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  1. Happy New Year 2022, y'all! Hopefully everyone had a happy, restful and safe holiday season, because I'm about to be a pain in your butt... Or rather, wallet. As promised back in Spring of last year, I'm offering the Biopsycher Bioroid (hereafter HEMORROID) as a follow-up kit to last year's 1/48 BIO LLOYD. This kit, unlike the Bio-Lloyd, will include a cockpit ball, and will include both pistols featured with the Bio, but with corrected details for the officer's version (Thanks to Ted E.) The kit will be available in 2 versions: -HEMORROID/BUG FACE only (no sled) -HEMORROID/BUG FACE W/HOVER-SLED Please take note: the BUG FACE parts will only be available for the pre-order window Looking to get 30 orders, so who's in?
  2. There is a sketchup file floating around for the MAC MK II monster. I've been working on it to make it 3D printable for a while. Then about a month or so ago, grimmindustries on thingiverse put out an articulated version. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1461419 (note the other monster pictures in wip 2-21-16 was from Macross VOXP) I had printed out a prototype of the original file for the torso in ABS on my Raise3d N2 printer. many print issues, the door ended up breaking off. I was working on fixing it up. grimm put out his version and I tried rescaling it down but it wasn't reliable enough to get the scale correct. the parts didn't fit together right. I discovered though I could import the STL files back into sketchup and rescale it in there. Layed out the parts and printed them off. Far cheaper then shapeways. Ended up having to super glue it together because the parts were still too loose and I had to use a dremal tool on a number of the joint sockets to make them fit. Made an 80mm base for it. I laid out a battle force of the various factions I have stuff for to take some pictures. Did a Monster verse BT as well to show the scale of it to BT mechs Close up of it before I painted it. and painted. It still has many issues which have to do with how my printer is printing it, I'm working on enhancing the torso section by splitting it in two. The joint parts in his model don't fit in their sockets completely. Not sure if it is an issue with my printer or his model. I am going to add details below the loading door and add in the front access door in the front. Here is how I split the original in two to fix it,
  3. Hola, Espero no molestar a nadie por no tratarse de un mensaje de Macross, si no de Robotech (Soy un hereje!) Este mensaje es para promocionar mi fanfic de Robotech, llamado El Ascenso de la Sombra, que es una continuacion imaginada por mi de Robotech Chronicles (lo que HG cancelo apodado Shadow Rising). Por el momento hay 3 capitulos, pero planeo actualizarlo regularmente. El link es: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13884666/1/Robotech-El-Ascenso-de-la-Sombra Espero no enojar a nadie con este mensaje por tratarse de Robotech, pero aclaro que tambien soy un fan de Macross. Espero les guste, y perdonen la mala escritura. Saludos. Sempai.
  4. https://www.kidslogic.toys/pages/minitechgames Kids Logic is proud to announce our new product line, MiniTech (stands for Miniature Technique), a miniature model series for tabletop games. Each (1/285 scale) miniature stands approximately 4-7 cm tall, capturing the favourite characters and mecha from anime. All miniatures are featured in detail sculptures and come with dynamic posture. We have prepared over 50 miniatures to be manufactured in 2019-2020. They will be scheduled to release every month starting from Oct 2019. This non-painted multi-part resin kit contains less than 5 components. It could be assembled by super glue within 10 minutes. Super glue is not included in this kit.
  5. Digital sculptures of the legioss from mospeada for 3D Print and assemble. all comments are welcome! my page for more: https://www.facebook.com/ermax3d/
  6. I dont thk anyone posted abt this yet though its mentioned in jenuis's blog as a 90cm SDF-1 statue... http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=9672
  7. If the show kept the storyline from SDFM pretty much the same, except for the japanese character names changed into english, no Mospeada & Southern Cross involvement and the title is Starship Macross. Would the show have appealed to western audience like ''R'' show did?
