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  1. Who is Richard Clark? Did somebody here take my image and share it to smear Calibre Wings? On the stream right now listening to Noel yell. I....don't understand? I sent a polite email to Calibre Wings asking about a replacement.
  2. Received the M&M set that I purchased from the sale. Unfortunately the box was crushed and the box is heavily damaged. I imagine the models are fine but really disappointed the nice collectors box is trashed. Debating if it's worth griping to Calibre Wings...
  3. Looking for the white/yellow/black Gn-u Dou VF-11B figure if anyone has for for sale. It's the VF-X2 GN-U DOU No.015Z VF-11B
  4. Slightly delayed thank you to @Mechinyunfor selling me a YF-21! It was very well packaged and shipped promptly. Much appreciated!
  5. Yeah I jumped on that one. Was planning to get the pair eventually but that's too good to pass up
  6. Very cool to see new Dougram stuff being released but wow that's expensive!
  7. Nope, will never use NY again
  8. Seemed to be catching flak for berating customers on Facebook. Maybe letting someone else handle PR now
  9. Corrinald

    Macross figures

    Would love to get the Arcadia version of Basara's ride...but I don't want it 55000 yen bad lol. I did preorder the figures from Amiami. Great representations of the characters
  10. I don't know anything about the series, but these are great designs that Hi Metal R is well suited for. Will have to collect them all, lol
  11. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    I am still holding on to hope that HMR Macross will continue in time. The other HMR figures are amazing, but they don't seem to be selling out in the way the Macross stuff did. The two packs mentioned earlier would be a nice way to release additional figures.
  12. Found thanks!
  13. That's kinda weird ...as those have never actually been out of stock there
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