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  1. Its nice to see Bandai is accommodating everyone by selling a stand alone armor set as well as a combo pack. Makes sense to me to offer both, but Bandai has done sillier things in the past. Hopefully these aren't terribly difficult to get. The VF-1S Roy is still available in various places so my hope is that it's a new trend in Bandai Macross releases. The comically oversized hands are a fun addition.
  2. Another thank you to @Anasazi37for being a great buyer thats always enjoyable to deal with and giving my VF-0S a happy new home!
  3. Selling a couple figures... 1/60 Bandai YF-19 Full Set Pack - This is an excellent condition YF-19 that has been displayed in Gerwalk mode. Everything is included EXCEPT missiles and missile pylons. All other accessories, parts, instructions, and box pieces are present. SOLD 1/60 Yamato VF-11B - This is a very good condition VF-11B that was displayed in Gerwalk mode. Included is the valkyrie, super parts, and weapon. There is no box or display stand attachments. It features a very nice rainbow canopy. There is a crack in one of the hinges, but it hasn't caused any transformation issu
  4. Will we have to pay extra for the correct right and left legs?
  5. +1 for @Bobby for making my sale smooth and easy. Thanks!
  6. So is that date when the preorders start or when more information will be available? Definitely curious to see if its a bundle with a VF-1J. That will be kinda pricey. If it's a bundle, I will have an original edition VF-1J for sale.
  7. Selling my spare B- to C grade Yamato 1/48 VF-1J Stealth. Structurally it is sound and the joints are nice and tight. It's covered in stickers that are coming off and the cockpit has some scuffing. I think it's on the inside. The backpack antenna is bent which makes it a little troublesome. Part of the turbine detail from one of the feet fell out, but it should be easy to glue back in. It also has the incorrect brown intake covers. All of the accessories are included as shown, but there is no box or instructions. The small secondary fin on the back/top is present, I just didn't transform it co
  8. Finally had a chance to get my VF-0S out of the display cabinet and remove the armor. I wanted to do a thorough evaluation and get pictures before I posted it. It was used when I purchased it and this is only the second time I transformed it. The left hip is a bit looser than the right. Its still strong enough to stand and pose, but it is noticable. Its not as bad when they are pressed in, but as you pull them out with the extension feature it gets worse. One of the hips has slight chippage at the point above the air intake...can't remember which one at the moment. There is a pictur
  9. Looks awesome! I like those red tipped missiles
  10. I have a VF-0S regular finish I am looking to sell this week. Just need to get a few other projects rolling before I can grab some pictures.
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