  8. 1/6 Dana Sterling (Robotech Masters) / Jeanne Fránçaix (Southern Cross)
  9. Would be nice to include this to the 'Guide to the Differences Between Macross & Robotech' thread. The History of Robotech Vol. 1 Harmony Gold & The Birth of Robotech by Toy Galaxy The History of Robotech Vol. 2 The Movie, A Lawsuit, & Government Trouble by Toy Galaxy The History of Robotech Vol. 3 Games, Comics, Books & Licensing Nonsense by Toy Galaxy The History of Robotech Vol. 4 Lots of Lawsuits, Failed Kickstarters, & The Future by Toy Galaxy The History of Robotech 2021 Edition Everything Is About To Change by Toy Galaxy
  10. El genio de la resina de MW, Captain america, ha anunciado que quiere intentar sacar adelante un proyecto para hacer un kit de resina del Gurab de Mospeada a escala 1/48. - Como en otros proyectos, el kit viene sin pintas y montar. - Escala 1/48, alrededor de unos 10,2 cm de altura una vez montado. - Incluye cañones de los hombros opcionales. - El precio: 100 USD cada uno. Para que el proyecto salga adelante se necesitan al menos unos 30 pedidos. El pago es por adelantado. Hay que apuntarse en el hilo en inglés: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=40117#entry1081601 Si podéis, por favor difundid el prooyecto Podéis ver algunos de sus otros trabajos en estos hilos: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35100&hl= http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35684&hl= http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=33405&hl= http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=38959&hl= http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=user_activity&mid=632&search_app=forums&userMode=title&sid=4c548a28d82b4a59f3d7a98399df5090&search_app_filters[forums][searchInKey]=&search_app_filters[forums][sortKey]=date http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=35962&hl= :http://www.macrossworld.com/800/cool8tor-build-of-captain-americas-172-regult-scout/
  11. Apparently after the Robotech RPG Tactics debacle and subsequent loss of the Robotech/Macross IP from HG, Strange Machine Games now has the SDF-M/RT IP and has released a new RPG using their Advantage 6 (AD6) system. I have a copy and so far I like it. It isn't hard to make adjustments to run SDF Macross games, just change some terminology. An ebook copy can bought at RPG DriveThru. I'm strongly thinking of making some fan supplements for the RPG so GMs and Players can run games within other eras of the Macross canon (yes even the alternate universe of Macross II). Of course none of the RPGs mechanics or components can be published in the fan supplement except for stats and components not in the core book. Robotech RPG by SMG So what do you guys think? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Edit] General Review: I've analyzed the game after a run and mostly theory play, the game works mostly on the narrative style rather then simulation. Although there are various optional rule that allow for more simulation style play and high legality modes. The general mechanics are: Narrative > Conflict > Resolve > Narrative. Most RPGs operate or are supposed to operate in this fashion. Robotech by Palladium attempts to use a more direct direct approach to Simulation leaving the Narrative to abstract conflicts with some conflict resolution conducted with the use of skills. Much like how D&D works, the characters have stats that represent the physical and mental capabilities of the character. Skills and combat are derived off of those stats. This a stat derivative simulation where the data drives the character. When is comes to combat everything has a large number of damage points to represent the material health of an object. Although in Palladium there are some system consistency issues, largely it is ruled by the Mega Damage system and concept where a certain material cannot be damaged unless the weapon also deals mega damage. This, although not ideal, is fine for simulation of large advanced vehicles and assets. The biggest complaint with the mega damage system is number bloat for damage which tends to bog down the flow of game play. The other complaint I often hear is that Palladium is that resolution of conflict, especially in combat in where large numbers of combatants are present, aren't handled too well. The refers to swarms, as seen with tens of battle pods. This leads to numbers bloat and upkeep bog down during combat. Many shortcuts have to be created by the GM to resolve such battles. In Robotech by SMG, the system is much different. The game is described as a hybrid of narrative and simulation conflict resolution. There isn't any attribute stats to generate, as it is assumed that you are generally competent in the role you are playing. You are a hero after all. Instead of a series of derived stats there is a skill system. These skills are derived by the role the player has selected. Level of competency with in skills are regulated by a simple priority system. This ranges from Specialized, Focused, to Versatile. These skills are used for all conflict resolution. The two types of conflict are Social and Combative. The system, at first glance, seems very simple, especially to those who are used to such systems as D20 and Mega Damage systems which are very simulation based. The system is designed to handle conflict resolution at a quick pace preventing choke points where upkeep bogs things down. This accomplishes many things: allows players who aren't familiar with the system to quickly generate a character, prevent people from becoming disinterested when bog down occurs while waiting for their turn, and maintain flow of the story and game. Combat in A6 Robotech is much like how the narrative role play works. Damage is more system function oriented and complete destruction of vehicles don't always happen. It comes down to what the character is doing or how they are behaving that dictates if they parish or not. This is the narrative aspect. Where as the system damage and structure points are a set of indicators to dictate the condition of the vehicle before it can no longer engage in the conflict and limps away damaged. The combat system has a few optional rules to increase and decrease lethality and also rules to make the game more narrative or more simulation based. You can pretty much say that SMG's A6 system is a middle ground between Palladium's simulation style Mega Damage system, and Mongoose Publishing's Paranoia which is solely a narrative system. I often compare A6 Robotech (A6 being the system that Strange Machine Games [SMG] uses) to Paranoia because of the narrative element and conflict resolution. Although, Paranoia's conflict resolution is handled by the whims of the GM and dice rolls are largely superficial. A6 Robotech keeps structured elements as seen in simulation based systems and unites it with narrative role playing. I have game-mastered many games in Palladium's system and in Paranoia. I personally like how this game works. It can feel over simplified at first, but the depth is created by the players though the system of skills, traits, career, nature, and stress which all guide its narrative play. I feel the system really fits with the Macross story narrative, and beside the nomenclature difference which is easily corrected by a GM that knows the pure Macross canon, can easily run games that have a genuine Macross feel. Overall, it doesn't matter what system you use whether it is Palladium, Advantage 6 [A6], or whatever system you want to run your game in, how well your game is played is up to the GM.
