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  1. I like the design a lot and I wished the original SDFM Nousjadeul-ger suit was similar to it. The original Nousjadeul-ger design always bugged me.
  2. If we first take a look at the Reguld pod variants, they have a set of missile launchers attached to them without removing any mechanics of the standard ones. But with the Glaug Power Up, the legs are removed. Can it be seen as a different mecha than just a variant of the Glaug?
  3. Would you be excited or very worried? The man made Transformers popular and huge box office numbers.
  4. What do people think? Many artists are doing retro 80's sound nowadays, so it does have it's appeal?
  5. Found a great site that analyzed vehicles and events from SDFM. Here are some screenshot mostly of Zentraedis. Here is the site: https://superdimensionalanalysis.com/a-robotech-macross-photo-essay/
  6. I don't know if this was intentionally done. But I notice that almost all the mechanics that are classified as ''Pods'' has a cyclops visior. Except for the re-entry landing craft.
  7. I get that, but if were to put the mechanics that has arms and legs, then the Gnerl and Landingcraft cannot be put in the category of mobile suits? Or can we call a car and motorbikes for mobile suits too? Quel-Quallie scout ship and the Salvage ship have more in common with a Queadluun-rau than a car?
  8. If the show kept the storyline from SDFM pretty much the same, except for the japanese character names changed into english, no Mospeada & Southern Cross involvement and the title is Starship Macross. Would the show have appealed to western audience like ''R'' show did?
  9. lol I agree, does look like a diving suit. I think the Boddole color theme looks better
  10. But if you had to pick one that has a design that stands out from the other mechs, which one would you choose?
  11. @uzernaem Just curious, what do you think about the Nousjadeul-Ger? Does it look alien to you?
  12. That's a great point. The legs have organic design. But the cockpit body is very human-centric made.
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