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  1. At the rate movies go these days, especially sequels I have minimal confidence in this one. Seeing Gil Kenan as a writer, I'm going in with very low expectations that this Stranger Things meets Ghostbusters doesn't have dreadful one-liners or moments of "Don't ask how that's possible, just turn off your brain". That said, I truly hope to be pleasantly surprised. I'd prefer that from being disappointed.
  2. Max's VF-1S. While Roy's (eventually Hikaru's) VF-1S is the most iconic of the franchise I am including Max's 1S here simply because it was so unexpected the first time you see the movie & seeing Max in combat for even that short time stayed with me ever since. Funny how roughly under three minutes of an Anime stick with you forever.
  3. It's a missed opportunity for Bandai if it doesn't.
  4. There's one in the for sale section right now, not sure if you saw it yet. Good hunting!
  5. And it begins! First coat of Tamiya dark blue applied, I'll be using super fine sand paper in a few days to buff it out before a second coat. So far the Mr. SURFACER primer is worth every penny and the Tamiya as usual goes on really smooth. @peter I thought about using Tamiya putty to seal up some of those gaps and thought, nah I still want it to have that look and feel of the toy that it is. @MechTech Hope the weather works out for you so you can get in some painting! All of May it rained out here and most of last week too, nice to dry out for a bit. @derex3592 Looking good on the TITANIC, good choice on the red.
  6. I pre ordered 3 kits from HLJ last night. If they make the right & obvious choice to include a figure, I'll PO a few more.
  7. Well it's not Macross related, yet when it's time to preview ( a few months from now) I'll put a post up here so you all can see it.
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