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  1. I love how Yamato’s yellow and/or have broken shoulder joints.
  2. In-stock at Bombusbee: https://www.bombusbee.net/-p2641.html I highly recommend this seller. Shipping is only a little tiny bit high. I expected it to be a lot more from what I read in this forum. They have 24 units in stock. heh that's the same one I'm missing.
  3. My package from bij shipped out yesterday by sea. I don’t have a vf-1j though.
  4. This stuff removed some of the paint from my VF-1A 1/60 v1 wing. So I'm going to end up painting the whole valk with tamiya model paint one day. I have a spare brand new in factory sealed box vf-1a 1/60 v1 anyway
  5. I'm not so sure that is always true. I remember they flooded the market with 1/55 so much that they cut back by the time max and mirya were out which caused a shortage of those, hence the $300+ price tag of them new later on. Also chogokin roy focker is really easy to get and costs less than most of the other chogokin. I thought they would be pretty balanced in price but I'm just guessing here but I think they flooded out the market with that one particular valkyrie.
  6. I received mine a day early from Luna Park via DHL. I haven't opened the inner box yet but I will.
  7. My order from BIJ shipped and I also received a surface parcel from them the other day.
  8. Unfortunately this time around I didn't order extras, if I did I would definitely be more than willing to help out.
  9. I got one set of super parts for tv edition vf-1 today from AE. DHL cost the same as sea from BIJ
  10. It's alright. Looks like I gotta wait til September. Also I gotta get a ton of dental work done, so til then looks like I'm not saving any money :\
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