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  1. I was interested by the teaser photo. After the full shot was released, I am no longer interested. YUCK!
  2. I'm not hopeful. Is it by Joseph Kozinsky again? Because he's become on of my favourite directors in short order.
  3. I beg your pardon! We don't just stop at paper, going all the way as to patch, glue, weld, cover-up, and simply ignore holes like that It's what's kept us going all these years and what led me to really appreciate the Logan as a mecha design
  4. Damn you. It's been months and I'd forgotten about this question until 3am the other day. Also has there been any updates to the RPG book? It's been months and I still can't find it online.
  5. NGL, I just skipped the rest of the series from that point on. I just scanned across the timeline until the window preview looked interesting, and watched that. According to the TV Tropes summary, I didn't miss out on much.
  6. Oh. Oh *man* did I just see what I thought I saw? Third Sister Lady did a long walk just to get into her own base? From the pad she just walks in a straight line through doors and hangers and stuff? My first and most immediate thought was "Are they copying Get Smart's opening?" That alone should tell you how I feel about this show so far.
  7. I'm waaaay late to this, but I just finished Andor () and I moved on to Kenobi. Right away I can tell that the tone isn't for me. Andor won me over with the banality of Imperial Bureaucracy and the many small steps taken by many people all moving the behemoth along. In Kenobi, within the first 30 seconds we have Some Dude all in shiny black armour strutting about as people look on at him and scatter. Ugh. I mean, I know it's Star Wars and certain things should happen, but... ugh. EDIT: Also? Hand-held shaky cam can be jettisoned into the nearest garbage masher. HATE THE SHAKY CAM! EDIT 2: Hah! Tiny Leia is great, as is the stepmom. Stepmom has just the right amount of exasperation a tiny Leia would cause. And Jimmy Smitts! Yay, I've always like him as Bail!
  8. I got a late start tonight. My Christmas break is almost over. Why can't I stop this show??? I'm now 7 episodes in and I'm LOVING the universe it's set in. The Imperial beueroc- bueaocra- brewerocracy is spot-on to how I imagined it in my mind all these years. It's a Nerf-eat-Nerf world which saps resources but lets the best float to the top. I love this ISB chickie, she's cold and calculating and is making a tremendous villain, but I can't shake the feeling that she and her rival ISB dude just need to hurry up and bone and get that crap OVER WITH ALREADY! *ahem* I'm loving how every little NPC gets reasons for doing what they do in a huge galaxy, each playing a part in the larger story even if they don't know it. But I also like how the galaxy keeps turning despite their losses and hardships, just to bring into focus that not everyone can the main characters and sometimes are just specks of an NPC. Mon Mothma is stealing the damn show, and I so want to just slap her douche bag of a husband with a smelly nerfhide. He just oozes douchiness, and her daughter is a brat supreme. I wonder if the Brat could meet up with Leia and get some pointers? Aww, who'm I kidding? Teenage Leia would have them sneaking off to bedrock-level nightclubs and still be prim and proper in the morning I still don't care for Syril. I actually skip most of the scenes with him and his mother. Here's a hint, dude : No sci-fi officer should pattern himself after Arnold Judas Rimmer. Just... don't. Four episodes left. I can only hope the wrap-up for this is as satisfying as this middle section has been! ps: It's so, so incredibly refreshing to have a Star Wars story that doesn't even bat an eyelash at the Force or glowsticks or secret hidden Jedi that slaughter whole levels of troops and boss battles that shouldn't ever remain hidden. This is my jam and it's awesome!
  9. Just finished Episode 4, and I'm faaaaar more interested in Mon Mothma and her (seemingly? Kindasorta is?) douchebag of a husband. I want more politics of this era! Despise Siyrl? Syrial? The corpo cop who's DEFINITELY a douchebag.
  10. Okay, I'm very, very late to this party. I just got D+ tonight (well, last night) and I started with Andor. Rogue One is the only good thing Disney has done with the IP so this is the place to start. I'm just 3 and a bit episodes in and did the casting director look at Chernobyl and say, "Get me everyone who worked on that?" 'Cuz I recognize 3 actors so far in pi episodes. Also love the little drop of an "increase in construction materials to Scarif." Love the worldbuilding, even if the first 3 episodes were so. Frickin'. Slooooooooooooow. I don't need to sleep, right???
  11. I was talking about the giant mold box with "CHEST" and "BELT" stenciled in places. I wasn't sure if you then sliced each little mould apart from that conglomeration, or if you just casted all the parts at once. I dunno why I thought you'd physically separate the moulds from each other.
  12. Oooh, a question about Pic 62. With the mega-mould of pink gooey goodness, did you then separate each teeny mould from the bulk of just left it as-is and cast the whole lot in one big batch?
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