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  1. Yeah I'd 2nd this. I haven't finished S1 started watching to prepare for S2 and I kinda just gave up on it. It wasn't strong enough to keep my interest, not that I probably wont go back and finish it.. but very meh.
  2. Just did a binge of DanMachi S4 and wrapped it up. Probably one of the better seasons for this series, possibly even the best one yet.
  3. I took a step back mostly because I was and still am utterly disgusted with how they f'd up Utawarerumono. But with that said.. we just finished a viewing of the original Armitage III ovas. I dug out the PolyMatrix movie and probably will screen that next. As for this season.. Tomo-chan was my real interest. The anime is funny and the manga is even better. Danmachi 2nd part of S4 I am playing catch up with. Looks good so far. Angel Next door is pretty amusing. S2 of the vampire dies in no time.. its stupid. But pretty funny.
  4. And yet another loss to the anime community... https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2023-03-09/code-geass-gaogaigar-character-designer-takahiro-kimura-passes-away/.195750 I was introduced to his artwork with the Viper Series PC games 😝 He was credited in many works.. including Macross Plus. Also worked with Clamp and produced some excellent artwork and animation. Sad day indeed. RIP
  5. This one hits me pretty hard. We lost one of the greatest Anime creators of all time. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2023-02-19/legendary-manga-creator-leiji-matsumoto-passes-away-at-85/.195093 God Speed on your final voyage Matsumoto-sensei, and thanks!
  6. Nostalgia is a helluva drug. These all look really cool, if you have the $$$ go for it. The SD voltron's look neat, just not $230 neat. I ended up picking up the Bandai SOC versions of both Lions and Vehicles, and that pretty much did it for me. I would seriously consider a reissue of the vintage chunky Bandai/Matchbox Voltron III. Some thing other then the Trendmasters last take with stupid tabs and colors being off.
  7. So I gave the Isekai Quartet Movie : Another world a go. It's about what you would expect of a movie from series that focuses on shorts and gags. It wasn't the series strong point, however it was still mildly entertaining. It does have plot references that loop back to the other franchises, but it leaves many open plot threads when all is said and done. But its Isekai Quartet so... yeah should not have expected much. After the credits roll there is a short animation that brings in 2 more characters from ReZero and without saying S3 is coming.. says S3 is coming.
  8. I forgot about that, I got the replacement parts for the TV Hikkaru with the Black and Gold valk. I am still owed a set of fast packs for the same. I need to fire off an email.
  9. Random text from DHL and surprise my KC God of Flame arrived. Outer Box is pretty standard KC fare at this point. I find myself missing their vintage style artwork on the Hero Valks. As I mentioned previously I am not a fan of the G1 Jetfire color schema. In this case though I like the metallic Red on the FPs I think it makes this one stand out. Inner box is standard fare, back of box not pictured shows the VF-1 top down line art in plane mode. Thank you KC for doing away with the Horrific Neon color Stands!! And lastly the bonus goodies which I almost lost when I was opening the box.. I did a quick once over and I am not noticing any immediate QC issues. Decals appear to be where they belong and nothing appears out of shape.
  10. Is that out? I'll have to keep an eye out of it. Just wrapped up a rewatch of Rascal does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai.. and the associated movie Rascal does not dream of dreaming girl. This series is very much a gem, and the movie goes hand and hand with the TV series. While I will admit that the movie changes the overall theme of the TV series to a much more serious tone. It does an excellent job wrapping up most of the loose ends that the TV series did not cover. If you have not watched this I would strongly recommend both.
  11. KC 1/72 line has it quirks, it also has its benefits. Level of Details with markings puts it on par with the Premium finish valks. And if you have a problem KC is pretty quick to respond. As opposed to Bandai.. anyone? Yellowing Frontier valks, HMR parts mismatch.. The comment that none of them are good is Troll bait.. don't like it don't buy it. I bought in for the SD valks and I might be the only one still commenting on my desire for more of them.. (puts on flame suit) I prefer them over the vintage Bandai Joke Machines. There I said it. I do agree @jvmacross about the latest version of VF1 valks, particularly with the tab placements that just look weird on the 2.5 releases.
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