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  1. It's here! It's here! ... it's in a bajillion pieces!! I know what I was getting into, but it's not until it's right in front of me that the reality is setting in. This is gonna be a toughie...
  2. Too late, I already did! Southern Cross is the redheaded stepchild of the Robotech franchise. Macross and Mospeada get all the mecha love, and I'm a sucker for an underdog story. The mecha fit nicely with my head-canon version of the Robotech version of the Southern Cross story. And the more people react like you, the more I dig my heels in with my love for them
  3. ... yeah, Imma stick with the "criminally insane" version tyvm
  4. Just watched the trailer. It looks like they figured out everything good from the first movie and doubled down on it. I am absolutely down for more Symbiote fun! The only thing I really wished the first movie did better was explaining why Venom was different from the rest of his kind. IIRC the Venom symbiote is considered criminally insane by the rest of its species for its wishes to bond with a host, instead of using them up and discarding them when done.
  5. Not as much as I'd like, nor the Logan. I love all the Southern Cross mecha, even more than the Macross or Mospeada designs.
  6. One thing I liked was the in-depth transformation sketches of the mecha. The animation quality of the show itself is suspect at best, so I'm pleasantly surprised that the transformation sequences were that thought out.
  7. Hey, you! Yah, YOU! C'mere!! It's been a week of this scene playing through my head, before finally going through my new Southern Cross art book to find the episode name, and then find that actual episode on YouTube. Here, now you can enjoy it along with me!
  8. *happy sigh noises* Hate it all you want, and I know y'all do, but I LOVE the Robotech version of this scene. That triumphant, bombastic brass soundtrack is just the perfect tone for it.
  9. B-But, I have no monies for this That being said, if you ever do the Hovertank, I'll have to buy a second Bioroid just to recreate that scene from the anime where Zor flees the exploding ship with his Hovertank on the sled
  10. I have it on order. I wasn't terribly impressed with the Macross version, but I'm a sucker for Robotech stuff. It'll arrive in a few weeks, I'm told.
  11. I want to back a second run, but I can't I can only hope that when things are better, you'll have one or two squirreled away When you say that the tooling will be funded by viewers like you, - err, the customers, will you have to resculpt the masters all over again? Or just make up new moulds from the existing masters? And for that matter, is there a limit to how many moulds you can make from a set of masters? eg: if you wanted to, could you start cranking out your 1:48 Legioss from the already-completed masters?
  12. This looks so stupid. That movie clip is just... ugh. I can't wait!
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