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  1. @davidwhangchoiSad to say things will keep getting more expensive with Arcadia, minus the old VF-1 molds the new ones must be costing a fortune for them, that and having to compete with Bandai. Honestly, I'd just like to see some Cannon Fodder 1A's & Fast Packs reissued for the time being. @PhangryArcadia can do the VF-11B/C again yet only if it's an all new mold/redesign with improved poseability and heaven forbid some fixed pose hands and a shield that doesn't easily pop off.
  2. I was pretty bummed to learn that Nicki Clyne aka Cally Tyrol was involved in this mess.
  3. See you next week! Thank you for everything Shawn!
  4. As I am in full custom painting mode lately, what would a used/loose Yamato 1/60 VF-0A run these days? You know, a toy known for legs & shoulders that are the pinnacle of QC assurance. Yes, missiles, pilot & gunpod would be good to have as well.
  5. Not sure if it would be considered rare but it's one of my favorites and I wish had more than one.
  6. Not sure what it is about GUNBUSTER, 30+ years later and this OVA is still a gut punch to your emotions... Love it!
  7. The VF-0B is one of the coolest Box Art illustrations out there... Dear Arcadia!!
  8. @borgified Thanks for the pic of the adapter part, it looks like that one and 2 others are missing from my stand box, so I'll have to find a replacement. That Urban GBP armor looks awesome, down the road I'll have to pick a up set. I have the original GBP armor so Urban that would be a great addition. @Slave IV I was blown away by the Stealth 1J when it arrived, this Low Vis 01... now I want more!! Time to save up more $$$. And as for @ChaoticYeti, wonder if he is going to reopen his shop? I wouldn't mind getting a few stands from him.
  9. These two arrived this morning, I've been wanting a Low Vis. 01 for a really long time & I'm happy to finally own one, for a Yamato 1/48 this one feels incredibly snug and solid, nothing floppy about it at all. As for the display stand, does anyone have an "Actual Photo" of what adaptor piece you would use so a 1/48 can be mounted properly?
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