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  1. rocketblast

    Hi-Metal R

    I cancelled on amazon and bought the Hi-Metal R VF-0S on ebay. Anyway, short review. This thing is small. I expected it to be a little bigger than a regular valkyrie but it is about the same size. Anyway, amazon stuff ships in March I think. It has been out in Japan for some time now. I think I paid less this way.
  2. rocketblast

    Hi-Metal R

    I just bought the VF-0S pre-order on amazon from Tamishii Nations store for $135 shipped including tax and free shipping after $10 discover card discount. Pretty good. glad to see this stuff finally hitting US stores. oh wait lol that's because it auto applied my $30 cash back, too.
  3. Dumb question but why does it seem like ever since Harmony Gold and Bigwest made an agreement and Bandai had that questionnaire about Macross related toys, is that they seem to have stopped doing original Macross in Chogokin? 😕 Anyone know when we might be looking at another announcement?
  4. Hey guys I got my Tamiya Cement for ABS plastic in the mail today. I had to order it from Taiwan to get a decent price. Nothing new to me with Tamiya products there's just literally no hobby stores around any more. Anyways I think this stuff will work. I glued it already. It's just a real small piece and I read reviews so supposedly I think this Tamiya cement will bond the plastic back together and the only way it will break is by force and I read that usually it will break somewhere else because it bonds so well. Let's hope after it dries and I put it in robot mode that everything is all good.
  5. True however I'm not certain why. I would think it would command 500+ now
  6. I have a spare armor set I could sell you.
  7. They are reasonable on ebay.
  8. I got partial refund and bought the ABS glue and put the rest of the moneys back on my CC. Thanks. Hopefully Tamiya ABS glue works as good as I think it might. I will use the rest of the glue on a couple of polystyrene kits I have, as I read that their ABS glue can be used on ABS and polystyrene which is pretty good. I lost my Tamiya thin cement, no idea where that stuff is.
  9. Unfortunately I got it on ebay and the seller isn't responding yet so I probably won't be able to go that route. I'll try the ABS plastic glue that Angesdad mentioned. Thanks for all your replies guys, much appreciated
  10. Hey guys I just imported a chogokin valk from Japan which, you know that center piece that clips into the canope and holds the legs onto the valk in robot mode? The grey piece of plastic that is hinged off of the metal piece. Anyway, that plastic came broken from the factory. What would you guys do? Bug the seller about it or just glue it and leave it be? And also would I want to use Tamiya thin model glue to get a good bond? Thanks for your advice.
  11. I just got my two Chogokin armored valkyrie armor sets in the mail by surface mail from BIJ today. It required signature confirmation.
  12. rocketblast

    Hi-Metal R

    meh. I liked the whole thing. it wasn't entirely like the battle scenes were icing on the cake since there was a lot of CG instead of pure anime.
  13. rocketblast

    Hi-Metal R

    Macross Zero? It was pretty good. I wish I could get into Macross Frontier tho', too. What ever happened to Bandai re-releasing the VF-1S Roy strike valkyrie? I never managed to pick one of those up.
  14. rocketblast

    Hi-Metal R

    I might get one but what the heck happened to the Chogokin line? I thought they would be burning another hole in our wallet with that stuff again quickly.
  15. I have too many Roys. One is more than enough, to me, anyway. I would lose money if I sold mine unfortunately so they just sit in my closet.
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