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  1. Bandai is pretty good at packaging , The DX VF-1J + GBP combo could very well be the same same size as the First edition VF-J / VF-1s roy that comes with the free flight display stand. The GBP will just need to squeeze into the space about the size of the Flight display stand box.
  2. If your order is the 2nd batch then the release date was 04-23-21. So it only released recently and then there’s the holiday so it will be shipped out soon .
  3. They made some funnel effect parts for their 1./100 master grades. Maybe it will fit on the 1/48 GBP too.
  4. With it being limited to 1 per customer, if your proxy was able to get 2, that would also mean double the domestic shipping cost later because they will need place a separate order for the 2nd one.
  5. It was posted on the sold out link on p-Bandai around 04-27-21 with the new link for the 2nd batch that will start preorder on 04-30-21 . I think it was posted in the other thread originally and it was also posted here too on the 28th But with the preorder of the Armored combo being on 04-28-21 , with preorder madness and all ,the info got mixed and bury very quickly This 2nd batch is limited to 1 per customer, with a release months of October, so most proxy filled up all their allotments even quicker .
  6. Im cool with some red super parts so I can put them on a VF-1S. But yeah, TWE for superparts , even if its just for 1 specific valk seems to be the norm for Bandai.
  7. your options: contact the dealer,, try to fix it yourself (can also damage it more) Sell it as-is and then buy another one,
  8. you can check your account/ order to see if they send you a shipping increase shipping invoice,. . Since EMS is still blocked. it would be either FEDEX or DHL
  9. You can look at your order confirmation email . In the middle will show shipping carrier . It will list what shipping method you choose.
  10. wow, why did they even do that , especially since it's a proxy request . . Good to know for future reference. (Do not use CDjapan for proxy unless you do not care for the brown shipper box) (Do not use CDJapan unless you are ok with their Arm and Leg "DHL and FEDEX" shipping.)
  11. yeah, I think I will do that too. thx for the reminder
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