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  1. Guys, where i can find the movie at the web, did you see it already with subs?
  2. Hope so, brother, i will take all for sure, so we can complete the entire Line !!!!
  3. Is there any possibility that Arcadia could release a Destroid Cheyenne 1:60 in the near future?, i will love it, Arcadia make it possible!!!!
  4. Almost, but i have a few 1:60 s on display also!!!
  5. Thank you brother, i like the both worlds, Macross and real life Jets !!!
  6. No brother in think is the light, still original gold !!!
  7. Collection updated with the 1:48 vf-1D bandai DX!!!!!
  8. I had my vf-1D 1:48 Bandai already, but i just opened and put it into the collection, it match perfectly with the yamato ones!!!!
  9. Si you guys think, it will be available again on July????
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