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  1. Nah it wasn't me but it was really well done!
  2. Added the Regult cyclop eye visior on to the Gnerl pod.
  3. https://deadline.com/2022/04/hawkeye-rhys-thomas-sonys-robotech-1235009525/
  4. Why do the infamous Robotech always have some cool stories?? Thanks for the tips!
  5. It was a crappy work of me. I think if we ever get a remastered version of the tv-show, they should just swap it with the DYRL version.
  6. If we ever get a remastered SDFM with additional new scenes that are most likely CGI, would replacing the Nousjadeul-ger with the DYRL version have any impact for the show? I've always liked that version better than the tv ones. If the Queadluun-Rau can have the identical look for the show and movie, why not for the Nousj as well?
  7. Do you think the tanker has a slit cyclop eye like the Salvage Ship and Regult/Glaug pods? Because the concept drawing seems to suggest this. I took a screenshot of EP11 and doesn't seem like it.
  8. The SDF-1 is amongst the smaller vessel if we compare it to the Zentraedi fleet. So I wonder if the Supervision Army was likely human size? Maybe their mechas was also close to the UN Spacy by being humanoid.
  9. Just wanna say I love the girl in your avatar. Eunha from disbanded Gfriend right?
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