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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I just got into this hobby and looking for about 20+ display stands. I know the ones people recommend yeti or flightpose but they are both sold out (Yeti seems to be discontinued) so I was wondering if you guys have any other recommendation? I don't want to use the standard display that comes with the dx chogokin because I read that they leave mark or scratch the toy. Thanks in advance!
  2. So I've got this idea for customizing a figure but it's somewhat unusual and I can't seem to find much information through google that would help. Since there's so many skilled model builders here I thought I'd ask for some advice. What I'm trying to do is make a tattoo for a vinyl figure and since I'm not that confident on my ability to freehand a graphic on a complex surface; I was hoping to create the design in photoshop, print it as a decal, and apply it that way. My first question is what type of decal paper to use. This is going to be fairly large (about 2 inches tall and an inch wide) and it's going on irregular and heavily curved surfaces, so I need something strong and flexible that isn't going to crack or rip or have the image run if I use decal softener. I'd like some recommendations on high quality decal paper. Also, will decals printed on an inkjet printer be to delicate? My other question is about the material I'd be applying the decals to. The figure is made of Vinyl, some of the parts are fairly rigid but have a bit of flex to them and others are very soft and flexible. Can decals be applied to flexible parts or will they crack/flake off if the parts flex too much? will using a strong softener like solvaset and then clear coating help?
  3. I would like to request advice from the ise membership of this forum. I have a son, who has recently turned 8. As I was imbibing subitled SDFM, he noticed. But I don't think he can read fast enough to watch subtitled stuff. I found a dubioius Russian voiceover of DYRL (we're a bilingual family here, Russian and English). We watched that together, ahd he liked it very much, but had way more questions than answers. I could not help him because my reaction to the movie was the same. (Well I did find some answers by googling and asking here, yet...) I am thinking of getting voiceover SDFM for him (or the ADV 2006 dub, which is probably better than any fan/pirate voiceover despite the age discrepancy with Minmay, which undfortunately does get heard sometimes). But, what after the 36 episodes? I would not feel comfortable giving Frontier to an 8 year old. It has way too many adult themes, not to mention Sheryl "Hopes and Dreams" Nome (in the movies she becomes, for this purpose, Sheryl "Universal Bunny" Nome). What *can* I give him if he asks for more Macross, seeing as I do have it? Is M7 more child-safe than Frontier? Or should I just tell him "get these and you get more when you turn 13"? Or go the easy way and give him Robotech instead? But, Reba West. I don't want him getting the idea that THIS is the kind of culture that can impress aliens. (Yes, Minmay is pop, but she's good pop).
  4. Was just recently reminded of the DYRL movie and streamed it. Was immediately blown away, just like when I was a kid. Decided I must own this movie!! The problem, which version. Did some research and found that there are many versions on different formats. I understand that the latest BluRay version is edited/censored, so that is a "NO". Also found that there were some dvd versions released in the last few years, so possibly one of those. Can someone give me some advice or opinion on what is the best UNCUT version of this movie and why? If it happens to be an out of print or older edtion (or boot), that is fine too--don't mind hunting. I just want the best experience of the uncut movie. *I own a region-free dvd player, VHS player and Laserdisk player. THANK YOU!!
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