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  1. Yes, same issue....so had to take 2 separate pics and combine them into the final image...
  2. Probably not...the only time I can recall there being 2 quick offerrings of a "combo" set..or even a stand-alone valkyrie...was for the HMR DYRL VF-1S Focker...one was offered with a "special" stand and a second PO was made available w/o the "special" stand.... If you prefer the "Armored Valkyrie" set....then you will just need to watch for any orders that will inevitably open up between now and release day....if you are OK with getting the GBP parts separately...then those will certainly be available between now and release day....just look at the SSP and TV FP sets, there is a large sup
  3. Heading there this summer...been looking at the ride times on the Disney app and most rides are under 30 minutes and that is still low...the big rides can jump to 60 min+ but they also drop to under 30 a few hours before the parks close....the hardest thing right now about a trip to WDW are dining reservations, since the restaurants are on a limited seating capacity....I think even the counter service restaurants have to be booked 2 hours in advance or you'll be stuck eating popcorn for lunch
  4. I can see either just keep using the existing "SV-51" thread and make it good for all potential SV-51 releases (which I think is what is happening now)...or someone can create a new one for the SV-51 Nora and see if it sticks.... Seeing that the Ivanov SV-51 has generated 50+ pages since it was announced 4+ years ago....a Nora and a potential "CF"...may bring it to 150-200 total posts before posts come to a trickle....so maybe keeping them all under one thread makes sense for these "less" popular VFs? TBH...it seems the craziness is limited to Bandai releases...at least for now
  5. Anyone visit Disneyland? Open to Californians only at the moment.... Plus the Avengers Campus is opening in a month....should be fun!
  6. I just need the "new" lightsaber....no way Disney is going to pass on selling them at Galaxy's Edge as soon as they become available
  7. The SDF-1 busts thru the enemy ship....unscathed...I don't think everday strain would be a problem....lol
  8. That prototype is also on the Takatoku Toys promo posters..... https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/46734-takatoku-toys-and-bandai-macross-promotional-materials/?tab=comments#comment-1522350 What I'd like to see is the Miyatake line art showing that the cannons can extend that far....all of the available lineart just shows the cannons either pointing stright or at 45 degree angle....I am sure the gimmick was probably cancelled due to the floppiness concerns you mentioned, but what if it was actually deemed not "canon"....sort of like the VF-1C...
  9. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/162832?utm_source=Marketing&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=marketing&utm_content=
  10. oops...thought you said the DX VF-1A Hikaru would be the last one you'd get in the Bandai DX line? Maybe Bandai will decide to sell it as a combo pack only!
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