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  1. Shawn was giving these away during one of the mwcons a while back. Was able to pick up some with the intension of replacing mine but just never got to it. Let me try to dig it up. Or you can contact shawn directly maybe he still has some.
  2. How about for an autograph? Do we need tickets for that? Or you just line up after the panel?
  3. I strongly advice not to use the name Jesus as a curse word. It's very offensive.
  4. is this what your looking for? also have all the metal gear figures including metal gear rex (is it called rex?) but i' ll have to figure out which accessories goes to who
  5. nothing new except for the bandai reissue 1/55's. Yoshi was closed. no sign of any macross frontier stuff either
  6. no signe of the cms's cyclone or the alpha/beta fighter. the FF figures is all over the place ranging from $20-$25
  7. didnt see the cf at that store. Yoshi has it but i didnt ask how much he wants for it.
  8. there was this store who was selling the nora and ivanov for $200. its where they sell those vintage nike's and jordans.
  9. the only thing new was the MH mospeada for $55 apiece. Still didnt see the CM's though. Funny thing was that it had a toynami sticker on them. Treasure island had the 1/48 fastpacks for $65. Some Bandai soul of chokogin robots that I dont know anything about. revoltech asuka's (lowest I saw was $22) Other than that, the only thing that's overflowing was the new Iron Man figures.
  10. rye23

    cloud strife

    looking for FF advent children cloud with fenrir bike. loose is preferred.
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