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  1. Great posing and pic so far!!
  2. Please not this time!!! Beagle: No Houquet. Megahouse: No Houquet. CM's: only company that completed the main 4.
  3. I thought it was Hunter. No, wait, that's from another show right?
  4. These do look cool!!! Might give them a try!
  5. Amazing!! It's incredible (depending the light) some shots look like a 2D drawing.
  6. Will check my Monster later. Could it be that that plastic piece had an air bubble when casted, or developed a crack when it was assembled? I see an expansion pin, and there is also a crack where it is inserted (in one side).
  7. Awesome!!! In TV format!!
  8. I haven't bought the Bioroid (bad timing, too much stuff for me at tthe same time 😒) but I guess you could use Revoltech joints between 10mm 8mm and 6mm. Judging by the size of the Bioroid you are lilkely to use th 10mm ones for the majority of the joints. Ed can chime in and tell us which ones. For the fingers he definitely used smaller than 6mm.
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