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  1. lol Even down to the "Robotech Defense Force" logo (hehe). Are Steve and Tommy Yune sleeping on this?
  2. Saw this at Walmart today. I thought it was interesting, given the strict licensing being the toy design. *Sorry if this has been posted. Didn't see it anywhere if it was! And uh, please excuse my ugly thumbnail (literally)
  3. Good, stuff, as always, @jvmacross!
  4. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    So, if Arcadia/Yamato is any kind of reference point Bandai is going to use for its HMR line, then it's safe to assume that the MACROSS ZERO VALK HMR 1/100 will be almost the height a 1/60 V2 Yamato/Arcadia?
  5. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    Thanks for the replies guys. I forget exactly what the line was, but I think there was a ZERO that was issue (maybe for Yamato?) and it looked like it was a 1/48 scale compared to a 1/60 DYRM/SDFM valk. I thought @jeniusJwould have a reference on any moon, but didn't find one.
  6. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    So, regardless of 1/100 scale, that HMR Macross Zero valk is going to stand taller than the HMR Macross DYRM/SDFM valks, right?
  7. fifbeat

    Hi-Metal R

    Please Santa. I'll do anything.
  8. Here's a rarity... Select Convertors "Flexibot" Defender named "Roto" (At a glance, I thought it was an SDF-1! lol)....
  9. Thanks for the details explanation. You never fail to impress. 😃
  10. Not sure if there are any Bruce Lee fans in here, but thought I'd spread the word about this. An updated version of the Game of Death Redux, which was released exclusively on Criterion Collection’s 2020 boxed set Bruce Lee: His Greatest Hits, is in final stages of production by its returning producer, Alan Canvan. The first release of Game of Death Redux showcased 23 minutes of the 1972-era Game of Death footage that was presented closely the way Bruce intended, while at the same time, keeping in-tact some of the stronger as aspects of the universally panned, pieced together 1978 film (known to fans as Game of Death ’78), such as John Barry’s acclaimed score, as well some of the film’s strong audio design. Details and Trailer: https://cityonfire.com/bruce-lee-new-game-of-death-redux-alan-canvan-version-2-trailer/
  11. Awesome. Thanks for posting. Always looking for new videos with Convertors! 😃
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