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  1. So far it looks better than I anticipated and I am excited to watch it. Nothing can ever compare with the original anime, but it looks like they have put a lot of passion into it.
  2. I dig the addition of vehicles and updated paint jobs on these. Hoping we also get some new Combat Armors too. The Hi Metal R line is perfect for Dougram mecha.
  3. Armor parts pending. Added pictures of VF-1J. This was a new but package damage item (factory second?) sale from Mandrake. Some slight corner dings on the boxes and the box lid tapes are wrinkly but have not been removed or opened. Just trying to break even on what I paid for it. Thanks for looking!
  4. Will consider reasonable offers for the VF-1J.
  5. New unopened original DX 1/48 VF-1J Hikaru for sale. I was saving this one for the eventual release of the GBP set, but I ended up getting a combo set. Asking $365 shipped in the United States sent as Paypal Friends & Family. SOLD Also have a spare New unopened DX GBP Armor Parts set - asking $175 shipped. SOLD
  6. I added my two cents - asking them to finish the Hi-Metal R line, especially the destroids and Kakizaki + Max. Added that the non transforming figures were the best part of the line and something like a Queadluun Rau would be great too. Also told them I am looking forward to the DX YF-21 that was shown and hoping they do a DX VF-11B as well.
  7. Maybe it can include both TV and DYRL heads so it could be either one. Some of the markings would have to be generic or include stickers though.
  8. Speak of the devil ..Just got confirmation email with shipping fee request for the combo pack.
  9. I haven't heard from Okiniland about my preordered Armor Set or VF-1J w/armor yet
  10. I am hoping for the same!
  11. LOL yeah thats pretty good. The post office usually stomps on my boxes too for good measure. Fedex generally delivers it to a random house up the street instead of my own.
  12. Who is Richard Clark? Did somebody here take my image and share it to smear Calibre Wings? On the stream right now listening to Noel yell. I....don't understand? I sent a polite email to Calibre Wings asking about a replacement.
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