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Found 4 results

  1. I reached out to KC to get some updated information on release dates. This was their response... For your information, the update available date of all preorders are as followings: 1/72 VF 1-J Rick June 2020 1/12 Lisa July 2020 1/12 Roy August 2020 1/12 Minmei (Cheongsam) Oct 2020. Should you need any further information, please feel free to let us know. Thank you. MY
  2. So since we have threads for general discussion of sci-fi, anime, and other genres, I figure why not have a thread for martial arts movies? Come talk about any good asian martial arts movies, from hong kong, japan, korea, thailand, etc. Yesterday, i watched Azumi, a great samurai/assassin kinda movie set in japan in about the 1600's. Really cool sword fights, great choreography, good cinematography, and a super cute assassin girl. I would describe it as a live action anime. I've loved this movie since i first saw it a few years ago and developed a huge crush on Aya Ueto because of it. So, if you can find a copy of it i highly recommend it. For anyone just getting into hong kong action movies, I really have to suggest my favourite kung fu star, Donnie Yen. He's a guy that never gained the recognition in the west that his peer Jet Li has, but I believe that he is as good, if not better, than Jet. He has the skill (just as Jet does) to make the fighting style of each one of his characters different. Watch Flash point to see MMA inspired fight scenes and Ip Man for Wing Chun. He is also one of the best fight choreographers in HK cinema, working on the action scenes in Blade 2, the Princess Blade, and Highlander Endgame. Some good donnie yen movies: Sha Po Lang Ip Man 14 Blades Iron Monkey Flash Point Legend of the Wolf Hero (he has a great fight with Jet Li)
  3. Thanks to Area Seven's Police Story 2013 thread and the Jackie Chan movie collection I got for Christmas, I thought it was time for a thread for it. So the movies I got in the collection are as follows: Dragon Lord, Twin Dragons, Project A and Project A2, Armour of God, AoG 2: Operation Condor, Police Story III: Supercop and The Accidental Spy. Most of these I've seen before, albeit not in a long time and three of them, Dragon Lord, Twin Dragons and Project A2. Dragon Lord was interesting inasmuch as its one of Jackie's early movies. There's lots of classic Jackie goofiness but I can't help but feel that most of what happens in the movie doesn't have much to do with the actual plot. Note: I read about this movie long before I saw it in Jackie's autobiography where it says the movie starts off with Jackie sending a note to his girlfriend via balloon. Someone must have mistranslated because that scene doesn't happen until fully half-way through the movie and it was a kite and said girl wasn't even really Jackie's girlfriend. Go figure, eh? Twin Dragons was much more interesting. Jackie plays a dual role as twin brothers separated at birth. One is a world-famous pianist and conductor and the other is a street punk. Hijinx ensue and the two are mistaken for each other. Project A: A classic Jackie movie and a well put together period piece with one of his most well known stunts. I really have to wonder how much that clock tower fall hurt, including that he had to do it more than once. Armour of God: The movie that almost killed Jackie with a stunt that wasn't much of a stunt at all. If you pay attention, you'll see that early in the movie Jackie has short hair and then later has much longer hair... to hide the surgical scars. Operation Condor: Mistankenly labeled here in the States as the first movie in the AoG duology, Condor has to be one of my fav Jackie movies. My fav moment has to be in the wind tunnel when he yells "Superman!" and flies toward one of the bad guys and punches him. Haven't seen the others just yet.
  4. I was looking around and spotted some Naruto DVDs from Hong Kong. I know HK dvds are said to have subtitles that are hit and miss(Macross 7) but has anyone watched this set? How are the subs in this set or any other HK set for that matter? Are they good, passable, terrible?
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