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  1. Ok , I’m out , it’s better for me to decide early to remove any more temptations. hopefully it will make it easier for @68whiskey to plan his 2 orders.
  2. hmmm,. that sounds very tempting, but most likely not right now, since Im still thinking if I will keep the MB Hi-Nu or Cancel it. Been too Busy lately and have slow way down on my collecting habits.
  3. The original artwork that they based on is clearly battle damage,,.. But I still can't figure out why they though this battle damage should be purple dots . its like a game of paint balls, but with gundams. I feel the same, that is a bad move from them. They really made this Shield ugly,, lack of tempo markings. and white logo on white background. I want the new Shield not but not enough to pay an option part that I don't need for it.
  4. show up here on just before the preorder starts will be your best bet.
  5. BBST will honor their $4 shipping. But the USA MSRP will not be $1400 . Base on the recent USA pricing. It will be around $179-$189 USD,, now add TAX to that, .. it will probably be cheaper getting it from japan.
  6. Because the gunpod is a larger item. its probably best to use EMS if you want it fast since its still by Weight and not DIM Weight. or if you are ok on waiting a couple of months then Surface mail (BOAT) I did a quick Quote at Japanpost with size and estimate weight of 4000g, and it will be around 11000 yen for EMS and Around 5000 yen for Surface (BOAT)
  7. VF-0S is the 2nd WWM item VF-0S is the 3rd WWM item besides the VF-25 WWM edition , it have USA distribution. and preorder already started in the USA at the end of May. You can see the posting of the store that open up USA preorders on starting page 51 Seeing these at Brick and mortar stores or shops will depend each individual shop. Do your local Target sell Bandai Figures that are over $150 or $200 each? If they do then you might see it, if not then you wont see it.
  8. did you try comparing the difference in price even if you loss the down payment? It might still be cheaper getting it from HLJ and lose the BBTS down payment HLJ with shipping to USA by fedex is at 31,780 yen , is around 234 USD At BBTS you will still need to pay the tax and the $4 shipping
  9. for the HLJ Site you can still see the price in whatever currency you want , but it likes to default to where they think you are at... this option use to be in the upper middle right on the old site. But with the new site its now on the bottom just under all those Facebook , Instagram twitter, links
  10. Biginjapan is pretty reliable on selling only what they can get and they normally ship them out pretty fast once they received them. They had no issue or delay with the infamous Vf-31a. But their pricing is normally higher. They also offer a forwarding service and an proxy service for times when other proxy used all their allocation.
  11. Thanks, too much info for my brain to fitter on a hot day. ok , now I see its not an event exclusive. * There is no sale or delivery at the Soul Store.
  12. So would that mean these are like EVENT Exclusives? .. you will need to go to the store to pick these up? (proxy will charge arm and leg) And when they do open for TWE later, it will be by lottery...
  13. yeah. the discount is less if you already have a account so you wont be able to take advantage of the free TOM premium trial off or the $7 welcome coupon . .. in order to get most discount it will need to be a new account in which it also have a $7 off welcome coupon too.. I think there was no tax too.. and Shipments over $150 get shipping fee discounts (up to 100% off).. so you add something , it will save you on the shipping charge. But I already preorder from HLJ so I'm good. but this looks like a good backup for those that want a 2nd one and have never used this site before. Payment is upfront and they have never asked me for more money later .
  14. they should be good, they are pretty active. I use to preorder a bunch of stuff from them and they always delivered. might have ordered abit too much stuff back then.. 😅 They also toss in some candy and snacks for me most of the time. They use their own Otakumode logo on the shipping box along with a plastic anime sleeve for the invoice and the packaging is good. they also have the other Macross items too https://otakumode.com/shop/619eedf10faffd795c0d6624/DX-Chogokin-Macross-Frontier-VF-25-Messiah-Valkyrie-Worldwide-Anniv https://otakumode.com/shop/627398caf525c400225fee11/DX-Chogokin-Macross-Delta-the-Movie-Absolute-Live!!!!!!-YF-29-Durandal-Valkyrie-Maximilian-Jenius-Use-Full-Set-Pack
  15. https://otakumode.com/shop/62943189613216001d91c77e/Hi-Metal-R-Macross-Zero-VF-0S-Phoenix-Roy-Focker-Use?utm_source=tom&utm_medium=ec&utm_campaign=EC_20220531_FigureNews_US_CA&utm_content=IMG_10# you can joint their free 30 day trial Tom premium subscription to get some extra discount off the price. You can cancel the subscription anytime. Also payment is upfront .
  16. yeah. they really should toss in a Kallen pilot. . the bigger the scale the more a pilot is needed. They have pilots for their FMP metal builds and they were 1/48
  17. Sales Period May 27, 2022, 13:00 Japan Time ~ The above is when they will start the preorder on their site amiami.com amiami have 2 sites, amiami.com is for international customers and amiami.jp is for their Japan customer. so if you are in japan you would use the amiami.jp site https://www.amiami.jp/top/detail/detail?gcode=FIGURE-140325&page=top Other than the official start date in japan, all the sites from other country does not really have a set time or date of when they will posting them.
  18. https://www.nin-nin-game.com/en/macross/66527-hi-metal-r-macross-zero-vf-0s-phoenix-roy-focker-use-bandai-spirits-.html ¥12,320
  19. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail/?gcode=FIGURE-140326 12,980JPYSave 2,420 JPY Sales Period May 27, 2022, 13:00 Japan Time ~
  20. I don’t see it to be any different than current Local distribution , local P-Bandai. Japan will release first , then other places will get it depending on how long it takes for the Boat to get to their dock . So weeks later in Asia and months later for USA , Europe , Canada , etc .
  21. But this is Code GeASS ,, isn't it all about the back? ok, here is a pic of the front too I hope the cockpit slides open and they will include a Kallen Kozuki figure too
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