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  1. N-Y shipped out a couple of my orders that I preordered this year. It seems mainly the black hole that is the TWE Strike parts batch 1, and batch 2 and add in with Pandemic , shipping logistic , and management stealing?, and then PayPal froze their main account. I would say, any recent preorders should be ok, but just keep track of the 180 days paypal window. When you say you paid $370 total,, please double check what shipping service you selected and that it is ACTIVE for your country,, if that shipping service is suspended then you need to reach out to them to change it. Currently the pricing from Okiniland is still consider a good price, if you want to save you can use surface mail.. but it might take like over 3 months due to the backlog at the ports. As for MP Transformers, many of the 30% discount is gone due to most of the sites adding in either Japan sales tax or local sales tax and of course the increase in shipping cost. Dont let the $288 MSRP number distract you . no one can get it for that number unless they can preorder it locally in Japan.. You always have to consider international shipping if you live else where.
  2. There is supposedly a 2nd batch that is not yet out. so maybe that batch will have better quality control and maybe fix the loose waist issue
  3. Thanks for the warning. I was tempted since it’s a different interpretation of the strike , but they don’t seem to have any favorable reviews. I’m good with my 1/72 Mecha Worrior 😂 .
  4. my package that was shipped out by Surface mail at the end of July finally landed in USA. . I'm in California , the shipped land in JERSEY CITY NJ... better than waiting at the port.
  5. Maybe you can sell of the TV hands?.. I think @rsvictor1976 broke one of his VF-1D TV hands and is looking into where to get another one.., it was from the the original 1/48 thread.
  6. Nin-nin games were never fast shippers,, it normally takes at least 2 weeks to ship out my orders before.. .. So if they are moving to another warehouse, I can only see extended delays.
  7. They can put a disclaimer " no valkyrie were harmed in making of this video" But, this can happen to anyone, im sure we all wear our clothes backward without noticing once in a while
  8. yeah. those P-Bandai items on the USA site have been selling out very quickly recently. Probably due to small allotment and more people using the USA site now If it would make you feel any better, that LOHENGRIN Launcher is probably a suckie weapon anyways. , since even an regular Strike Gundam can block a Arch Angel size LOHENGRIN attack. And the pilot even survives. .. ok ok. its sounds impossible but it happened..
  9. yeah, that preorder fiasco is pretty much going to be a warning for all to be extra cautious whenever you do a preorder
  10. from my previous purchases with nin nin games , it normally takes almost 2 weeks to ship my orders out.. They are not fast on shipping things out.
  11. Im sure your parent will say they did a excellent job, it's this Obsession that motivates you to find a good Job so that you can buy the toys that you really want now.
  12. yup, I did the same,. I only put in Tamashii.jp and Macrossworld Forum
  13. wow , that sucks.. But if you ended up operating on it, you probably just need to cut the part that is sticking out,,.. The part is sandwiched together with the other pieces so it should still hold together without it.
  14. I received an payment reminder for the soon to be release Bandai DX - Movie version VF-31J Siegfried (Hayate Immelman machine) [Fold projection unit equipment] release on October 23, 2021
  15. It would be nice if they just include the 2 different heads for the Cannon fodder,,.. but they might just do a standard release for TV and a TWE for DYRL or vice versa
  16. This will be similar to those headlights on cars getting yellowed . you can try to make a paste with baking soda and water and then rub it all over it to removed the yellow top layer.. can also try these: baking soda tooth pasta. blue magic aluminum polish compound (or other polishing compound) pretty much you are just removing the top yellow layer from the clear plastic maybe try it on the small piece first .
  17. probably should take a photo, it would be easier to see what part and how yellow you are talking about.
  18. Depends on which batch you preordered. The 1st batch sold out very quickly, that one released in mid September.. And the 2nd batch will be out sometime in October
  19. Eknight charges tax for California, but not sure if they will charge for other states. You can put you state and zip and it will show if tax will be charged or not . I try testing with a zip in New York 10001 and it shows no tax .
  20. https://www.entertainmentearth.com/product/mobile-suit-gundam-seed-justice-gundam-metal-build-action-figure/blfbas61866?id=TO-901297023 $289.99 Free USA Shipping For those that need a mint box "Mint Condition Guaranteed ™ Experience our groundbreaking package inspection process. Perfect items, best packaging, no extra charge!"
  21. be sure to mark all your moving boxes. It very hard to find something later if you don't
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