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  1. Thank you for the comparisons pics . I think the Moshow looks better (shorter skirts ) This newer one seems to be a hybird between the PG and the Metal build.
  2. True , definitely more waiting time . And right now those photos could just be from the original 1/72 MoShow Strike Gundam and not a actual sample . but here’s something positive to think about . from all the 3rd party /KO company that I heard of , None of them ever used another 3rd party / KO company’s name on their own product. They may copy your item and rip you off but will still slap their own logo on it . 😛
  3. With the news of this 1/72 Strike Gundam coming from a store in Singapore first before anywhere else, its more likely that this is a real Moshow Reissue
  4. I like the Shrink-Wrapped way too. but then Fromjapan sometimes shrink-wrap your item in a much bigger box which makes the shipping much more expressive
  5. updated with photo by @Saburo
  6. AmiAmi is my top packaging
  7. Ems is available for some countries , but not all of them
  8. .. yeah. it not the safest choice... might get accidentally stabbed too 😣 ok. maybe tape a red or orange triangle at the tip like those over extended lumber on truck beds.
  9. @LUNA PARK thank you for coming here and addressing some of the shipping concerns
  10. put the sword at the edge opening gap of your display case so it will look like it cut through your glass cover? also this .. MB. lol Where's my blade Bandai!?
  11. Iirc you preordered at HLJ with the 20% off coupon. 🤑. …. I looked at your post and ended up preordering it too.
  12. at $19.99 it was a good price back then .. until the Cup crack on their own and the valk falls to their death from their display stand to the floor. yes, I brought couple of them back then....
  13. above msrp is not shelf warming. Also if you recall the VF-1A TV max. That was around MSRP for a long while before jump over 30000 yen.
  14. @Gabe QYou’re welcome, glad I was able help............... thx for making this a smooth transaction
  15. So... I preordered GX-71 Golion Voltron from Nippon-Yasan in March. and the result is................................. everything seems normal , just like before the pandemic .... I can't say for TWE items or all the stuff that happen before in 2020 But the stuff preordered in 2021 do looks like normal processing now... I preorder the METAL BUILD GUNDAM DYNAMES REPAIR III and it was also shipped out in July
  16. The official schedule release date is September for the 1st batch and October for the 2nd batch
  17. I just love Bandai packaging. Love how they can pack so much in that regular size box.
  18. If the seller is ignoring any and all questions then you should not be buying it. its a sign that tells you to just walk away.
  19. Premium finish is scheduled to be released in September 2021 The regular is scheduled to be released in August 2021 no official date were set yet. so more likely end of August
  20. well. sometimes it hard to get a good sleep when you know there's a actives preorder night. You will just be turning in bed instead of F5ing and clicking away.
  21. isn't airmail parcel with tracking still suspended ?
  22. amazon.jp was up and gone in less than 1 minutes. I kept trying to add to cart but it becomes empty after adding, meaning its sold out.. . it sold out very fast and then the 3rd party sellers jumped in .
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