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  1. It is beyond debate at this point....at least among collector's.......box condition matters......if only for the mere fact that it's potential future market value is adversely affected and quantifiable...but more importantly, if it matters to the customer it should matter to the seller....... I would at least contact them and see if they can replace the boxes for you Good Luck!
  2. HMR is not dead yet.....Keep Hope Alive for Macross HMR!
  3. Macross Binder by Seika Note Co., Ltd..........
  4. Another VF-17D cel.......one of my favorite VF designs!
  5. Again...NO ONE was "fighting" as you are trying to imply....read the thread....the OP was looking for stuff then posted 2 weeks later implying that member's offers were being "upped".... The posts after were done to help him understand the situation....we are all part of this Macross collectors community....I see nothing wrong with offering advice when warranted and help each other out......the OP was evidently frustrated with the lack of sellers willing to let go of an item that currently commands a market price that was at least 200 USD more than what he was willing to offer for one... Again, I explained why this was happening and others also chimed in with essentially the same explanations...... Yet, for whatever reason he decides to attack me.....I responded in kind....... Again, stop trying to re-write the chain of events here......the posts are all still there, anyone can read them and see that they were all posted in a way that was respectful and just sincerely trying to help the OP out....nothing more nothing less....his attack was unwarranted.... Also, why do you happen to get involved in so many of my posts? Seriously, as I suggested, mind your own business
  6. Bandai: Yes....yes it would
  7. who's fighting? Several members were offering the OP some much needed advice, based on his replies...nothing in the the MW rules says that cannot be done....everyone was being helpful and respectful, which you conveniently fail to mention....up until he decided to insult me specifically by, of all things, disparaging folk's with disabilities....seriously, just mind your own business I am sure the OP can handle himself without your help
  8. Oops...that maskless window came and went really fast for Disney Parks...........way to go Floridians and Californians! https://wdwnt.com/2021/07/masks-required-indoors-regardless-of-vaccination-status-at-walt-disney-world-resort/
  9. The Virtual Queue is actualy pretty good IMO......just make sure you have a good phone and test to see what connection is quicker on the day you need to reserve your spot....in my case, it was my carrier's netwrok that was always faster...by leaps and bounds...when compared to the Disney WIFI.....most people that I spoke to at Hollywood Studios that failed to reserve a spot for the ROTR said they were always conencted to the Disney WIFI when trying to nab a spot on the queue....I managed to go 3-for-3 for each of the three days I was at HS....I was able to get on boarding group 2, 4 and 8..all during the 7AM initial opening for the first round of boarding passes....the second round would be tougher if youcannot get a good signal from your carrier as the Disney WIFI is pretty bad all over HS....so if you go, make sure you get on the initial boarding passes released at 7AM....or it will just be way harder during the 1PM second round
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