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  1. In-stock at Bombusbee: https://www.bombusbee.net/-p2641.html I highly recommend this seller. Shipping is only a little tiny bit high. I expected it to be a lot more from what I read in this forum. They have 24 units in stock. heh that's the same one I'm missing.
  2. My package from bij shipped out yesterday by sea. I don’t have a vf-1j though.
  3. This stuff removed some of the paint from my VF-1A 1/60 v1 wing. So I'm going to end up painting the whole valk with tamiya model paint one day. I have a spare brand new in factory sealed box vf-1a 1/60 v1 anyway
  4. I'm not so sure that is always true. I remember they flooded the market with 1/55 so much that they cut back by the time max and mirya were out which caused a shortage of those, hence the $300+ price tag of them new later on. Also chogokin roy focker is really easy to get and costs less than most of the other chogokin. I thought they would be pretty balanced in price but I'm just guessing here but I think they flooded out the market with that one particular valkyrie.
  5. I received mine a day early from Luna Park via DHL. I haven't opened the inner box yet but I will.
  6. My order from BIJ shipped and I also received a surface parcel from them the other day.
  7. Unfortunately this time around I didn't order extras, if I did I would definitely be more than willing to help out.
  8. I got one set of super parts for tv edition vf-1 today from AE. DHL cost the same as sea from BIJ
  9. It's alright. Looks like I gotta wait til September. Also I gotta get a ton of dental work done, so til then looks like I'm not saving any money :\
  10. Guys, NY orders shows my order is in dispute i would just like to say that I sent NY a non-hateful message and wish them good luck in the future. Hopefully they can straighten some things out for you guys.
  11. Thanks guys for having me do my research on NY. You guys saved me at least hassle if not some money.
  12. I just activated purchase protection with paypal. man it's too bad, all these bad reviews. I didn't realize there's literally hundreds of bad reviews for NY.
  13. yeah I just read on a bunch of sites that they don't ship anything.. so I guess I'll have to contact paypal then.. this valk preorder is impossible.
  14. well I'm done, I mean between NY and NIN... both of them have a bad rep on this board :\ haven't had issues with either one but I know some of you guys have tho'
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