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  1. In Canada https://www.agesthreeandup.ca/collections/latest-pre-orders/products/bandai-hi-metal-r-macross-zero-vf-0s-phoenix-roy-fokker-use
  2. NOT from LP. Gotta love mint sealed shipper box.
  3. Just got mine from LP through DHL. It was inside a box with a DHL bag like others here, which I think is an improvement. My 3 prior orders from LP were only in bubble wrap. The first one was sent 4000km away to the wrong province, got to me pretty bashed up a month later. The second didn't have my complete address on the package, just the province and postal code. The third order I emailed them ahead to confirm my address and request for a box, they got the address right but no box. Mine had the same glue mark on the same spot. Wondering if I'm brave enough for 1000 grit sandpaper.
  4. Maybe the offset pair sits better in fighter mode?
  5. Finally just got notification that mine was picked up by DHL. Hope it's in a box.
  6. Hope they make a VF-0D too.
  7. Has anyone ever not received an order from LP at all?
  8. I'm in YVR too. Still no movement from LP, still more rain.
  9. Exact same with mine. Hope they get sent out soon. Thanks.
  10. Has anyone else not received their order from LP yet?
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