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  1. Good one ... BOOMBOT could rest on Nekki Basara's shoulder for an 80's style sound booster
  2. Elvis does not come with the cubes so probably just used to show compatibility while 52Toys does come with and they are sometimes customized to the theme (like a TMNT boxes, etc.) -- Hey I think I figured out what "Totem Pole Mode" pays homage to 😉 ... LJN's 1984 Voltron Battle Riser! 😁
  3. Thanks for the heads up ... just placed mine with galactic toys
  4. I can see that. Actually ... in messing around with it some ... it can FORM VOLTWAVE ... or ... SOUNDTRON ... or ... SOUNDVOLT ... or ... WAVETRON ... or ... BLASTRON ... or ... 😁
  5. Who can fully know unless they told us but I'll offer a few comments regarding trending and how it influenced at least my buying decision... 52Toys is making all sorts of transformables from Predator to GetterRobo to Icarus Jet (discussed elsewhere on here), to something very similar to Logicoma (from Patlabor). and BBTS has ~100 of them listed on their site [LINK] and for whatever reason they ALL fit into these little 2x2x2 cubes. The Diaclone Reboot has been doing something very similar for awhile with there Powered Suit Systems by providing cubes they could dock with/deploy from. In my opinion there's something about this that's "nice and neat" or "clean" where box-mode lends itself to solving storage issues where organization and arrangement on shelf space is limited (a commonly shared problem). There might be another "real" reason but this aspect or gimmick has gotten my vote. This guy for ex., Megabox Deep One, raised my brow as it has vibes of R-Type, RB-79 Ball, EVA Pod (2001: A Space Odyssey), and a "Max" colored Quaedluun-Rau Power Armor going on... and oh let's throw in a box-mode There's also something special to appreciate engineering-wise when all these figures can take on a box form since it adds an additional design parameter during development. So Lucky Cat Voltron also happens to transform into a "box-mode" that fits into these same 2x2x2 cubes But to answer the question (sorry for the length) product photos show this mode as being able to serve as a base for displaying weapons ... And even ummm, ah ... a totem pole? These extra features certainly help differentiate it along with the intentional mis-numbering of the lions and name Micro Cosmos Elvis to maybe "help" it avoid some licensing issues perhaps. But regardless of it's real intent, this added "box-mode" offering additional transformation modes plus the idea of simplified storage and the universality of a "shared" form swayed me to purchase Elvis over the Minipla version of the same height. Imagine moving and you have a bunch of these little 2x2x2 cubes ... you could just throw'em all in a big box, shake it up until they settle like Tetris blocks and be on your way
  6. Agreed, the dbl-jointed armatures are nice, box mode is kinda cool, and you are correct, no transformation on Titan but it is quite huge and definitely has a presence...
  7. Just a heads up for anyone who picked up an Elvis ... you can switch out the numbered plates on the red and green lion so that it matches the Titan Power TP-01 King of Beasts Golion it was modeled after since the lions enumeration is reversed from the factory. So it goes from this (Elvis)... to looking like this (Titan):
  8. HARGUNNNNNN! You found the time 😎 ... looks awesome!
  9. USAGS has SOC Golion instock: https://www.usagundamstore.com/products/voltron-soul-of-chogokin-gx-71-voltron-reissue?rs_oid_rd=65584150678361 edit: they often have 10% off coupons so check
  10. That is frame-worthy! Thanks and hope you can build it soon ... looks simpler than the Garland (less transformation since arms/legs will snap on)
  11. If you don't buy the Transporter kit can you still convert the bike fully into slave mode?
  12. It seems possible then Animage's article in Nov '91 was during a time when the design and naming were still under development (and both did change). Since 300yrs would have passed, maybe they were debating if the prefix should change from VF to something else since a precedent had not yet been established per say. The later published Bandai Monthly Journal Dec '91 shed some light on what they'd decided (VS-XS). If we fast forward to May of '92 once MII's officially released we see for the final design they went the conventional route of following a VF-1 (A/J/S) with a VF-2 (SS). I can also see how one could assume the initial draft design should then be given an VF prefix, however I can't find any publication after May '92 actually calling it that. Could it be VF-XS is an assumption then if the last known publication referencing Ohata's design calls it a VS-XS? I went through all my books (e.g. Entertainment Bible #51, B-Club's #73 & #79, Hobby Japan #9/92, MechaPress Jan/Feb '93, This is Animation Special Macross II, Bandai Monthly Journal #149, Macross II The RPG, Macross Chronicle #21 & #52, Macross II Viz Graphics Novel, and I know there's still at least one other B-Club reference) and none of them reference a VF-XS that I know of. I guess the right question is what is the last official publication of this design and it's name? ... is it the Dec of 1991 calling it VS-XS or is it VF-XS from a later date? I'd just like to know so I can start hunting for it to add to my collection.
  13. Came across this when going through my DEC 1991 vol.149 issue of the monthly Bandai Making Journal and strangely it refers to this design as the VS-XS. Both BMJ / B-Club were official Bandai publications back in the day and you'd think they get it right so is this a typo (or did Animage have the typo) or did it just change over time to conform to having a VF prefix ... anyone know?
  14. Congrats daBlah! Great finds! Lol ... that is sooo true!
  15. Thanks for sharing this ... so it looks like you have to request a quote for each item? Could you share roughly what fees are per item for their service (a flat fee, a percentage, etc.)?
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