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  1. Saw this video of the Moderoid booth and noticed this for a split second and couldn't believe my eyes... Chouriki Robo Galatt wasn't very popular/well-known (designed by Kunio Okawara). The main mech Janbu only got one transforming kit which was limited to 80's tech partsforming ... a modern take on this is so welcomed.
  2. Years back there was that release by Mayhem Mekanics - The Unrustables Otomo Exclusive, that did an Akira Homage that sorta fulfills this ... it came with an "Akira-themed" sticker sheet and is about the same size as the Yaiba CT-3X from Cyberpunk.
  3. Ohhh, great solution for the sidemarker lights ... they are way too white, thanks for the suggestion!
  4. @wm cheng Looks great in your display! The wash, the lights, especially the ctr console blue reflection on Kaneda! P.S. You can pop up the headlight higher or fully retract it if you hadn't messed with it yet
  5. Well ... not necessarily after what you described ... it's having me think differently and comparing them side by side without the light gimmick I think tells a different story. I put a lot of emphasis on the light feature from a personal standpoint because of wanting a Popy version. If that gimmick isn't as important in the long run then Bandai's is better as a standalone display piece. Besides the visible foot pedals the most obvious difference is that Bandai's wheel rims are chromed (making it appear heavier) where Ace's are clear plastic (for the LED feature) so when the lights are not on (which will be most of the time if not all of the time), clear plastic rims look cheap compared to chromed ones. Plus the Bandai has an additional chromed disc detail on the rear wheel where Ace's does not. So it boils down to whatever you value the most and how you think you'll derive the most enjoyment out of the piece and for me it was the lights ... but I can see that for someone else who might place a lot of importance on display factor, quality finish and the appearance of a high-quality/heavy piece it would be different.
  6. I have both and will say when I picked up the original Bandai release years ago I loved it. I remember thinking it was heavy, the front panels come off to reveal the inner workings of the die cast front suspension, etc. Then ACE released theirs and the first thing I noticed when holding it was the weight difference (Ace 14.1oz vs Bandai 11.3oz). The front suspension on ACE is chrome plated plastic instead of die cast. Part of that could be because it was easier to run all the wiring for the LEDs plus it's cheaper but the weight is more than made up for since the side panels on the ACE version (minus the canopy) are solid metal while Bandai's panels are plastic but can also separate into two pieces each to provide additional display options (to reveal more of the front suspension). The detailing in my opinion seems identical and is hard to spot, a screw hole here an extra dimple there, so there are some very minimal and subtle differences. The most noticeable difference parts-wise is there are actual foot pedals on Bandai's version while Ace's pedals are cast into the metal body itself. Another possible noticeable difference would be comparing paint quality. Bandai's paint is just flawless but on the ACE, depending on the one you get you may be able to detect a couple spots that you can argue is not flawless and will most likely vary from one model to the next. Again, overall it is generally hard to tell the difference between the two I think. At the end of the day, the lighting feature got me and wins hands down in my opinion ... you push the button at the base of the center console, turn out the lights, and it is like having a whole 'nother bike to look at and enjoy.
  7. Release date confirmed! 10/10/25
  8. I didn't like the idea of switching out heads on mine so I created tiny little visors on the parts for the fighter and put the giant heads away!
  9. Another cool Labor mashup (this time by kevin_lsn) using Yutaka Izubuchi's MS-18E Kampfer...
  10. ^ Love the F-15 Kai! Ever since I saw the cover art for the Patlabor/Zoids Crossover I'd been looking for more info on the unit in the background of the Tenjin art due to the unique design features ... When I saw the following I thought, "That's awesome!" ... did anyone catch that this is currently under development at 1/35 scale?
  11. Supposedly Tron: Ares just began shooting officially this month with a release date of 12-19-25. Even with a cast change and what not I'm excited! https://screenrant.com/tron-3-cast-story-details-updates/
  12. Update on this tragedy ... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-68090388
  13. Thanks, hard to believe it's been 1.5yrs and still waiting but that's how it goes. The idea spawned when messing with the transformation and realizing a three-wheel configuration was pretty natural for it. Modding was the following: • discard front cowling & side flaring • cut/sand down metallic purple horns on helmet • w/alcohol/q-tips remove: autobot symbol, all purple paint, and metallic charcoal on chest-piece • snag third wheel from duplicate, cutaway/sand hip armor (below), shape clear green eyepiece from leftover Gundam sprue, swap reverse forearm shield pieces (key) • paint: shoulders/thighs blue, upper-arms/feet silver, forearms & wheels white, chest/head yellow accent and voila! ... a temporary placeholder until Pose+ is done!
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