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  1. IGN had a very short-lived sale a few days ago, plus an extra 10% off coupon, and I jumped on it when I saw it. Not sure if I'll just pencil it a bit, or try to get some decals too.
  2. Assuming that's final/production, or very close to it: The "main" YF-21 yellow and the "fine added warning stripes/markings" yellow don't match, and that bugs me. Should be the richer "main" yellow all around.
  3. This was at the Duluth show. It was parked just so, that you could see individual skin panels "turn silver" as the sun slowly moved. Doubly rare that it was a front-line squadron's plane on display, not an OT/Test-Eval etc one.
  4. Never been this close to a -22, never seen one on static display.
  5. Or just re-release the base -31A. Especially the one with Arad's marking on the spine.
  6. Zero, all you need to know is pretty much in Ep 1. It's the post-apocalyptic nuclear genre, there you go. Just, the bombs basically dropped in like 1950, instead of 2050 like "usual". (which thus has a great effect on where tech/culture "stopped" for a while)
  7. I think it was one of these: https://www.carscoops.com/2015/08/the-kaiser-darrin-is-thoroughly-unique/
  8. Did they? Would love for there to be a chance to finally get a "correct" Grace's. (grey striping of the later version, but dull olive green of the original). The later one is way too intense emerald green. (but a revival would probably just be an exact copy of the last one again)
  9. If they'd just painted the whole thing gunmetal, it'd look much nicer and be a better homage. (and all-gunmetal jets do exist, the F-20 is the first one that comes to mind)
  10. How does Retributor Armor "brush"? Many gold paints lately (looking at you, Vallejo) are very "sticky" and horrible to use, even if the color is nice.
  11. My vote is gonna be a basic fighter-mode-only VF-1 kit. They make some really nice F-14s.
  12. Sandstorm's alt-mode was so exaggerated-bland it never "gave me a vibe" as to what it is. I'll take a look later and give more thoughts. Blitzwing is far from a scale model of a MiG-25 but it's still blatantly obvious what he's supposed to be. That said---the wiki is so terrible with aircraft alt-modes. I gave up trying to correct Octane, it's gone from bad to worse over the years. (he's a 747 people, engine-count be damned) ::edit:: If you assume the instructions are wrong (wouldn't be the first time), G1 Sandstorm is supposed to have a horizontal stabilizer, not an odd vertical tail tip. That does make it more SH-3 ish. However, one of the few distinct details the toy does have for sure, is three large front windows----like an H-53
  13. I don't remember the gun pod being so orange, but it's also been a while since I last watched Dynamite.
  14. That nose gear looks awfully far forward, but I couldn't quickly/easily find any references for it.
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