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  1. Also Cybertron in some of the Transformers continuities.
  2. And the Mave jamming type in December. https://www.amiami.com/eng/detail?gcode=TOY-SCL3-46293
  3. What about Jan in the back of the YF-19 en route to Earth? Any indication if that was equipment on the YF-19 or part of the suit he wore?
  4. Is this the wrong color or did I miss something somewhere? Also, the Compendium article for the VF-15 describes a "biological anti-G boost system". What is that and did it persist until the advent of the ISC?
  5. Either I didn't have this issue or I interpreted it differently than you. For me there were no pure side channels and no rear channels, but there was definitely front left and front right. It sounded like a stereo mix where everything got put into the front speakers, which I guess could be accidental, but wasn't clearly so to me. It could have just been a limitation of the source. I don't know about the mixing, whether that was intentional or not, but I think specifically the noise/toys echoes were intentional since I don't see how an accident could result in that. On the topic of translation: this isn't specific to this theater showing and I've seen a few different translations for this part. What are Guld's words to Isamu and Myung in his final conversation when he mentions getting a drink with them? The theater showing and at least one other version I've seen translate them as "Let's get a drink after this" or "I'd like to get a drink after this" or something to that effect, specifically future tense. But one version I saw translated it as "I would have liked to get a drink after this", which I find more powerful since it's pretty obvious that Guld knows he's not coming back, where "Let's get a drink after this" suggests that he is or thinks he is.
  6. AMC Willowbrook in Houston. I'm pretty sure it was an intentional thing, it was just weird. There were a bunch of other parts where I thought something sounded "off" but couldn't quite put my finger on it. Either the songs were mixed differently or the mixing between music and sound effects was different, that sort of stuff. Information High was just the part that stuck in my mind and was easiest to describe.
  7. So first off, I really enjoyed seeing it in the theater. Site showed 8 seats sold, which seemed about right, although I didn't count. Started about 15 minutes late and someone did go out to ask about it. Was the audio... different... for anyone else? Like, I guess some of it could maybe be attributed to mixing for the theater or whatever, but some of the songs were straight up different from any version I had heard before. Easiest to notice was during "Information High". In the "Sayonara to intrusive noise / No more childish play and no more toys" part, both "noise" and "toys" were echoed a couple times. On one hand it definitely felt intentional considering it was on beat and everything, but on the other it was kind of jarring and didn't really seem to fit.
  8. I'm thinking the hip and knee joints are worm geared and there's a tool to move them without having a knob sticking out all the time.
  9. The YF-24 was approved by the Federal NUNS (i.e. Earth) for production in 2057. The specs were then partially redacted and transmitted to the colonies for them to do with them what they will. Frontier developed it into the YF- and VF-25 and the YF-29. Galaxy developed it into the VF-27. Presumably some fleets just produced it locally without changes. The "main NUNS fighter" of Earth is the VF-24, but the local NUNS branches at each colony fleet are doing their own thing. You may be thinking of the YF-29, which absolutely is too expensive to produce.
  10. I think the second set of sub-wings are just visible beneath the main wings.
  11. I mean... I like Max and Milia, but they're in their mid-70s by the time this movie is set. Why are they not enjoying their well-deserved retirement?
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