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  1. Really wanted to like this but it was just dull as dishwater. The plot was awful. The monsters were as dumb and nonsensical as the humans. Made me sad at the end of it.
  2. First three episodes of Invincible have been great I think. All star voice cast and when it went full Kirkman it didn’t disappoint
  3. Watched the first two. Acting, writing and production are excellent in my opinion. Great building of mystery. An absolute love letter to half hour comedies through the years that looks like it will serve as a vehicle for some very weird twists in the MCU
  4. Wasn’t quite Raylan. Not enough drinking, didn’t eat any ice cream and never said “well sh********t...”
  5. Because The Mandalorian is a cash cow, season 3 was already greenlit, there are several unresolved storylines, Disney already made it clear they’re not shy about making multiple spinoff series and there were already confirmed rumors of a Boba solo series.
  6. Because he couldn’t have changed at all after a near death experience
  7. Pushed to streaming by Disney 3+ months early for quarantined folks to watch.
  8. Thor is magical. She doesn’t have to be huge to be strong. All she has to be is worthy. I’m sure she’ll pack on some muscle but no way will she get huge.
  9. Imo big assumption that their flying at the same altitude. Impossible to determine from that picture.
  10. I’m burned out on nothing and hope that the Joker transforms into a giant robot tiger and attacks Gotham City only to be beaten back by Krypto
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