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  1. A good "cheap" spray paint is the the Krylon "chalky" line. Ignore the name, it just means "nicely matte" in my experience, there is no additive/special effect like many other sub-lines have. They have several nice greys that are good for either primer or base coat. I'll vouch for "misty grey" and "paver grey". (cool and warm, respectively). IMHO misty grey is a very good SW Imperial grey, with paver grey a good Rebel Alliance color.
  2. A bit late, but I agree, the Arcadia color is perfect, so Gabe's custom-mix that matches that is gonna be as good as it gets. (and it's a "simple" mix too, there's so many that have like a 14:19:26:3 ratio....)
  3. Tamiya AS-16 is a great color, I feel that the Tamiya AS line has several colors that are the only examples that are the only "truly correct" paints out there, for FS matches. Most notably, Insignia White. Like 19 out of 20 "Insignia White" paints are totally wrong----they're just pure bright white with a different name slapped on. But Tamiya AS-20? THAT is the true color of Insignia White----a very very pale blue-grey. (especially great for "white" Star Wars stuff)
  4. Update---It arrived at my place while the site was down---but it made it! Took about 6 days from arrival in-country to my door. Box was in pretty good shape, I did notice it was made of THICK cardboard, like twice as thick as normal. Don't know if it was because HLJ is boxing extra-sturdy for "by boat" shipping, or if it was due to raw size of the box.
  5. My only concern is if M&M have WHITE accents, and not the hideous grey like the latest HMR's.
  6. Well, my Kingdom Come Blackarachnia broke on her second (third?) transformation. Same spot everyone else's does----the tab that (literally) holds her bust in place. Snapped off. Gluing tonight, will see if I can find the right mix of "widening slot to reduce friction, while still usefully pegging in"----assuming the glue can hold the tab back on decently strong enough to work at all.
  7. Is that better or worse than the Yeager-class? Anyways, XL Nebula may be my first XL. (I've ranged from moderately disappointed to very disappointed with pretty much all the other XL's, few really seem to be better than the regulars considering their size/price)
  8. I just saw that my slow/ferry shipping from HLJ recently arrived in-country. Almost exactly 2 months. (I shipped the first day HLJ offered it).
  9. Those are different canards, they have a dog-toothed leading edge. Have we seen that before? ::edit:: Yup, definitely visible in the pics of "06" seen earlier.
  10. Yup, and that's the only set with that piece: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=73111#T=C&C=86
  11. Well, I managed to get the VIP Ulysses probe for the shuttle. It's also going for a good amount of money right now on ebay, to the point that it could pretty much refund the purchase of the shuttle itself. Is there anyone here interested in it, before I put it up? Sorry, can't let it go for "MSRP", but I will entertain reasonable offers based on it's going for right now, to sell it to fellow space-enthusiast Lego fans here at MW.
  12. Due to its age/lore, I think the VF-0 "works best" with real-world schemes. I'll be happy to see what you come up with. (plus VF-111 has the best markings ever)
  13. TLDR: It's not perfect (and never will be at this scale) but almost every aspect is better than the previous one.
  14. They simply give you an extra pair of black curved slopes, to swap as needed. You can see one in the trunk. (with a gold 1x2 attached)
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