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  1. Good point I hadn't considered the taxes if you are buying in the US. I really enjoyed the original gold and black version (and red and black) so will probably cave and get this set.
  2. Unfortunately it's no better directly from Kitzconcept. They want 209 + 54 shipping (unless you do slow boat I think that was 28ish). At least if you order from BBTS you don't have to pay until it comes in.
  3. Jetfire VF-1 is unexpected. Definitely ordering one
  4. They are still available. Kinda want one but afraid of the shipping cost
  5. They did say they will do a VF-1D...who knows when though. I suggested they do an Alaska Base VF-1A - you would think it would sell well. They also said the next character figure they do will be Max. There was even a preview of it quite some time ago. Maybe after the Minmay variations? I'm still waiting on the Heavy Armor set. Its been pushed back repeatedly. The Destroids are looking good, as well as the Regult and Glaug (I think? would be nice if it was standing up for the picture)
  6. I wonder how limited the production run is
  7. LOL really? Bandai......that is a very weird choice to continue this line finally. Let me go ahead and buy 5 of them!
  8. Ahh okay, yeah now I see it. That was unfortunately quite a step backwards on these toys and it turned me off a bit. They are definitely nice in Battroid mode but fighter mode got worse with the gigantic intakes and weird backpack/leg angles.
  9. Max's VF-1J looks good. Fighter mode appears to be tight and mostly straight. Better than my 1A's anyway Did they modify any tabs for the backpack/legs? I need to pick these two up at some point.
  10. Oh wow, didn't think they would create a premium finish version of the Tomahawk. Looks great!
  11. Corrinald

    Hi-Metal R

    Seems to have a legit rainbow canopy of some kind. That's interesting. Have noticed it in every real picture I have seen of one
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