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  1. Honestly I’d go DHL 10/10 times never had a problem and if we are taking dollars difference it’s so worth it. Saw the link earlier and had to get the Hi-Nu
  2. Making room for 2022 stuff all complete unless stated most items were displayed if not they are new. shipping not included and I only ship to lower 48 states. I’m on the straight shooter list and I ship next day of payment usually. We can meet up for pick up as well in SoCal Opened Displayed Metal Robot Spirit Barbatos Lupus $140 New SH Figuarts Broly Full Power -SOLD New SH Figuarts Broly Dragonball Super -$90 Opened Displayed SH Figuarts Shinkocchou Seihou Kamen Rider IXA -$100 Opened Displayed Saint Myth Cloth Pegasus Seiya Revival $120 Opened Displayed Ocular max IF-01 Eris:Kultur -$250 Opened Displayed MPM-3 Bumblebee-$100 box smells like a machine shop due to me leaving it there for storage. The toy doesn’t but I work there and can’t tell the difference. thats it for now and will add more stuff thanks
  3. @sumyumgoy @Benson13 I miss both Valks already but thanks to you guys Christmas will be that much more sweet for my kids. Thanks
  4. Glad you liked it. I already miss it
  5. been a long time since I've up for one of these and I don't miss it lol. What are the odds that this will come over the states with the new HG deal?
  6. Love the look. I’m happy to actually post something for the first time in awhile lol
  7. I understand production cost go up and so do licensing fees but this is a straight re paint lol. That’s Premium pricing we are dealing with. That said...I got one from AJ
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