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  1. Just finished it…why does this and cyberverse have/had the same plot point. Cyberverse has switched it up to the matrix (the Keanu matrix) though. still suffer from the voice acting, the worst is Dino megaton. I’m mentally trying to replace primal, bw megs, and Dinobot/rattrap dialogue with Gary, David, and Scott. Are we supposed to get more from this storyline?
  2. thanks for the review. saw this and might be helpful if anyone ends up w/ wrong shoulders.
  3. Thanks hope everybody can pre-order theirs. Pulse lasted about 4 minutes or however long it took them to process my card before confirmation
  4. Go naaaoooo https://www.target.com/p/g-i-joe-classified-series-alvin-8220-breaker-8221-kibbey-with-ram-cycle/-/A-81959633 https://www.target.com/p/g-i-joe-classified-series-gabriel-8220-barbecue-8221-kelly-action-figure/-/A-81959604
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