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  1. I feel the issue with the Scarecrow minifig is the color the head's molded in---it's too close to flesh and the eye-surround print color, so it ends up looking more like a bald head with big eyes and scars, than a bag with stitching. If it'd been molded in dark orange or nougat or something, I think it would have worked better.
  2. So the red w/gold Sv-262 is Char's, right?
  3. Maybe it was the fulfillment of a life long dream. Maintenance guy had a beloved toy F-15 long ago, joined the Air Force, finally got his chance to make it real... I do wonder if they had to custom-make the stencils, or if they had "1960's B-52 size" still on-hand.
  4. I find it ironic that they skipped right over a generation (or two or three) of engines, most notably the MD-80's JT8D-200 that held a lot of promise/likely choice in the 80's, and ended up with the successor MD-95's engines. (717 my ass, it's a Douglas plane!) Anyways----someone likes insignias. On the drop tanks, and XXL on the wings:
  5. LEGO *does* have larger ratchet hinges that can hold significant weight, but they're in only in one or two shapes and rarely seen in my experience. (I'm thinking of the ones in the Silent Mary set, as they hold up the entire front half of the ship).
  6. So the bolts/discs on Not-Walkure's outfits----purely for style, or maybe holo-projectors or something? They seem to have fairly "standardized" locations (shoulder, collar, etc)
  7. I saw a lot of posts on other forums saying it was better than expected, so I at least gave it a shot---and it's not horrible? I'm certainly interested enough to watch a second ep, and see where it goes. Also, David Kaye is in it, so that's an automatic coolness point.
  8. My money is on Bandai knowing about this a while ago, and is the real reason for refurbishing the mold. The Alto reissue was likely just a "test-run", in preparation of doing Max and Milia* ones. They wouldn't spend the money fixing it up like they did just for an Alto reissue. *if they make it, it'll sell, even if not seen in the movie. Or do a white one for Mylene, or a Mirage, or...
  9. Not to mention that Milia's an alien that are generally believed to live much longer than humans. It'd be rather pointless to apply human retirement rules to her. What's she supposed to do for the next 100 years?
  10. I don't need another DX -29, I don't need another DX -29...
  11. Though they make the point that they're genetically engineered to be that way, and overtly "it's in Khan's miracle-blood".
  12. She's crew? I didn't catch that. But, time-line-wise, it kinda works, since this would be before Khan was re-awakened? (though his last name should be pretty famous/historical regardless)
  13. There was hinting at even more "legacy" characters. I'd rather they keep closer to "Pike's own unique crew, with Spock" rather than move towards "Kirk's crew, but with Pike instead of Kirk". IMHO, they're right at the limit now. If they bring in Sulu and Scotty...
  14. Well, my Alto -25 (3rd release?) just had "the piece" crack apart. I assume this is still the only replacement option----https://www.shapeways.com/product/P3NMXGCSY/v2-messiah-cracked-hips-replacement Also, getting to the rear section doesn't seem to be an issue, but the forward section is----there's three screws, but the forward pair doesn't seem very accessible. The -29's forward fuselage comes apart easier than the -25's IIRC. Any tips? (also, do you HAVE to remove the pins? I've removed a fair number of pins before, but never those hollow ones---which seem to be the cause of the problem---they "open up" over time it appears, and split the plastic apart from the inside---I've managed to "squeeze one down" a hair, so hopefully replacement parts will last a while) My -25 spends most of its time in fighter mode, has been so since before COVID. Transformed it only partially, slowly, to put the armor on, and it just fell apart... And it's usually "naked", so no "heavy armor stress" or anything.
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