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  1. Yeah, the idea is to see all these generations of fighters working together. Showing enemies would be a bit excessive, I think. And your second idea is fabulous as well! NGL, one of my favourite PB scenario books was Return of the Masters. It just made so much sense and it was a fun thought to examine just what the Masters could do if power supply wasn't a concern.
  2. Ah, a solid choice! Mine would be a depiction of mecha from all 3 eras fighting together. A beaten-up VF-1 patched together, a Hovertank missing bits from an arm guard, and a Cyclone zipping around between them.
  3. That's what I really wanted out of it. Picard flexing his leadership skills and bringing a bunch of disparate people together and making them into a crew. With perhaps one, maaaaybe two Shakespearean speeches to motivate them. Instead I got a half-assed rip-off of Mass Effect. Yuck.
  4. I'm still incredibly salty over that. I would've bought every single mini they produced, but PB just had to frakk it all up. I've refused to buy any other PB product since. Scummy douchbags, the lot of them!
  5. Yeah, what Seto said. To add my own $0.02CAD, Palladium's games had much more background and worldbuilding material, even if they had to invent some of it. One of the things I really appreciate about the 2nd Ed game is the breakdown it gave to the various Zentradi castes: Run-of-the-mill Warrior caste? Very little development, 'alpha-male' mentality, and only expected to live a few weeks to months in combat conditions. The Warlord caste, like Khyron and Azonia? A bit more developed, a bit better thinkers, but easily swayed by powerful emotions like teenagers and adolescents. High Command, like Breetai? Exceedingly well-developed, trained, educated, and expected to lead their fleets for decades or more. One of the passages that really stuck with me was in the Reconstruction-Era, where the Zentradi are having difficulty assimilating. "In the end, the Zentradi on Earth have a difficult road ahead of them. The strongest will persevere and find some measure of peace and co-existence on this strange planet of humans. The weak, the bitter, and the violent will return to their warrior ways and become rebels, hunted by humans and assimilated Zentradi alike. Ultimately, these rebels will meet the same end as generations of their race, to die and be forgotten on the vast fields of war." There's similar worldbuilding for the Masters book, going into the various nation-states of the fractured Earth and how they all have to work together to supply the ASC. Some with men, some with material, and some with money. It's entirely possible to have a squad with members from otherwise competing nation-states. I didn't see anything like that in SMGs version, instead it seemed more of a "here's how to play, make your own story" kind of deal.
  6. 😁 I just hope it's a fun game that adds more to the setting. The Macross Era had some future characters writing essays about the events, one from Nova Satori. I always enjoyed that part of the Jack McKinney novels, too.
  7. I'm willing to pay more for a GOOD Punch/Counterpunch toy. The $100 Price tag for James/Bond doesn't exactly instill a great amount of hope for me.
  8. I'm not like that, though. I want good engineering solutions to the transformers question. Like the Dinobots, for example. Ever since MP-08 introduced the 'tail folds into the boots' gimmick, most if not all 3P and Masterpiece dinos went that route. It was great the first time, but I want something new and original. Same thing with the upcoming James/Bond from X-Transbots. Punch is my absolute favourite transformer and I want to better engineering than just "flip visor, twist shoulder pads, bend knees the other way".
  9. After seeing those new 3P combiners with no extra parts, the hands and feet and whatnot are contained within the limbs, I refuse to even consider anything else. Most Menasor's are the worst, with the limbs basically being shin and arm pads.
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