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  1. Macross by way of Sanrio? Would be nice to get Macross stuff like this based on Mikimoto illustrations.
  2. Not new, we just hadn't seen the cover... https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/29133-macross-books/?do=findComment&comment=1633786 PO'd back on August 10th... Sure, I'll check it out when I get home...
  3. Skipped PO madness...but seems Hobby Genki still had some....may have one more if anyone wants it.... https://hobby-genki.com/en/dx-chogokin/9166-dx-chogokin-vf-25f-super-messiah-valkyrie-alto-saotome-revival-ver-macross-frontier-4573102649669.html Pay upfront....$250 USD shipped via DHL May get one via US retailer if I can get it shipped for the same price or lower
  4. Saw this was available for "free" streaming online....so was curious to see the SV-303 in action....I hope Bandai can release a DX of it soon...was also nice seeing all these plastic toys we collect actually doing stuff onscreen....can't say I actually cared for the movie as a whole, but at least we got some new VFs out of it...some very cool visuals, especially from the Earth and the Megaroad-01, which many said would never be brought up again after FB2012...LOL! Bring on a DX of it Bandai...I'd insta-buy it!
  5. Pretty sure everything will get a WWM release....as long as it isn't from SDFM or DYRL.... Here is a recent Bandai display from a HK toy show....they seem to be insinuating that we will be getting many WWM releases at some point...including the VF-25G, HMR VF-4, HMR VF-2 and much more...
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing Luthen getting force fried at the end of the series when Palpatine uncovers his "old friend's" involvement with the rebellion....during his interrogation Palpatine discovers Mon Mothma's role as well....leading her to barely escape when the Empire issues her arrest...which then leads to the elimination of the Imperial Senate as mentioned in Ep 4... I know Andor is supposed to be cool because of minimal fanservice...but I think the Emperor's appearances makes any Star Wars show better...Ian McDiarmid isn't getting any younger....want to see him portray the Emperor one more time...he always seems up to playing the role
  7. Wonder what the odds are of an Emperor Palpatine appearance in Andor? It would seem Luthen and Palpatine would have crossed paths at some point with Luthen being an "Art Dealer" and Palpatine being what seemed like an Art Collector...
  8. I'm a sucker for bundles....if I can get a decent price on a US retail site I may go for the "double dip"...but definitely not losing any sleep over this when I don't have to...
  9. Really don't know much about Vifam, but do have some old stuff I accumulated from various lot auctions over the years....vintage cards and old school furokus from the series...maybe some shitakis....
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