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  1. It's a shame they didn't integrate the smaller head for transformation like the old SD Infinity VF-25.
  2. The size of the small garland in that case is insane. Video of it and the transformation at 1/100 scale!
  3. Not the Arcadia hargun but a long time 3D fan project that's been realised with 3d printing. Lots of intricate details and mechanisms on it like the hip joint locking mechanism works and details under the cowl.
  4. That's the 1/48 scale Hargun by the same modeler that's featured in the book 😁 There are a few cleared photos of it a few pages back in this topic.
  5. 8 pages of 1/24 scale Aoshima Garland goodness in the lates copy of Robot Hobby Life. Perfect leg transformation too.
  6. I'm waiting for my copy to arrive. I picked it up for the Megazone 23 entry from Imizu Hiroshi on his build of a 1/24 scale. Looks to have a lot of content in it though so looking forward to flicking through it.
  7. If they added the Destroids to the line up it could be a nice entry line to the mecha collection. Lower price point than the Hi-Metal and DX lines. Cute, fun and a tad cheaper, would seem like a win, if the SD styling wasn't a complete turn off.
  8. Afraid not, only at wonderfest. I managed to get a really great friend to attend and run around the event to collect these as I couldn't attend.
  9. I feel like I managed to at least collect the 1/48 garlands and figures form Imizu now. The last pieces arrived which was mainly the part II garlands and the new figures he created for part I and part II. I've seen a few of these pop up in auction listings and sell out for ~200usd already! Since the 1/48 was on my mind I wanted the condor too in the same scale.
  10. https://twitter.com/ARCADIA_Co_Ltd/status/1552237571043758080?t=S4BaoZVPukBxnxaDsM6VHQ&s=19
  11. I'm looking forward to getting this in hand from WonderFest. It was one of the items since it was in 1/48 scale I was keen to grab this time around.
  12. Nice side by side of the old SD... It's difference enough to justify buying it 😁 It was hard enough to track down the old SD versions.
  13. Spotted this SD toyline on Twitter. Is this new or is there more information out there about these? https://twitter.com/giantrobo/status/1549927498598690817?t=XGgIgBRWCaN3YXc0AVLdDQ&s=19
  14. I've certainly had my moments that I'd look up for some Freeing E=X for sale. If I seen them for the price you got I could be swayed 😅 The Flagger Transporter I was on about was this one. Certainly hope the Transport truck one gets the go ahead with the hargan sales as Mr. K indicated. I just noticed in the bottom of this photo the Garlands and the Hargan lined up nicely!
  15. Something like this would be impressive... I think this is being built at 1/12 scale.
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