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  1. I can't get over just how big the dynaction figures are. 🤯 I kinda want another but I don't want to spend that much on shipping again.
  2. The more I look at this he more I dislike the MB. the proportions are all off, especially the legs. The feet are just flat out too small and I want the giant cavernous jet intake calves of the MG.
  3. I'm loving how crazy EVA-00 looks, I want it so much. and DEATHSCYTHE!!! my dreams come true. [edit] oh damn, and weapon accesory pack for the evas. I've been considering buying an eva 01 just to put the weapons on my 02, but this works too. (I feel like I should get eva 01 anyways).
  4. there's actually a lot of subtle differences: extra blue on the ears, yellow on the chest trim, blue gun covers. the white and blue of the shoulders switched.
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