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  1. The "Ultimate Legioss" comes to life! @Ignacio Ocamica Keep the updates coming on this project. 👍
  2. A Hasegawa VF-2SS... I'd get a whole squadron!
  3. Great builds and customs everyone! The power armor looks great @derex3592, paint job looks really good! @arbit Some Macross II Ishtar love, I like it! Ordered some Tamiya Clear coat and can finally finish up this custom ( I kind of went the Bandai DX route and went nuts on the decals that I had handy!). Yes, my 3 local hobby shops do NOT carry any Tamiya products, good thing for delivery.
  4. One step closer on the VF-1 Cavaliers. Decals and clearcoat are next!
  5. Done! When they asked how do you get your info about upcoming releases/events I gave MW an honorable mention.
  6. I'm on episode 2 right now and enjoying it. The creators of this show were definitely fans of Battle Royale... and I'm ok with that.
  7. Amazing! Nice to see Macross II getting some much needed love.
  8. Is that a model kit or the old Yamato toy?
  9. I'm waiting see what the weather will be like out here this year, the past three years we either had snow or 40 degree nights on the 31st. Fingers crossed for pleasant weather this Halloween.
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