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  1. I might....in the meantime stop talking out of your ass and stick to the facts
  2. LOL....you obviously have nothing to back up your claims....sadly, these days you are in great company!
  3. Again....you said every manufacturer has said they specifically wanted to produce more than VFs in their Macross line....unless you have a specifc example of every manufacturer saying this from 1982, then you are simply confusing your imagination with actual facts....the only one I can actually recall actually doing this recently was Toynami....and that was years after releasing toys in their MP Collection...so it's not like they were trying to sell more MP VF's by teasing Destroids...
  4. Tamashii Event Exclusive for Tamashii Club Members via a lottery selection process this month, which will become a Tamashii Web Exclusive in November at some TBD date/time...as with all SDFM/DYRL merch....JAPAN-ONLY https://tamashiiweb.com/item/14582/?wovn=en
  5. "Every manufacturer"? I can't say I recall any manufacturer actually promoting the possibility of non-VF-1 Macross mechs until Yamato came along and manged to release a total of 2! The most recent manufacturer to have "insinuated" the release on non-VF machs was Bandai under their HMR line during their display diorama announcing the return of the "HM" line....which they actually delivered...with possibly more to come? As for other manufacturers, only one I can think of for toys is KC....but so far the only one that seems to have a shot at release is the Regult.....someday....hoping they do come through with the rest of their teased lineup of non-VF mechs....perhas having their own manufacturing facilities can help them bring those to market...
  6. As long as we get the usual...VF-1J Rick, Max, Millia, VF-1A CF, VF-1S Roy I'll be good....either way it's just the TV versions, so there are not that many more that could be done....VF-1D, maybe...based on that interview posted...they may do the Destroids and enemy mechs....we'll have to wait and see I suppose...
  7. I'll need to find mine.. .forgot all about it
  8. Roy Focker....Episode 5 - Transformation (8:22)
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