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  1. That was IIRC Kawamori's explanation for the hip kibble on the Masterpiece Starscream toy.
  2. I'm a bit late to this thread----are you looking for just a shell, or a whole console at this point? My indigo one's mint and boxed, happy to sell to a fellow forum-member.
  3. I'm surprised the Thunder Machine even has the Pontiac logo molded in.
  4. It's there, they just didn't paint it to match the molded-in detail. Look carefully at the blue plastic, right in front of the grey tip of the canopy...
  5. The modex numbers on the ventral fins look backwards (again). They'd read "113" (or IIE, really) in fighter mode... Rather than fix it, Bandai will just issue "113" tailfins down the line... And it's not even a mirroring thing---it looks wrong on every side of every fin.
  6. VF-25: Since the shoulder armor is so hard to remove, I just left the joint assembled, and poured nail polish inside as best I could. Several times, with the arm in different positions so it'd flow to different areas. Though if I were to do it again, I'd use Future. (nail polish is "hot" enough that it reacts with the plastic part of the ball-joint socket, and it dissolved a small amount of material at the edge).
  7. I also notice that the Pontiac arrrowhead recess on the wheels is quite prominent, I think it should be toned down a lot.
  8. Absolutely---that's why I'm keeping my retro one and (trying) to sell my SDCC one. The retro looks better IMHO. I painted a few small extra details on the retro and the details really pop. (like the flames on his boots, and studded belt)
  9. Was the decision to have a Crossfield/Discovery-esque saucer-look an idea from higher-up, or were you guys given fairly free-rein? (it was mentioned in dialogue, so I wondered which was first)
  10. The 1/12 KITT has the same problem every light-up car has nowadays: Cheap "white" LED's for the headlights, that give a cool-blue effect. Obviously wrong for any 70's/80's car. They need to use warm-white/golden-white LED's to mimic the incandescent/halogen look. There's tons of LEDs designed just for that purpose, but very few companies use them. They cost like, 3 cents more... Sure, older toys with small bulbs were dim, and burned out easily---but the color was right. And nowadays we do have readily-available LED's that are bright and long-lasting AND the right color---but it seems so few companies are aware or care about "the right look".
  11. Is SDCC Zartan not actually in very much demand? His price is high on ebay, but nobody seems interested in mine. (and I'm not asking ebay prices for it!) Whereas my extra Eel was snapped up in an instant.
  12. I have decided to "rearrange/reinstall" everything" and buy a new larger 970 EVO as my boot drive, and put like half my storage on it as well. (mobo can't do gen4 PCI so little point in a 980)
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