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  1. The reboot was really good, would make a very interesting film/mini-series. This however is yet another predator movie.
  2. I guess this is a good sign that we'll get heavyarms and sandrock too. I skipped the zero and epyon release, but DSH and HA kai were my favs from the tv show.
  3. that face is absolutely horrifying. It looks like the angry orange after having a stroke. :edit: I'm worried I'm gonna have nightmares of these creepers when I try to sleep tonight.
  4. I'm like, really annoyed that I'm just now learning that haslab starsaber was a thing; and I missed it.
  5. I do like her, I still think it's really weird that they made all new characters for Chief's fire team instead of just making them blue team.
  6. I'm still holding out hope they'll be glassing reach by the end of the season. we shall see.
  7. I read that as Bionicle and was hit with much nostalgia.
  8. I don't think it looks as good though. It seems weirdly skinny. Also I always want 02 first.
  9. Cortana is being played by Jen Taylor, not McElhone. Finally having Cortana around really has been the highlight for me. I like that she has shades of Weapon to her personality in the show.
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