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  1. Yes. I have never gotten anything KC outside of their website.
  2. My question was directly related to the VF-1S TV Hikaru.. which was getting shipped minus the fast packs for the reason stated above. They bundled my CF 1J and Hikki TV 1S in the same package, but held the fastpacks. When I inquired why this was the response I got.
  3. So interesting email from KC Customer Service. So what does this hint to? Possible Fast Pack V1.5?
  4. Kaguya S3 is outright crushing it. I fell behind and I am trying to catch up. Yes it is, I highly recommend the manga. So I went back and pulled a title from my shelf which I had mixed reviews on when I first watched it. Infinite Ryvius a Bandai release from the early 00's Very much a lord of the flies in space, but with a Rando Anime girl in it, which really does not make any sense. I am about halfway through it, and it gets REALLY dark.. to the point of where I don't remember any of this.. lol I am hoping to have it completed this week, the OP theme is stuck in my head.. definitely an ear worm.
  5. So just for giggles and sh*ts I went and found the manga for "Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu" and decided to read abit of it, to see if the flavor is any different. And boy is it ever! I don't wanna spoil it, but the MC REALLY hates the world he ended up in, as I mentioned previously the world is radically different from Western society with Women at the top and Men most of the time not even rating. This becomes really apparent early on and the MC grows incredibly bitter because of it. Lots of the events that take place transition to the anime medium exceptionally poorly, a good example is the Queen comes to the academy and if you go by the anime the MC is just a rando douche. If you go by the manga the scene is given its proper subtext and while the MC is still being a douche it is somewhat justified. I think the manga is still not something I would recommend, but its does give proper subtext to many of his more questionable choices and why he acts the way he does. The anime like usual cuts out way too much subplot and makes him look far worse then he is. Still even with all that I would say its one of the worse selections this season. Yuusha Yamemasu is still boring, not sure why the group is sticking with it.
  6. Items from KC generally come right to my doorstep. And generally (knocks on wood) have been pretty fast. I would expect my package in 7-10 days. Customs at least for me is pretty quick.
  7. Finally located Roy Bot! TBH I prefer the metallic paint scheme.
  8. Last episode was pretty good, but would make no sense to the casual viewer. The theme was Trauma.. And if you haven't played Clannad your not going to get the Akio & Sanae skit. As for the entire cast of Little Busters freaking out.. that was dark.. but made me laugh.
  9. I think context is needed here though.. the world that the MC is in is a Female dominated matriarchal society. Men are disposable and are treated very poorly. You can't really make the above statements without stating this fact. However.. I do agree this series is pretty bad and its MC is pretty terrible. Between getting preachy to others for doing what he himself is doing, and just generally being an A-hole. His Ai orb thing reminds him of that regularly.
  10. Been off the radar abit on my search for 86 Series.. still looking for perceptor. Did finally find blue and silver colored Silver Streak, and a Cliff Jumper.
  11. Went to Wallyworld, was looking for Arcade 1up stuff and found Hothead Harvey.. Metallic repaint.. chase version? Still need to find me a Roy Bot.
  12. Yeah, my email asked me how you wanted to ship. Seemed to be Surface (free) or $22 for express. Standard shipping option apparently is still not available from HK to US.
  13. I can't comment about Miss Kuroitsu as I did not watch it. If its worth a watch I may go back and find it. But your spot on about Love After World Domination, I think the manga does a better job with the overall pace, and while I am enjoying the anime I keep getting distracted by what is getting cut out, but they are doing much out of order so it may just yet come around only being 3 episodes in. I'm still on the fence with Otome game.. its not terrible but without spoilers the MC is pretty unlikeable in the manga. While Yuusha Yamemasu is just boring.
  14. I think Angel Beats saved Kaginado. 2 episodes in and I already think its beating Season 1 by leaps and bounds. Go check out the manga, I am enjoying the anime, but content is getting skipped. For obvious time constraint reasons..
  15. I have way too much on my viewing plate at this point of the season, and no immediate drops,... yet. I'm liking Skull Knight, and Spy x Family, Otome game and Yuusha, Yamemasu are probably the closest to the trash pile at this stage. And without stating the obvious Kaguya S3 is knocking it out of the park again.
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