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  1. Ahem! Ahem good sir, I say ahem! The correct term is "Boomer", not android.
  2. Hennngh 🤔 They're just too busy, with too much going on. I vastly prefer the original's simplistic and blocky design.
  3. Just got my Super VF-1S. All the paint and decals look decent, although I haven't had time to go over the figure in detail. I'm struggling getting the nosecone snapped into the pelvis rods, though. I just don't want to gorilla my way into breakage after just one day
  4. That's better. I mean, it's got some more life to it... but why'd they have to sully my beloved Ode to Joy with this? That song is NOT meant for a hyperviolent, hypersexualized cyberpunk dystopia future. Just the opposite, in fact.
  5. Agreed. It's too busy with too many things all going on at once.
  6. Hovertank = me excited! For the price you're charging, is it just for the 3D files or will you print and ship completed kits out?
  7. Yeah, but seeing the complexity some other 3P figures get to achieve that slavish accuracy, I'd like to see some here. I want there to be a hidden face swap gimmick and not just "twist the head around and ignore the backside". Stuff like that. But I really quite doubt it.
  8. So I went ahead and preordered X-Transbot's James//Bond figure. I so badly want it to be a good MP-type Punch/Counterpunch, but at that pricepoint I'm sure I'm going to be disappointed by it merely being a "flip around, adjust the arms, try not to look at the face on the back" figure.
  9. Oh hush, you This is a very good point. It's almost like this new redesign is trying too hard. But I'm cautiously optimistic about it.
  10. Just broke down and ordered a Super VF-1S Roy Fokker. My first Robotech toy since the Toynami Cyclones.
  11. I'm still tempted by that pretty Dana Sterling armour statue. Has it been released yet or still on pre-order?
  12. Wow, that's just... wow, I mean. It's got some... colour, I guess? I guess that's going for it? Holy crap did that NOT sound or look anything like CP2077, or even anything remotely like the gameworld of the tabletop game
  13. All of the REF- *ahem* UEEF Marine Destroids had Alpha-like stylings. In-universe is because they were made by the same company and thus wanted parts commonality and consistent branding, but... yeah, the redesigns didn't turn my crank at all.
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