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  1. yeah that price is a bit too high for Hi-Metal R. My Variable Action Hi-Spec Orguss ver from HLJ cost less than that.
  2. i'm still waiting for their PF YF-19
  3. OMG, looks at that blue. The small replaceable wings will be nice for this D
  4. There's no pretax price for P-Bandai TWE items. All of them are direct from p-bandai so everyone pays tax. Any store that is selling them besides p-Bandai will need to pay tax since they are also preordering them from P-Bandai. There is also a local domestics shipping charge when ordering from P-Bandai.
  5. Up on Otakumode DX Chogokin Macross Frontier VF-25F Super Messiah Valkyrie (Alto Saotome Custom): Revival Ver new account premium member welcome discount price is $235.50. Old account with renewal premium member is $250 https://otakumode.com/shop/633fa08288566b001bb6bfce/DX-Chogokin-Macross-Frontier-VF-25F-Super-Messiah-Valkyrie-Alto-Saotome-Custom-Revival-Ver Yes , payment upfront .
  6. hmm, the one on the logo looks more like a VF-31 than the YF-29. so not really sure when they are going to do the WWM YF-19 maybe when they figure out the DX Chogokin yf-21?
  7. what!? Bandai flips the marking by mistake and claims its on purpose!? no they would never do that.. since WWW is world wide web,, I guess WWM for world wide Macross sounds about right. For Bandai's staff explanation of their logo. Japanese text is written from top to bottom, with multiple columns of text progressing from right to left.. So if you cut up the logo and go from right side first and top to bottom. you will see WorldWide, then Macross, then Take, then Off. ok, ok, "Macross" is split between column 2 and 3 , but since 4 of the letters is in the 2nd column we will round that off to the 2nd column instead of 3rd column. same goes for the "Take" and "Off"
  8. maybe its because they see that most Macross fans are getting much older so they started using Months instead of Years to make it sound younger? example: like a Female lady that is over 30 but she don't want to say it. So she says 28 years old and then in a softer voice "and 27 months".
  9. yes, they do.. and they charge TAX too. I think they are suppose to open the 2nd batch Preorder at P-Bandai Japan on the 15th. so you can try again tonight.
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