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Found 12 results

  1. This really should have it's own thread. There are NINE volumes coming with the first out on July 22nd. YES...they WILL have English subtitles which is a first for a Macross tv series. You can easily purchase them from Amazon Japan, CD Japan, AmiAmi, etc.
  2. I am currently in the market for a Robotech box set. There are so many floating around and I cant make a decision. The ones I have glanced over are The Protoculture Collection, The 20 disk Complete Set, The Legacy collection, The A&E collection out of which seems the best but cant be sure. Can anyone make a solid recommendation?
  3. Just saw this http://www.fandompost.com/2014/06/17/discotek-media-acquires-super-dimension-century-orguss-anime/ Just announced Orguss is coming to US DVD only first series from Discotek subbed including the Dub from US Renditions for the first 17 episodes.
  4. ...THEN PAY US... or not... we'll keep trying though... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1381502542/robotech-academy?ref=discovery Link **********Sidekick probability of success site************** THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT MACROSS OR HG'S LICENSING OF MACROSS. THIS THREAD IS ONLY ABOUT HG'S ROBOTECH KICKSTARTER. IF YOU WISH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MACROSS LICENSING, READ THIS THREAD FIRST: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=36541 YOU CAN ALSO PM ANY MODERATOR FOR MORE DETAILS. ANY FURTHER ATTEMPTS TO TALK ABOUT MACROSS LICENSING WILL RESULT IN TOPICS BEING LOCKED.
  5. Hey guys, returning after a long hiatus. Quick question, I remember back in the day the Animeigo version of SDF Macross was THE version to get, however in my cash strapped student days that was a difficult pill to swallow. These days the Animeigo version is out of print. Is there anything comparable on the market now? I've heard the ADV version is... not as good.
  6. I've been collecting the Macross 7 Remastered episodes with Central Anime's subs...so far they have gone up to 14. This group, [VIP], do they have a website or anything? I just have no idea who is doing it, and if there is a source for news on their efforts I'd like to know where to go...and a place to voice my appreciation for getting this kind of work started!
  7. I was looking around and spotted some Naruto DVDs from Hong Kong. I know HK dvds are said to have subtitles that are hit and miss(Macross 7) but has anyone watched this set? How are the subs in this set or any other HK set for that matter? Are they good, passable, terrible?
  8. Was just recently reminded of the DYRL movie and streamed it. Was immediately blown away, just like when I was a kid. Decided I must own this movie!! The problem, which version. Did some research and found that there are many versions on different formats. I understand that the latest BluRay version is edited/censored, so that is a "NO". Also found that there were some dvd versions released in the last few years, so possibly one of those. Can someone give me some advice or opinion on what is the best UNCUT version of this movie and why? If it happens to be an out of print or older edtion (or boot), that is fine too--don't mind hunting. I just want the best experience of the uncut movie. *I own a region-free dvd player, VHS player and Laserdisk player. THANK YOU!!
  9. Obligatory link to the old thread, now in the Hall of Supertopics. Anyway, Michael Bay's dream has come true, and Transformers hit on Blu-ray today. It took so long to load on my PS3 that I had to check Google to see if that was normal. I'm not sure if it was, since I do need to do a System Update, but it did eventually load. Anyway, visually I didn't notice a difference from the HD-DVD. Some people online seem to think it is better, and hey, maybe it is. My TV only does 720p/1080i, so maybe those of you with a 1080p TV will see a difference I don't. The audio is greatly improved, however. I dare say it is to the HD-DVD what the HD-DVD was to the DVD, although I am sorry to report that it's just Dolby TrueHD. The bassy blast from Blackout's EMP still seemed a bit bigger in the theater, but it's a huge improvement vs. the HD-DVD. Depending on how much you like the movie, you're mileage may vary. Aside from the audio, it's still basically the HD-DVD package. For me, though, I decided the improved audio and the fact that I can now stuff my 360's HD-DVD player in a closet and forget about it (Transformers was my last HD-DVD) was worth going Blue for.
  10. So I'm nearly complete with my Macross Fandub, and I'm kind of wanting to do something different than completely ripping off the original DVD cover design and DVD itself. I'm wondering if anyone would like to try something, of course, you'd get credit and a free copy of the DVD as being apart of the staff. I have some ideas of what I'm looking for in terms of options and you're also welcome to suggest your own interpretations. The guide lines are simple if yet challenging: The art must reflect either a Mikimoto style of art, or something close to it.The image must be able to fit onto a DVD cover print out, and must include a Front, Back and Spine with the following summery inside; It is the year 2009,the human race is in the middle of a three-way war with a race of giant humanoid aliens the males called Zentraedi and the females, Meltrandi . After executing a space fold that sent it and part of South Atalia Island to the edge of the Solar System, the Macross with it's 74,000 refugees make their way back to Earth. During a small skirmish with Zentraedi forces, young pilot Ichijo Hikaru rescues idol singer Lynn Minmay and their relationship develops as they're stranded somewhere within the ship. But shortly after returning to Macross City, Minmay is captured by the Zentraedi, and Hikaru and female officer Misa Hayase end up back on Earth - only to view the aftermath of the destruction of their civilization. Only a song discovered eons ago along with Minmay's voice can determine the outcome of the war. From creator Shoji Kawamori of Sousei no Aquarion, and Macross Frontier, with English Adaptation by Dark Heroes Entertainment; Macross, Do You Remember Love? Well if anyone is interested, gimme a PM.
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