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  1. this is the usual practice for BBTS on P-Bandai (TWE) items. For those items BBTS normally add about $100 on top. Example.. if the item is 35500 yen, they will use the old conversions and say $350 and then add $100 in most cases.
  2. Me too, glad everyone is still active , I was able to hold my temptations due to distractions and everything else in 2023 but when I noticed I missed the DX YF-21 Japan preorder that was it. I have to get some of that. Luckily it was pretty easy to get the USA release. And then I saw the DX VT-1 so might as well since it’s TWE and I don’t need to stay up for it .
  3. Woohoo , my proxy was able to place my preorder in for the DX VT-1 super ostrich. I totally missed the Japan preorder for the DX YF-21 . I’m so glad that there’s WWM releases now so I was able to easily preorder the USA release.
  4. With this being a hijack /destroy operations , I’m pretty sure the Zeon SpOP team staged the parked truck with the mines there so they can use it . It’s like staging ammo or weapons along a route since the mobile suit could only carry so much at a time .
  5. The Kampfer is one of the few special force units. Its a hit and run tactical mobile Suit. For what it suppose to do, it excel at it. It was on screen for only a short time, but it did more than its share of a** kicking. Its also one of the few Zeon MS that is in a darker blue color, which is similar to what SDU and Swat teams use to wear.
  6. kinda tempted on this Hikaru super VF-1s .. ... but looks like they are not tossing in any wing missiles at all. .
  7. Thank you very much for always using our shop Amiami. We would like to inform you that the following products will be held by lottery reservation at Amiami Online Shop (Mail Order Main Store amiami.jp). Target products: DX Chogokin YF-19 Excalibur (Isamu Dyson machine) "Macross Plus" Application period: Monday, July 3, 2023, 16:00 - Wednesday, July 5, 2023, 13:59 Application page URL: https://form.amiami.jp/draw20230703 ※Please be careful of fake sites. Please apply after confirming that it is the above URL. ※At the mail order head office amiami.jp, we will give priority to those who have a purchase history that has received products in the past year. https://www.amiami.jp/sp/
  8. nice family group shot. . surprises there still no modern VF-19A yet
  9. lol. I didn't even think about it , was so focus on not screwing up the transformation or dropping any small parts that will bounces off the table to the floor and off to a magical place that you can never find it back until your next move. .. , ..
  10. Its been a long while , I got my screw driver and clear out my coffee table with watch the youtube transformation video on the tv before I begin. Everything seems to fit pretty tightly. when testing the shoulders , it does not look too tight, , then I move the elbow very slowing and its moves just fine. , .. both arms seems to be good. Did not need to use the screw driver to loose anything. transformation took a slow 15 minutes. The only part that seems harder this time was getting it back to fighter mode were the shoulder covers attach to the back to the leg. That part seems pretty tight fit. I got it from HLJ , never had much issue with Macross stuff from HLJ.
  11. cool, thanks for the confirmation. ..
  12. if you are talking about what the manual is showing .. Then its the Fold booster attachment parts. its for people that already have the previous "YAMATO 1/60 Fold Booster and fastpack set" made for the first gen Yamato 1/60 YF-19. you can use these new attachment parts and attach the green ****** fold booster to the Arcadia YF-19 https://anymoon.com/blog/?p=1673 https://anymoon.com/blog/?p=8083
  13. My copy arrived from HLJ, it was double boxed, PF YF-19 in the original 1pc Arcadia brown shipper box with C/no 1115 on the bottom. and then in a HLJ shipper box.. as for the tight elbows , I will probably need to I loosened the screws just in case. But its been a long time since I transformed my regular Arcadia Yf-19 ,so is removing the whole arm the easiest way to get access to loosing the elbow joint screws? any extra cautions area that I need to look into or be extra careful when doing this?
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