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  1. I have a niece who just turned 13 and is full on tweening out. A visit to the mall with her requires a stop at just about every teen shop in the area.. much to my dismay. The sheer amount of anime related merchandise at these stores made me even feel more like a boomer.
  2. That looks about right, apparently it does say Robotech on the tag inside the shirt.. missed that.
  3. Just an FYI, I recently spied some SDF Macross t-shirts at Hot topic. These did not appear to have Robotech emblazoned anywhere which surprised me. If your looking for Macross T's its worth checking out.
  4. I almost forgot the WW2 images.. again strictly for landing gear research purposes only! 😆 I pulled a sampling this time, but most were white. Ok back to your regularly scheduled programming..
  5. More varied pictures for strictly landing gear research reference... 😁
  6. Did someone mention F-14 landing gear? BTW, I have these in uncompressed form if anyone wants them.. My best part of the summer was getting to familiarize myself and get flght rated on several WW2 planes. For American aircraft white is the predominant color for undercarriage, best guess on my part is to make any leaks or other issues readily apparent during visual inspection.
  7. This is what they should have released back in the mid to late 80's. I wouldn't call this a masterpiece now, as this does not meet the bar. I am sure anyone with some even elementary model skills could put a little spit shine on this and make it look better. But TBH even if it was a "masterpiece" I still would pass, 8 or 9 year old me would love it, 43 year old me is like meh.
  8. I probably would have jumped on this if it didn't have RS name plastered all over it. Pass. It did get funded though for those that went in on it.
  9. wow RIP, I met him by total random chance during a business trip over seas with a previous employer. I was the only one who recognized who he was and it shocked him that a Foreigner was quite familiar with his work. I should go through my stuff and locate that autograph. god speed man.
  10. Just got my order from Okiniland yesterday 9/27. Ordered on 9/22 way to go DHL..
  11. Well since we are now well into the Sunset of the Summer 2021 anime season, any shows that really stand out? Higurashi, Dragon Maid, and Duke of Death. Probably in that order. Lots of meh this season.. Next season is not looking much better, hopefully I am wrong.
  12. If people are selling your scans on ebay, that is pretty crappy. I still want to convert one of my 1up Counter cades. I again almost had an upright but it fell through my hands.
  13. I think the difference with Alita was that the director is reported to be a huge fan of the original work. I also enjoyed the Ghost in the Shell live action movie as well, much more then I thought I would have TBH. After reading some of the latest internet news, it appears that the train wreck for CB has already begun. It does not bode well when actors start attacking the fanbase..
  14. You literally just named every anime genre on the face of the planet... lol The people who had issues with the aforementioned series, were the same people complaining about Uzaki-chan, and probably ever other fanservice anime. Speaking of fanservice anime. Megami-ryou no Ryoubo-kun,,,,, um yeah at least you know what its about in the first 5 min. lol I have changed my opinion about the 2nd Season of Kobayahi, its good enough that if you liked S1 you should like S2... Higurashi is still probably my highlight this season.. Cheat pharmacist is still the worst of this season..
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