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  1. Si you guys think, it will be available again on July????
  2. My last purchased, 1:48 woodland customized with Israeli markings!!!!
  3. Thanks to everyone s info, I hope o could get the vf1-d is really one of the most important valk to me!!!!
  4. Omg Draykov, i did nt know different releases have different difficulties because i just have the vf1-D experience, but if hlj release it i whould choose it better!!!
  5. The new member on my collection: yamato 1:48 woodland with israelí markings!!!!!
  6. Many thanks Airbone, it took me 3 days to put the decals!!!!
  7. Hi Guys!!!, do you know if the de vf1-d dx will be at preorder on NY or HLJ this december? I m a Yamato 1:48 plane mide fan but i cant pass this one!!!
  8. New Member Of my 1:48 family, 1:48 woodland israelí custom!!!!
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