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  1. Meh...maybe when it was the only odd gunpod merch available....
  2. It's just part of the Imai kits released during the SDFM era.....not particularly rare or hard to find...but sort of unique I suppose...the coolest thing about it is that it shoots rubber bullets once put together
  3. Looks like WDW's Tron - Lightcycle Run is gettings a "Soft" opening that started today....yay! However, it is for limited hours, 9am-6pm and today's slots "sold out" within 3 seconds! Welcome to Disney's version of PO Madness! LOL https://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/tron/news/20mar2023-tron-lightcycle-run-to-continue-with-limited-hours-during-soft-open-at-magic-kingdom.htm
  4. Macross 7 Notepad...by Seika Note, planned by Movic...
  5. Macross Dynamite 7 MD Case by Movic....If I ever get any MDs....I'll store them in this!
  6. Macross 7 Cassette Tape Index Cards by Movic.....if cassette tapes make a comeback...I'm set!
  7. Macross Notepad...by Seika Note, planned by Movic....
  8. Macross 7 Bandana.......by Movic
  9. Macross is great and we are here because we all agree it is....however, I am afraid Macross is nowhere close to being as popular as Star Wars or Gundam...perhaps it is as a result of its forced isolation from the world stage for the majority of its existence that has kept it from becoming anything more than a niche fan series...
  10. Just when I thought Macross 7 collectibles were hard to find.....I ran into Macross Dynamite 7 collectibles! For the longest time, I thought the only Macross Dynamite 7 "collectibles" were an official Settie reprints book and a large calendar....recently, I found that there was more... For example...these keychains made by the same company, Movic, that released the Macross 7 keychains.... At first I did not recognize what I was looking at, thinking that someone had put in some random "guitars" into the Macross 7 keychain boxes.... Upon closer inspection, they were indeed specific to the guitars as used by Mylene and Basara in the Macross Dynamite 7 OVA....here is the guitar used by Basara as shown on the LD cover for D7 Vol 4... ...and Mylene's guitar specific to D7.... Suffice to say, I had never run into these Macross D7 keychains before...
  11. Morinaga Mail-in Macross background for their series of 1/200 kits....
  12. This promotional poster does not come up often...I believe it is one of the first Macross promo items that references the film
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