  12. Just working on some of my favorite things of macross, mospeada and southerncross. here is a video of the gallant and how it assembles:
  13. Black aces vf-1 diecast macross tomcats recently were customised calibre wings F-14s. And they displayed weathered tomcats in their FB page recently. I wonder if they are gonna release weathered F-14s in macross livery. They added a date 20th july together with the annoucement post on fb. So perhaps there will be more details on wat will be released then. Hold on to your wallet folks its gonna b a bumpy ride!
  14. Hi! just made a video review about my build and mods to improve the kit. I hope you like it!
  15. Hello, I am someone who has been making (and commissioning) Mospeada fan art. I am wondering if there are references to uniform colors and unit insignia for the regiments in the show, or maybe planned but was not released. The only reference we got were Mars Base, the collage down below. Wanted to know if there are uniforms for Jupiter Base or other bases as well? In addition, I am curious about uniform concept art since...I am starting to wonder if Mars Base soldier had take off their suit before donning their armor since the fabric part of the MOSPEADA suit--based on their waist area--always show the undershirt, even those who aren't wearing long sleeve shirt (Houqet/Rook and Yellow/Lancer).
  16. http://hlj.com/product/KZC10002 http://www.collectiondx.com/news_item/81016/kitz_concept_super_deformed_robotech_vf1s_roy_fokker Saw the HLJ link on my Facebook page, and brief researching turned up the CollectionDX link. It's branded as a Robotech toy, but all the same. I dunno if it already has a dedicated topic, but in case it doesn't, I figured I'd share for those who are interested. MSRP of 8800 JPY.
  17. I am moving and can't take a majority of my models kits with me...no basement. I have tons of vintage Macross, Southern Cross, Mospeada, and Orgus Kits. Sell them for what I paid for them. Lot's of kits are only $5 plus shipping. No kit younger than 20 year old, most are from the 1980's. You can find the collection at https://snarkylizard.com
  18. This seems promising http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=99333
  19. Hi, I have a few items for sale. Prices do not include shipping. Shipping within the Continental US only. Local pick-up in the Garden Grove, California area preferred. Discounts for multiple items. Please PM or email at me at soupaphone@yahoo.com if you interested. Thanks, Felix FOR SALE New/MISB Kitzconcept 1/72 VF-1S and Super Armor ***SOLD*** New/MISB Fans Toys Rouge ***SOLD*** New/MISB GIANT TAKARA DIACLONE LOT ***SOLD*** DA-17 BIG POWERED GV Independent Mobile Squad Version DA-18 Big Powered GV Independent Mobile Squad Dia-nauts Set DA-19 Big POWERED GV Land Battle Cruiser DA-11 Dia-battles V2 (ALPHA PLUS Version) DA-07 Cosmo Battles 02 DA-06 Dia-Battle V2 Cosmo Maneuver Type DA-04-02 Dia-Naughts Set 2 DA-08 Powered System Set C Type DA-10 Powered Systems Set C & D/ Cosmo Marines Version DA-20 Powered Systems Set E Type DA-27 Powered Systems Maneuver Gamma DA-28 Powered System Maneuver Delta DA-29 Battle Buffalo MK.IV (Striker)
  20. Hello, I'm trying to recover from my collection being stolen and it hasn't been easy at all. I have the blue Beta Fighter, and am trying to locate a blue Alpha to complete the set. While I would prefer the blue one, I am open to the others. Except the pink one. I require that the toy be like new. Let me know if you can help! Thanks.
  21. hey whats up guys. Looking to sell a Masterpiece Scott Bernard alpha vol.1 Its in mint condition. Box is mint. Unopened. Im selling it for 150 shipped anywhere on west coast. For the east coast, it will be 160 OR 140 PICKED UP LOCALLY! Thank u guys!
  22. I am selling the last of my Toynami collection. Found myself liking the Arcadia/Bandai/Yamato valks more and looking to help fund a honeymoon. I have for sale MIB both Scott Bernard and Rand Cyclones. Never been opened, never displayed, kept in the original white box in a smoke free home. I would like to sell as a set and try here first before Ebay, but I know these are not cheap. I am on the straight shooters list. I will except PayPal gift, else add 4% paypal fee. Shipping will be via UPS coming from Ohio. Shipping is included in the price. If you have questions please ask. US buyers only. $1100 for both. NOTE: The Toynoami shipping box was for two Rands, but both will come in this box. I will place this package in another shipping box.
  23. As mentioned in my other sale, I am parting with the Toynami Valks. These are MIB, never opened, and come from a smoke free home. Would like to sell as a complete set. Items will ship from Ohio and is included in price. US buyers only. I will accept PayPal gift, else add 4% fee. I am on the straight shooters list. If you have questions please contact me. Lot includes 0-13. Selling for $500.
  24. Hey all, This is me offering a third possible re-release of my 1/48 crab line of models for your consideration: the Blueberry Crab (Inbit Gamo doppleganger) As with previous offerings, I would need a 10-order minimum (payable up-front) to kick the project off. If you're interested, let your typing fingers fly! Basic kit price per crab: $205 CAD (about $165 US) -Price per kit shipped (US/Canada): $240 CAD -Price for 2 kits shipped (US/Canada): $461 CAD -Price per kit shipped (international): $263 CAD
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