you always do such a nice job.
  2. I use a dental vacuum forming machines that I picked up on ebay for around $80.00. It works extremely well for the little stuff, i.e. parts under 3 inches.
  3. My heart is sad, but my wallet breathed a sigh of relief. Your kits are one of a kind! I'll miss them. I hope you're moving somewhere nice!
  4. Excellent job modeling the RC-4E Rabbit. I wouldn't be able to pay until 11/15. If that's not a problem, then put me down for an unpainted 1/72 version of this kit.
  5. The ambulance would be nice, but what I would really like is a Karyovin.
  6. Incredible! Your models are simply incredible! The problem is that now I have try to aquire them all.
  7. God, your model is a gazillion times better than the boring static Bandai version. I'm so glad you decided to do this kit!
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