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  1. Just wanna say I love the girl in your avatar. Eunha from disbanded Gfriend right?
  2. The Overlord and Ranger Invid class together with sheer numbers of their smaller crab units would surely make them a more evenly match against the Zentraedis.
  3. Nice! I've seen the page too when I google Invid-Zentraedi.
  4. I think instead of changing the existing Invid mecha size, I would rather add the Overlord and Ranger class mecha to be as big as the Regult to fight the Zentraedi.
  5. No I'm not the person you think I am. Just interested in Macross and Robotech, despite I know many don't.
  6. Oh did the Sentinels comics had any Zentraedi mecha fighting the Invid even though they were a part of the UN Spacy?
  7. I get the feeling the Invid in Sentinels are more powerful than the ones in Mospeada. Like you mentioned, they had more ships and vehicles in the novels and comics. Also, slightly size differences as well. But I agree, the Zentraedi's experience in fire control and warfare in general gives them a huge advantaged over the Invid.
  8. A bit off-topic, but let's say the Robotech Masters aka Zor left a heavy garrison of ships and bioroids to defend Tirol from the Invid in the movie The Sentinels. Since the Zentraedi like you said will have no problems defeating the Invid due to size difference and millions of ships, how would the Masters do against them when those differences are gone? We see Tirol getting stomped in the movie because it just had a skeleton defence. But what if there were hundreds of motherships and thousands to tens of thousands bioroids? Could the Masters that created the Zentraedi from the Robotech lore stop the Invids invasion?
  9. Could the Invid give the Zentraedi a big bloody nose before going down? How will the battle be like and will the Zentraedi suffer more casaulties then against UN Spacy?
  10. Do you think the Invid can win through sheer numbers if they retain their original size against the Zentraedi? Or the Regess just upgraded their firepower to be equal to Zentraedi forces.
  11. The closest bioroids fighting invids are the Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comics. I'm reading it now and it's fun.
  12. Darn I didn't know it was such a mess and conflict in this.
  13. Okay I changed the Gamo's size since you said it will be the counterpart of the Glaug. @Podtastic
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