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  1. If you closely look at the proto, it's like a shrunken Arcadia. A lot of parts are the same, even the same elbow joints, cut at the hip joints, and many other parts.
  2. Where is the preorder button????
  3. Nothing Macross related. I wanted these figures ages ago!!! He Man and Skeletor Classics:
  4. It's the weakest facesculpt of the four characters.
  5. Yes!! Same here!! Total of $173 with DHL to USA for me. Can't wait to get it!!!
  6. Waiting payment request from AmiAmi!!!
  7. I have the Yamato version, it's a great toy!!!
  8. The one I want!!! But would totally buy an Elint and a Super Ostrich DX.
  9. Don't need another one, don't need another one....
  10. They look much better and less busy when I see them in my PC monitor screen. As 505thAirborne said, the light green is a bit distracting.
  11. It's very good for being a KO. Strong and tough ratchet joints, well applied painted details, everything locks toghether as it should. So far so good. Got it through ShowZ Store for U$S 94 shipped to the USA. It's a very solid figure. It's know to have the same knee ratchet issue as the original, but if you move the upper half of the knee mechanism first and then engage the lower knee ratchets, it should function as intended.
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