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  1. It'd be pretty cool if bandai released 1/60 fast pack parts to simulate episode 11. It's a pretty niche reference, but I think it could be a quirky display option. It definitely wouldn't fly as retail release tho, maybe as a Tamashii Web Exclusive?
  2. I gotta say, proportions on this guy look really fun on a second look. He's way chunkier in Battroid mode than I'd expect from a VF-19, and fighter doesn't look too compromised.
  3. Wow that's a lot of parts. You gonna try putting it back together?
  4. Damn I just finished this movie and really enjoyed it, came on here and now I feel like an a-hole for liking it lmao. Ah well I still feel it works better than anything else Delta related and it's easily the first time I've enjoyed a lot of the Walkure team. I think Hayate is a slightly more realised character here, although generally speaking he and a lot of other characters could've used more time to breathe, even with the first 30 minutes or so being setup. Idk that I'm a delta fan now but I certainly am more on board than I was before this movie.
  5. My pipe dream is that we get a Vf-25A WWM release at some point. This is a good start tho
  6. So thanks to your help I discovered the prices are hugely marked up if you set the site to USD and not Yen. With a coupon it'll come out to just over 33,000 yen. Thanks for the tips on Mandarake and Amazon, I'll have to compare shipping costs
  7. Hey guys, what's the best spot to pick this bird up? HLJ has her for $302.58 before shipping, is there anywhere else that might be a better deal?
  8. Dumb question, but by Future you mean pledge floor polish right? Cause future hasn't been in production for a while I believe
  9. Oof, the exact same breakage happened on my 30th anniversary Yf-29. Really wish the attachment point was a more secure design
  10. Honestly for that cheap I'll buy one and give it a shot just to see if it works
  11. He's got the thicker legs that fix my main issue with the Yamato YF-21, but everything else is oddly stocky? Still looks gorgeous in Fighter mode tho
  12. Potentially dumb question, but are there any easy ways to tell a re-issued Yf-19 apart from the original release on the secondary market?
  13. Is that head from a Gundam AGE Genoace Custom?
  14. Not quite the right shade of blue, but it still looks pretty good tbh
  15. How does this guy look with Vf-25G super parts on out of curiosity?
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