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  1. Cameo spoiler: And non-spoiler tip: The mid-credit scene is short but not super-critical IMHO (its not like, the mid-credit scene from Capt America or anything). The post-credits scene is a one-line throwaway joke from a very minor character that has zero impact on the MCU, and is VERY skippable if you just want to leave the theater.
  2. I'm curious about the gold on Heavyarms----multiple layers/colors, or just a really nice single-stage gold paint?
  3. We've seen April in ST:TAS. The encyclopedia uses a pic of Roddenberry as a sort of placeholder.
  4. Speaking as a mod here, despite being a huge Trekkie: Just stop. Capt Pike said "no one" and that's how it's gonna be. End of discussion.
  5. Lego's site has always had weird "routing" issues, even when I don't sign out. It'll just randomly send me to the UK, Canada, Hungary, etc. Go into the actual URL, and just change "en-uk" or whatever to "en-us".
  6. I'd like a 0D done in the right base colors, without needling a $200 factory weathering job to look right. Slate blue upper, very pale grey lower. Simple. Like Yamato's sample showed oh so many years ago, before they completely changed it at the last minute for the actual release.
  7. Nope, Delta is just that different from Frontier, story/theme-wise. It LOOKS similar, animation-wise, but that's about all they have in common, IMHO.
  8. If I didn't already have Ozma's, this'd be the one I'd buy.
  9. Is anyone else less "concerned" about 2024 having drone-based force-fields, and more by the fact that it was turned off about 5 secs after she was injected? Genetic lung/skin defects cured before a single cell had time to replicate? Heck of a stress-test too. Instead of being in a dark room with filtered air, and slowly seeing how she reacts to increasing exposure----just throw everything at her at once, and hope she lives!
  10. Oh, I guess we were supposed to pay close attention to her rapid-fire turn-down-the-guy-at-the-bar spiel, because it quickly explained how she got away with murder. 🙄
  11. I'm 3 episodes in, and are they really just not going to mention at all that Dr Jurati murdered her mentor last season? Everyone on the Stargazer was just cool with her hanging out on the bridge?
  12. I somehow missed the necropost! But hey, I'm here now! It's been a dozen years so now I can't remember what the ones I was originally thinking of looked like any more---these may or may not be it!
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