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  1. Ever since Pluto Nash Eddie seems to be a lot more selective with his roles, fingers crossed this one is funny.
  2. From this scene in Flashback 2012 the Megaroad-01 dwarfs the SDF-1, for an accurate 1/4000 build it would have to be pretty damn big... correct?
  3. While you're at it Bandai, you can do this one too.
  4. If you're a BoJack Horseman fan, you know this scene.
  5. Hmmm, the Zeta in this HG picture has a slightly different paint job, more white on the wings vs. the Evo Toys release.
  6. Wednesday is awesome, really enjoying it so far. Jenna Ortega was the right choice, I'll always be a Christina Ricci fan but Jenna is right up there. @Chunky001As long as "the message" doesn't go The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina levels, I'm good.
  7. I got mine from AmiAmi, for two Tomahawks and shipping total was $228.00 shipped DHL. So roughly $47.00 for two, should be cheaper for just one.
  8. Nice! More custom Valks to look forward too, Max's 29 ought to be an impressive sight. You can tell from those slots on the legs/intakes there's a good chance for the Reactive Armor (Ghost & weapons should follow as well).
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