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  1. I wonder if some of the ship and mecha designs of the Varuta army is very much the same as the Supervision ones. The Zentraedi didn't changed that much over the centuries with their vehicles, so maybe it was the same with the Supervision Army.
  2. My feeling is they should have gone for DYRL version for the SDFM show as well. Since the Queadluun-rau in both media are almost identical, they should have done the same for the Nousjadeul-ger too.
  3. This is from ''R'' comics but I like it. It's like a hybrid of the TV and Dyrl version. The suit still retains the feet and the overall bulky design from the tv-version, but the turret and head are similar to DYRL. Took screenshots of the suit.
  4. Nah it wasn't me but it was really well done!
  5. Added the Regult cyclop eye visior on to the Gnerl pod.
  6. https://deadline.com/2022/04/hawkeye-rhys-thomas-sonys-robotech-1235009525/
  7. Why do the infamous Robotech always have some cool stories?? Thanks for the tips!
  8. It was a crappy work of me. I think if we ever get a remastered version of the tv-show, they should just swap it with the DYRL version.
  9. If we ever get a remastered SDFM with additional new scenes that are most likely CGI, would replacing the Nousjadeul-ger with the DYRL version have any impact for the show? I've always liked that version better than the tv ones. If the Queadluun-Rau can have the identical look for the show and movie, why not for the Nousj as well?
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