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  1. You see that's the point. A lot of these guys either aren't able to obtain the publications or come here to flesh out the fluff for the game. The whole reason I recovered my old MW handle was so I could learn the new fluff and back story, and any other holes in my knowledge to make my home brew system. I wouldn't have known all that and would have made the same mistakes that the game publishers do. With that knowledge I can now flesh out better fluff for the destroids and variable fighters. I'll open a new thread once my system is ready. I'll post the PDF files on that thread
  2. I said similar. Chobium armor is a lightweight highly resistant composite, for which the manufactur is an official secret of the United Kingdom. OTM is the name but unofficially, according Kawamori, is space metal. Hyper carbon which I've seen referenced several time in Macross publications, is in real life Carbon 60. So much retcon. I really stopped caring. To me it is space metal, that is what Kawamori said in the beginning, that is what it is.
  3. Naturally the VF-1 would seem less armored then the Tomahawk. Us in the know understand the VF-1 uses energy convertion armor with hyper carbon. And the Tomahawk uses a composite armor similar to real life chobium armor. The thing is that both are equally strong, but it is obvious that the designers are casual fans of the series and don't dive into the details. This is where good GMs know the subject material and make modifications where necessary. I went back to working on FEMAS and tinkering with the combat system. Debating whether I should use target number or threshold numbers f
  4. It didn't look as though they did. I saw a ton of obvious mistakes even to Robotech. They didn't even use real life terms like FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) which is a system they actually use in real life and in Macross. I thought it was overly simple. My gripe was that any skill could be used for almost anything. There wasn't a set of specialized skills for combat or social or technical. Saying that the system was a little to similar to FEMAS (Fast Engagement Mecha And Sci-Fi), a system I've been working on as a general open source system that uses some similar mechanics to
  5. Ahhh! I hadn't played Macross: 2023 or Macross: Eternal Love Song yet. I remember the VF-X-4 being in the PC98 game.
  6. Hello, I've been trying to hunt down some rare art. I found this little gem and made an attempt to clean it up and enhance it. It is the VF-X-4 Siren from the Macoss: Remember Me game on th PC98, correction Macross: Eternal Love Song promotional art. Thanks to @Seto Kaiba for the correction. Original drawing unknown author; possibly by Koichi Ohata. Enhancement and Color done by Me.
  7. Hi @sketchley, I'm using my own conversation using @Mr March's database as reference. Any another Macross reference I can find. All I need is the size, mass, thrust, velocity and any other relevant details. I have a pretty good handle on the mecha since I've been doing this for over 20 years. Your resources will still be helpful. The way the system works, there isn't a conversation that can be made, directly anyway. It is more of a narrative, descriptive rpg. The combat is dice pool based kind of like shadowrun. The stress system tracking drama and fatigue is pretty good. Here is
  8. This game is more about narrative style of play which I feel encompasses the story aspect of Macross rather then trying to quantify cold hard stats. Yes Palladium is only what we've known for many years, so many are biased by it. After many years of playing Macross games Palladium was terrible for this style of story telling. I've played though the final product and it feels far more cinematic. I really like how my game played out like a Macross series and the interactions between characters seemed richer. Combat is fairly basic but I like the more abstract systems and components damage rathe
  9. Apparently after the Robotech RPG Tactics debacle and subsequent loss of the Robotech/Macross IP from HG, Strange Machine Games now has the SDF-M/RT IP and has released a new RPG using their Advantage 6 (AD6) system. I have a copy and so far I like it. It isn't hard to make adjustments to run SDF Macross games, just change some terminology. An ebook copy can bought at RPG DriveThru. I'm strongly thinking of making some fan supplements for the RPG so GMs and Players can run games within other eras of the Macross canon (yes even the alternate universe of Macross II). Of course none of the RPGs
  10. Seeing the love for Macross in KSP always makes me smile. Gamrin Kerman to the rescue!
  11. Cool, nice job I like it a lot. I added more SMS logo's to the GERWALK and Battroid mode. I'll take a crack at coloring your image if it is alright with you. Again, original coloring by Mr March.
  12. Ok, cool, so it is not the Caliburn. It all makes sense now. Is there any more line art for the VF-19Advance?
  13. I've looked at the footage for M.F.: Wings of Goodbye and I realized it is basically the VF-1A upgraded with newer FAST boosters and armor parts. The model I've seen posted on the internet looks nothing like the VF-19EF in the movie footage. The picture below, I took the YF-19 from Mr March's site and added SMS logos. Please note: The original was colorized by Mr March.
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