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  1. Nice!! 👍 Good to see another A-ko fan, I keep an eye on the FB Project A-ko page and saw this was available, went straight to Rightstuf Anime and placed an order. It's my first purchase from them and it was smooth & simple.
  2. Got this little gem in today, I watched the first 10 minutes (I'll finish it up tonight) of this Blu-ray and holy $h-t the picture quality is amazing, the sound effects, music, etc. are all the original & not messed with which I love. One of my favorite Anime movies just got that much better!
  3. If only someone could make a 1/72 Meltrandi flight suit, helmet and all.
  4. Thanks Noel, much appreciated! I wasn't sure if near 1/12 or perhaps even 1/15. I got a few of these to help out with my Comic project, these come in very handy for those funky poses, especially when your brain & hands can't coordinate. LOL
  5. Hi all, I honestly didn't know where to post this item & my question, so here goes... While I'm 99% sure these figures are Non-scale, what are they closest to as I see nothing on the box that indicates a scale size. Thank you Mods, do your thing if I'm in the wrong place.
  6. "WTB" Want To Buy section OR now simply WANTED, if there's anything you want to buy from a member that's the place to go.
  7. My first reaction was today is a good day, second was I wonder if Seth MacFarlane saw this and though "Are you kidding me, Bob gets a movie before Peter?" and that's me using PG language. I don't watch Archer all the time but when I do I have to remind myself it's not Bob's Burgers that's on, that voice is so iconic.
  8. While I still enjoy the first 8 or 9 seasons of The Simpsons & Family Guy, Bob's Burgers is my favorite! I might actually go see this on the big screen.
  9. While doing a random Google search I saw this one and I thought I'd share it here.
  10. 2022 is off to a rotten start. I remember all the years as a kid watching Full House with my family, I kind of miss those days sometimes. Hate to see you go so soon Danny Tanner, RIP Bob.
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