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  1. I got an invoice for mine too. Generally I have stopped pre ordering anything from them since. It's been what, 3 years since the initial order for the heavy armor set? If that ever releases I will have some faith again
  2. I always use the slow boat shipping method due to the high shipping costs. They generally arrive in 8-10 weeks, and they have all been in good condition.
  3. The nearly $60 surface shipping for the two artillery battle pods made me put the brakes on too. Definitely not paying $100 shipping for the standard shipping option. I thought maybe there was some better deal than the preorder on the website for the pair, but that's it. I emailed them with my pre-order for the first battle pod (two years ago) but they just told me to go ahead and order them. There was no special link to a sale or anything.
  4. I would definitely buy a PF version if they were available again
  5. Agreed those do look good together!
  6. AE was very responsive and polite. They went right to work filing a claim with DHL and asked if I could do the same in my end. DHL Customer Service told me to have the shipper file a claim, they weren't willing to do anything on my end. I explained that the driver left the package on my porch but claimed I signed for it. To be fair I have used DHL quite a few times for small overseas shipping and this is the first time damage occurred. The toys seem to have miraculously survived but the boxes and clamshells are a lost cause. We will see what AE and DHL work out . That aside the Max VF-1 looks great. Very happy that Bandai got back to releases in this line.
  7. Yet another Dougram? I wish they would move on to the other combat armors
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