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  1. The trailers are growing on me. I'd prefer they stick to the comic series, but this seems like it will be in the vein of the cartoons/playmates toys which is fine with me.
  2. I was on board for the first half, but I got worn down. They had a lot of decent ideas that they never resolved in a satisfying way . I liked the darker tone, but that was about it. I do like Prime's new look and that many of the robot modes weren't just piles of crap.
  3. I just beat this recently as well. Fun game, for sure!
  4. I just saw this movie & totally agree. I think that the creators had a checklist of big robot tropes & tried to do everything at once. The two-pilot setup kind of bugged me, too... but not that much. I liked it ok, but probably won't watch it again. Not on purpose, at least.
  5. /yawn I thought we were done with this franchise... damn.
  6. He lived a pretty good life, doing what he loved right to the end. 70 isn't a bad age to live to.
  7. Those spoiler tags are so tempting... must resist! I can't wait!
  8. I love EVA the series. I love the old movies. I love the new movies. I like each incarnation of Shinji for different reasons. I get something different from it each time I watch it. One of my favorite franchises of all time. I also love Unit-02... so needless to say, I'm anxiously awaiting this movie.
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