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  1. AE was very responsive and polite. They went right to work filing a claim with DHL and asked if I could do the same in my end. DHL Customer Service told me to have the shipper file a claim, they weren't willing to do anything on my end. I explained that the driver left the package on my porch but claimed I signed for it. To be fair I have used DHL quite a few times for small overseas shipping and this is the first time damage occurred. The toys seem to have miraculously survived but the boxes and clamshells are a lost cause. We will see what AE and DHL work out . That aside the Max VF-1 looks great. Very happy that Bandai got back to releases in this line.
  2. Yet another Dougram? I wish they would move on to the other combat armors
  3. I didn't know this ever even went out of stock. Still hoping for a premium version
  4. I don't love it, but I don't hate it either. Will still be buying one
  5. Definitely hope to see a PF VF-0A. Has anyone ever nudged Mr. K about it? I wonder if it's on Arcadia's radar
  6. Same here. I am in Ohio and my only option was for DHL
  7. Just got my in stock email from AE
  8. No word yet. I emailed them but haven't heard back
  9. @vladykins nice collection! Glad to see I'm not the only Battletech fan here
  10. Same for me. Slow boat was 2600 yen or so I think in comparison
  11. Has anyone heard from Anime Export? I ordered another one from them but have yet to get an update
  12. I got mine from AmiAmi too - it was in a huge box but it was very well packaged. DHL is a solid choice for shipping in my opinion. Here's hoping they do lots of Zero stuff in the HMR line
  13. Interesting. Are they ever going to release the actual GBP armor...?
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