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  1. I know, but parts of the arms and legs from Macross is still dark grey, while in this comic it's all purple except the feet and hand. Regardless, I've always felt the purple color matches the male suit better than green.
  2. I KNOW I shouldn't mention the ''R'' franchise here. But this comic of R:Megastorm had a fully purple suit with orange visior. I just feel it looks very organic with this color scheme and I dig it!
  3. Can somebody give me the official and right description of the Nousjadeul-ger tv version feet? Is it that large like this photo? In this photo from episode 31 SDFM, it look smaller and more compact
  4. The movie vers will always be my favourite design, but recently I'm starting to like the tv-version. The penguin feet still annoys me, but in some angles it doesn't look so bad. Maybe the toy figures and some pictures makes the feet bigger than what they are? Example it looks OK here The Boldolza suits looks good
  5. Ah I see thanks. Btw, a bit off-topic, but could you see the standard Zentradi space suit being upgraded as a medium-armored exosuit? Like a light-weight counterpart to the Nousjadeul-ger? Always felt they look like they already wore a exosuit some sort.
  6. We didn't see the Nousjadeul-ger suits in SDFM that much compared to DYRL?. So does that mean in the tv-show, it wasn't mass-produced, and only used for special missions? While in DYRL?, they were just a standard suit/mecha like the Regult pods?
  7. Repainted the standard Regult and Heavy Missile Carrier. It's how I envision they would look like if the Meltrandi did use them in DYRL.
  8. Is that the tactical scout? That means other variants such as the missile carriers both light-heavy and possibly even the Glaug is unseen in the movie.
  9. Even though we didn't see other variants, I have a feeling they were off-screen. Maybe one of them is the heavy missile carrier? I added the missiles pod from the SDFM series variant into the movie version.
  10. I feel like DYRL, the size were a bit more accurate for the Zentradi soldiers? In this shoot where Roy is captured, we can clearly see the Battleroid is a head larger than the standard Zentradi grunt
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