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  1. I think this is supposed to be the same deal but now it transforms and combines.
  2. Tryon 3 is glorious and I want one, but I'm curious what the size will be like. It may be the super robot Gundam but I still want it in a standard Gundam scale.
  3. Well, you can take the clear shields, butt thruster and GN condenser off this one and put them on the previous MB Dynames and make the Repair version from the movie. :edit: also the new guns look cool. if the price drops enough this would be a nice accessory set and you can just leave the main figure in the box.
  4. honestly, for the first 30 seconds I thought this was a fan trailer made from isolation game assets.
  5. Okay, but where is my sexy vampire man?
  6. the GFFMC zeta plus is the same scale as Metal build stuff, but it's a really old figure at this point and is really different in terms of style and engineering compared to Metal Build SEED figures.
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