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  1. Thanks for the details explanation. You never fail to impress. 😃
  2. Not sure if there are any Bruce Lee fans in here, but thought I'd spread the word about this. An updated version of the Game of Death Redux, which was released exclusively on Criterion Collection’s 2020 boxed set Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits, is in final stages of production by its returning producer, Alan Canvan. The first release of Game of Death Redux showcased 23 minutes of the 1972-era Game of Death footage that was presented closely the way Bruce intended, while at the same time, keeping in-tact some of the stronger as aspects of the universally panned, pieced together 1978 film (known to fans as Game of Death ’78), such as John Barry’s acclaimed score, as well some of the film’s strong audio design. Details and Trailer: https://cityonfire.com/bruce-lee-new-game-of-death-redux-alan-canvan-version-2-trailer/
  3. Awesome. Thanks for posting. Always looking for new videos with Convertors! 😃
  4. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    Twich, gotcha. Thanks for the reply.
  5. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the reply and info. Petitioning to HG sounds.... eh.... too... I think we would have a better chance winning the lottery. I feel like there would still be no leverage. I mean, have you seen the crap these guys are releasing? (they want the entire pot, not some of it). These companies pretend to welcome input from outside sources, but when it's presented to them, they still do what's best for them (higher dollar amount, which we can't blame 'em). I believe in taking action, but only when I'm the captain of my own ship. Besides, when you have to rely on the Yune brothers without any and of built relationship, it seems very unlikely. They're more about collecting passive incomes on remasters of old GBA games. That wouldn't make any sense for Bandai to stop here with the HMR line. That's like giving up when you're two steps away from reaching the top of Mount Everest. Someone WITHIN THE COMPANY is probably like "Uh, come on a-holes, I want to at least complete my Destroid collection. So can we move 'em please?" Doesn't that Graham dude (who runs this site) have any pull with these companies? He's basically been running a Super Bowl commercial for ALL Macross toys for the last 60 years. lol
  6. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    This is a dumb question, but as anyone reached out directly to Bandai about future releases? My guess is even if someone did, no reply was given (and they're most likely too secretive to answer)
  7. So does this mean Tony Oliver and Reba West will soon dub MACROSS DYRL? =)
  8. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    "Matchbox" green! =)
  9. So it basically feels and plays like the GBA/Table Top version, but with better graphics (and music from the TV series)?
  10. Has anyone posted this Trailer anywhere? If so, I couldn't find it, so here we go:
  11. fifbeat

    Macross figures

    Thanks for the info. Appreciate it!
  12. fifbeat

    Macross figures

    Okay, this is a total random observation. One of you may have the answer. But how come MEP Toy's Robotech Breetai figure is nowhere to be found on ebay? I find that odd.
  13. They're definitely cheapie for sure. The "Orguss" ones from this line looked pretty good for budget toys. Even their proportions are ahead of their time.
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