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  1. Pure speculation. But I wonder if the mecha design to the Supervision Army is similar to Valkyrie Battroids? Maybe the UN Spacy found mechas that they based their Battroids design from?
  2. I agree with the common eye sensor. Even the Gnerl and Quel-Quallie Theatre Scout Pod has the eye sensors and feels they belong more in line with Zentreadi aesthetics. The DYRL Nousjadeul-Ger are one of my favourite mecha in Macross and I'm happy it got a redesign for the film. However, if the tv show male suit had somewhat the design similar to Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross Bioroid suits like the examples here, they would look more in line with Zentraedi aesthetic despite not having the eye sensors. But at least the streamlined and more biomechanical figures would. Just add the turret and booster thrusters.
  3. Sorry for that. I will try to say this in a more diplomatic way: The male suit parts are so inconsistent. The penguin flat feet and the helmet doesn't match with the overall streamlined body.
  4. Ah almost forgot about the Queadlunn-Rhea. Honestlu and I probably said it before, I never liked the tv-version of the Nousjadeul-ger. It looks like it's been put together from a pile of wreckages. Would rather liked if there were a male version of the Queadluun like the Rhea for the tv-series. While the organic Nousjadeul-Ger Dyrl suits more for the more organic Zentraedi inspiration in the film.
  5. Could male Zentraedi operate the Queadluun-Rau? There are several color themes for it and males could go for the darker color ones? Or is the design too ''feminine'' for males? Something like this?
  6. When we are still in the subject of ships here, is there any official sketch and concept art of the SDF1 before it crashes on Earth? Could it look something like this? Another question: It was piloted by giant Supervision Zentraedis right?
  7. Why did the Zentraedi use Boquomouxy Quel-Quallie Theatre Scout Pod only as a scout vehicle? It seems well armed, big and can carry a handful of Zentreadi soldiers. Couldn't they have used it as a offensive attack vehicle?
  8. I wonder if some of the ship and mecha designs of the Varuta army is very much the same as the Supervision ones. The Zentraedi didn't changed that much over the centuries with their vehicles, so maybe it was the same with the Supervision Army.
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