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  1. So are we supposed to troop build this thing? I feel like I may have made a poor life choice ordering this guy, even though it looks really cool.
  2. Just because we hate something doesn't mean we can escape from it.
  3. ~$120 is a good price and I'd be down, but the places that aren't sold out are listing it for $190+ rn and that's a nope for me.
  4. I had no idea it was supposed to be forbidden gundam, but it looks WAY better than the official design ever did so kind of a plus. personally I have a very negative opinion of the Hi-res kits so that isn't giving me good vibes, and it's really expensive for what's ultimately a kit. it looks absolutely amazing once it's painted and decaled, but it's not gonna look this good out of the box, and I'd be more inclined to get it even at a much higher price if it was a fully finished MB style figure. http://www.inask.net/blog-entry-2564.html
  5. The greatest horror game of all time is getting a remake. Make us whole Issac...
  6. The way the umbilical cable trails off in every picture, I think that you plug that into the wall to power the lights, and I love it.
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